Aleddra Lighting Offers Clients Customizable LED Product Solutions

Aleddra's superior customer service extends beyond having a great product as they confront unique installation challenges

RENTON, Wash. - Life is full of variables, and there is no difference when it comes to energy efficient lighting. Take the linear fixture retrofit as an example. One would assume that all linear fixtures should be made according to the same dimension and within the standard tolerance of deviation. Such assumptions have been proven to be wrong on many occasions. The situation described below may happen to you or your clients.

In 2013, Renton Wastewater Treatment Division, King County, Washington, underwent a significant energy efficient lighting retrofit project in all of their facilities using Aleddra EasiRetrofit T8'ss taking advantage of the tube's easy installation and superb safety provisions. Not long after the start of the project, they ran into a situation where there were some very old non-standard linear fixtures that required 4-ft tubes that were 3/8" longer than the MOL length (47 ¾"). According to James Alvarado, Electrical Lead of Renton Wastewater facilities, "We thought the only option we had was to upgrade the fixtures. That meant we were going to be over budget and behind schedule. However, when we mentioned our problem to Aleddra, they agreed to custom-make tubes with extended length for us at no extra charge. Wow! That's what I call great customer service."

The Columbus, Ohio branch of a major electrical distributor in the Midwest encountered the opposite situation. When one of its customers could not fit a standard 3-ft tube fit its fixture, Aleddra was able to quickly manufacture a shorter 3-ft LED tube sample for evaluation. The customer has since placed orders and is now using the reduced-length 3-foot tubes.

A Service Manager at a vending machine company in Sheboygan, WI needed an LED tube that would fit into their vending machine. The specification asked for a 23 ¾" tube length, whereas the standard 2-ft MOL is 23 5/16". The solution? Aleddra made a custom 2-ft tube for Watson Vending at no extra charge.

Patrick Yu, Aleddra General Manager, says, "While some large LED manufacturers may be too big to tailor their products for meeting the needs of some customers, we take pride in solving the challenges all of our customers face, regardless of size. Happy customers are the best customers! Moreover, we are able to make these adjustments on our LED products because we own our manufacturing facilities. If a customer is buying from an LED importer/trader, they would be forced to upgrade their fixture to fit the tubes, drastically increasing both labor and materials costs."

If you or your clients have difficulties finding viable solutions for their energy efficient lighting projects, please contact us for assistance. We would be happy to provide recommendations to the best of our knowledge. We can be reached via email or contact Matthew Maa at 425-430-4555 ext 234.

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