Back-End Semiconductor Lithography Tool meets 3D packaging needs.

Press Release Summary:

Accommodating Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Bump process requirements, FPA-5510iV is equipped with adjustable Numerical Aperture for patterning features sized from 1-50 microns as well as small, deep, vertical holes in thick resist. Projection lens optics, variable from 0.10-0.18, expose 52 x 34 mm area, and illumination optics utilize 4.5 kW, high-intensity, Mercury lamp as light source. Tool also incorporates automated alignment system and optional, non-contact Wafer Edge Shielding unit.

Original Press Release:

Canon Launches the FPA-5510iV, Canon's First Back-End Semiconductor Lithography Tool for 3D Packaging

San Jose, CA - Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, has announced its entry into the semiconductor back-end manufacturing tool market with the launch of the FPA-5510iV semiconductor lithography tool for next-generation semiconductor packaging.

As smart phones, tablet PCs and other electronic devices become progressively smaller and more intelligent, the demand for integration and shrinkage on semiconductor devices continues to increase. One way to realize such integration is to employ a three-dimensional layout of chips, layering multiple semiconductor chips vertically and interconnecting the chips to configure a single device. To facilitate this interconnection, the industry has developed Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Bump processes, enabling multifold increases of memory capacity, high-speed data transfer, and reduced electricity consumption in a smaller layout area.

The launch of the new Canon FPA-5510iV semiconductor lithography tool accommodates the industry's TSV and Bump process needs. The tool, which utilizes technology cultivated through the company's best-selling FPA-5500iZ front-end tool series, marks Canon's first-ever back-end lithography stepper. Relative to back-end steppers, the tool delivers high resolution, high throughput, and high overlay accuracy to meet the rapidly progressing device demands on performance and integration.

New optics system designed for TSV and Bump
Because the resist film used in the TSV and Bump processes is relatively thick, the FPA-5510iV is equipped with an optimized Numerical Aperture for patterning features sized from one to several tens of microns, and small, deep vertical holes in the thick resist. The Numerical Aperture is adjustable to handle various patterns, controlling the image depth of focus, resolution and resist profile.

High productivity
The FPA-5510iV features a large exposure area and high-intensity exposure to deliver highproductivity performance as compared with back-end steppers. The system's projection lens optics expose an area measuring 52 x 34 mm, compared with the 26 x 33 mm area exposed by front-end tools, and the illumination optics utilize a 4.5kW high-intensity lamp as the light source.

Benefits of the FPA-5510iV Semiconductor Lithography Tool

1. New FPA-5510iV Optical System is optimized to support Through Silicon Via (TSV)
*1 and bump*2 processes
  • The New Projection Lens of the 10iV provides optimum Numerical Aperture (NA)*3 Canon FPA-5510iV conditions for TSV and bump processes that require resolution from 1-50 microns with large aspect ratios. The FPA-5510iV's low NA range provides a large Depth of Focus (DoF) to support TSV processes that require imaging through thick films and resists.

  • The FPA-5510iV Projection Lens NA is variable between 0.10-0.18, allowing control of the optical system performance including resolution, DoF and resist profile.

    * 1 TSV: Through Silicon Via. A vertical electrical connection that penetrates through the silicon of a die to allow connection between the top and bottom surfaces of the die

    * 2 Bump: Conductive solder balls used to bond and interconnect die to packages, substrates and/or other die

    * 3 NA: Lens Numerical Aperture size, High NA improves resolution, Low NA improves DoF

    2. FPA-5510iV provides high productivity relative to back-end steppers
    The New 2:1 reduction Projection Lens of the FPA-5510iV provides wide-field exposure capability (52x34mm) that enables the FPA-5510iV to overlay 2 standard, front-end scanner fields in a single exposure. The large field size provides the FPA-5510iV with high productivity and throughput relative to back-end steppers, while also supporting the process standards of current advanced packaging applications.

    The FPA-5510iV utilizes a 4.5kW Mercury Lamp and a high-efficiency illumination optical system to provide high-intensity, high-uniformity light to the wafer during exposure.

    The FPA-5510iV also allows the use of i-line light, or a combination of i-line and h-line light for exposure. Use of dual-wavelengths can raise exposure intensity to increase stepper throughput for the high-dose rough bump processes.

    3. The FPA-5510iV provides accurate Overlay
    The Alignment System for the 10iV adopts proven technology from the FPA-5500 platform of steppers that have demonstrated the greatest overlay accuracy among back-end exposure systems*5.

    The FPA-5510iV Alignment System automatically monitors and corrects for baseline and lens magnification change due to optics and substrate heating to provide 300 nanometer overlay accuracy*5.

    *5: As of 2011 June 30th, based on Canon Inc.'s internal investigation of backend lithography system performance

    4. 10iV Optional Units support bonded wafer handling and backside alignment
    The FPA-5510iV offers an optional Through-Silicon Alignment (TSA)*6 System to provide backside alignment capability required for next-generation packaging and 3D integration.

    The FPA-5510iV TSA Scope uses infrared light to penetrate through silicon to view and measure alignment marks buried in bonded-wafer stacks. The 5510iV aligns directly to front-end alignment marks, eliminating the need to form additional marks to support backside processing of the wafer.

    The FPA-5510iV offers an optional, non-contact Wafer Edge Shielding (WES) Unit that accurately and efficiently masks a portion of each shot on the edge of the wafer during exposure. Use of the WES allows negative-tone resist along the wafer perimeter to be stripped away during development.

    FPA-5510iV options also support the processing of severely warped wafers that often result from wafer bonding and thinning operations.

    * 6 Through Silicon Alignment (TSA): Alignment method that transmits long-wavelength infrared light through silicon, to observe alignment marks that exist on a wafer

    Increasing demand for 3-dimensional devices is affecting market trends for Semiconductor Lithography Tools
    It is expected that adoption of 3-Dimensional chip stacking that primarily uses TSV technology, will continue to grow in the market areas including high-functioning, cloud computing products, smart phones, tablet PC's and MPU's. Adoption of 3-D technology in the server memory market is accelerating.

    Based on the projected growth of 3-D technology adoption, it is expected that the backend market for semiconductor lithography tools will expand favorably.

    FPA-5510iV Semiconductor Lithography Tool Specifications

    Item Specification
    Reticle Size Exterior: 6inch. Thickness: 0.25inch
    Wafer Size Dia 200mm or Dia 300mm
    Reduction 1/2
    Projection Lens NA 0.01~0.18
    Exposure Field Size 52mm x 34mm
    Overlay Accuracy |m| +3o Less than or equal to 300nm
    Throughput 1000J/m² (i-line) Greater than or equal to 110wph
    Footprint (W) 2,300mm x (D) 3,340mm x (H) 2,700mm
    Wafer Chuck for warped wafers
    Wafer Feeder for warped wafers
    Through-Silicon Alignment System (TSA-Scope)
    Wafer Ede Exposure Unit
    Options Wafer Edge Shielding Unit
    Chemical Filters
    Resist outgassing unit
    PR Remote Control
    Online (GEM2, GEM0304)
    Pellicle Particle Checker

    For further information please contact the Semiconductor Division of Canon USA via email at and by phone at 408-468-2000.

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