AFM System offers nanolithography and manipulation feature.

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MFP-3D® AFM System consists of digital controller, Igor Pro software, and Nanopositioning system. With MicroAngelo feature, system allows nanolithography images to be imported from other programs or generated within software environment. Imported images are converted into series of contour lines which are then scaled and used to drive scanner to create lithographic image. Sensored, closed loop operation in all 3 axes provides sub-nanometer resolution over entire 100 µm scan range.

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Asylum Research Announces MicroAngelo®-Advanced Nanolithography and Nanomanipulation Capabilities with the MFP-3D®AFM

October 25, 2002 (Santa Barbara, CA) Asylum Research announces a new advanced nanolithography and manipulation feature, MicroAngelo, that comes standard with all its MFP-3D AFM systems.

MicroAngelo's precision and accuracy is derived from three powerful features inherent in the MFP-3D system-the fully-digital controller, Igor Pro Software, and the patent-pending Nanopositioning (NPS) System. The NPS' sensored, closed loop operation in all three axes provides sub-nanometer resolution over the entire 100µm scan range with noise levels that are the lowest in the industry. This allows repeatable imaging, quantitative feature measurement, reliable and accurate imaging offsets, and quantitative positioning for manipulation and lithography.

"The MFP-3D AFM system is designed so that advanced capabilities such as MicroAngelo can be added quickly and easily. MicroAngelo is a case history in that it was developed in literally days without any additional hardware, commented Roger Proksch, President of Asylum Research. You get the power and flexibility in one complete system without costly upgrades."

With MicroAngelo, nanolithography images can be easily imported from a variety of other programs or generated within the software environment itself. Imported images are converted into a series of contour lines which are then scaled and used to drive the scanner to create the lithographic image. The scanner can be manipulated using a variety of pointing interfaces including a mouse or stylus pad.

MicroAngelo is ideal for many nanolithography and manipulation applications including surface scratching and patterning, nanotube and particle manipulation, single molecule experiments and more.

Asylum Research manufactures scientific instrumentation for nanoscale science and technology. For additional information, please contact Terry Mehr, Director of Marketing, Asylum Research, 341 Bollay Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93117, 805-685-7077,

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