Alumina Adhesive offers electronics protection up to 3,000°F.

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Resbond(TM) 989 high-purity, alumina adhesive protects critical electronic components against moisture and humidity in temperatures up to 3,000ºF. Applying to metals, glass, ceramics, graphite, and silicon carbide, it cures at room temperature, provides high bond strength, and is resistant to chemicals and solvents. Product has compressive strength of 3,000 psi and flexural strength of 1,100 psi. It is available in quart and 1 and 5 gal containers.

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New Resbond(TM) 989 High Purity, Alumina Adhesive

Resbond(TM) 989 high purity, alumina adhesive offers continuous protection to 3000ºF, protecting critical electronic components against moisture and humidity. One component, just apply directly to metals, glass, ceramics, graphite and silicon carbide. Resbond(TM) 989 cures at room temperature and provides high bond strength and excellent electrical, moisture, chemical and solvent resistance.

Applications include bonding and protecting thermocouples, heat sensors, and critical electronic components from moisture and humidity at elevated temperatures. Resbond(TM) 989 is ideal for bonding and sealing heaters, heating elements, resistors, instrumentations, strain gauges, electrical feed-thrus, optical fibers, etc.

Available in quart, gallon and 5-gallon containers. For more information write, call, fax or visit:

Physical Properties

Maximum Temperature: 3000ºF
Base: Al2O3
Compressive Strength: 3,000 psi
Flexural Strength: 1,100 psi
Dielectric Strength: 200 volts/mil
Specific Heat: 0.24 BTU / # ºF
Volume Resistivity: 108 W-cm
Thermal Conductivity: 15.0 BTU in/hr. ºF ft2
Thermal Expansion: 4.5 10-6/ °F
Components/Color: 1 / White
Consistency: Creamy Paint


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