Ceramic Adhesive bonds at high temperatures.

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Ceramabond(TM) 685N bonds ceramics and metals in temperatures up to 2500°F. Zirconium-silicate adhesive and sealant system contains no asbestos or volatile organic compounds. It bonds to ceramics, including zirconium oxide, zirconium silicate, and aluminum oxide, plus galvanized and plated metals, steel, and stainless steel. After curing, it has tensile shear strength of 500 psi, linear shrinkage of less than 2%, and resistance to chemicals, moisture, and thermal shock.

Original Press Release:

Ceramabond 685N Bonds Zirconia Ceramics to 2500°F

Valley Cottage, NY - August 16, 2002

Ceramabond(TM) 685N, a new high temperature ceramic adhesive developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to bond zirconia and zirconia silicate ceramics for applications to 2500°F (1370°C).

Ceramabond(TM) 685N is a single part, dispensable, zirconium silicate based adhesive and sealant system that bonds tenaciously to a variety of ceramics including zirconium oxide, zirconium silicate and aluminum oxide, as well as galvanized and plated metals, steel and stainless steel. It offers a maximum temperature resistance of 2500°F (1370°C).

Ceramabond(TM) 685N is an easy-to-apply, fast-setting, thixotropic, water-dispersible paste, which contains no asbestos or volatile organic compounds. Curing is accomplished by air drying for 2-3 hours, then heating gradually to the operating temperature of the assembly or by heating to 200°F for 2-3 hours. After curing, Ceramabond(TM) 685N exhibits a tensile-shear strength of 500 psi, a linear shrinkage of less than 2%, and exceptional chemical, moisture and thermal shock resistance.

Typical applications for Ceramabond(TM) 685N include bonding ceramic-to-ceramic, high temperature ceramic rope and gaskets to galvanized ductwork, ceramic honeycombs to catalytic converters and radiant heaters, and spark igniters.

Ceramabond(TM) 685N is available from stock in pint, quart, gallon and five gallon pails. For more information about this advanced product, please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department.

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