FCT Assembly to Debut New NanoSlic(TM) Multilayer Coating at the IPC APEX EXPO

GREELEY, CO - FCT Assembly announces that it will highlight its new NanoSlic(TM) Multilayer Coating for the first time in booth #2627 at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place February 19-21, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

Florida CirTech has developed the world's first user upgradeable Nano Coating technology for solder paste stencils. It is comprised of 1) A Nano base coat applied over its proven Slic(TM) stencil and; 2) A user applied Nano top coat that provides unparalleled printing performance and reduction of underside cleaning. The technology is surprisingly cost-effective, making improved yields available to all levels of the industry. The technology can be used with current equipment and processes and is highly cost effective.

The NanoSlic(TM) stencil offers all the benefits of the Slic(TM) stencil with an advanced Nano coating specifically designed to form a robust oleophobic surface for the life of the stencil. Unlike some wipe-on Nano coatings, NanoSlic(TM) is sprayed onto the aperture walls, significantly improving paste release, permitting consistent printing of smaller area ratios.

A second product, NanoBoost(TM) is a Nano top coat that is supplied in an aerosol spray. The user can easily apply it to the NanoSlic(TM) stencil in a matter of seconds. NanoBoost(TM) forms the upper layer of the NanoSlic(TM)/NanoBoost(TM) multilayer system and imparts the highest level of paste release and non-stick properties obtainable. When facing challenging area ratios or other limitations, the user can easily upgrade the stencil coating. Although designed for use over the NanoSlic(TM) coating, NanoBoost(TM), can be used over all available Nano coatings.

An added benefit, NanoSlic(TM) and NanoBoost(TM), are environmentally friendly. They use no Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a toxic substance currently being investigated by the EPA.

At the show, FCT Solder will introduce a new Power Core Wire Solder. NC603 Wire Solder offers low smoking, low odor and extended tip life, which greatly reduces the process costs.

A-Laser will highlight its marking services. Serial numbers, bar codes, part numbers and logos can be laser marked in a wide variety of materials. The laser process ensures a quality, precision, permanent mark that is highly repeatable and can be created on flat as well as 3-D surfaces. Systems utilized by A-Laser can create characters smaller than 20 mils lightly marked into the surface or etched to specified depths.

FCT Recovery will highlight its E-Scrap recovery service for:

· Solder Dross

· Electronic Scrap

· Circuit Boards

· Cables and Wire

· Components

· Lead, Copper & Gold

FCT Recovery brings a fresh perspective to dross recycling and electronic scrap recovery. The company supplies free packaging and arranges the freight, and offers open communication to easily turn solder dross and e-scrap into reusable metal.

FCT's innovative approach makes it easy to turn your dross and electronic-scrap into cash. The transparent process means you always know what your recyclables are worth. FCT's customer service is paramount where no customer is too small and payment for dross is issued in 30 days.

For more information about FCT Assembly, visit www.fctassembly.com.

About FCT Assembly

FCT Assembly consists of three divisions: FCT Solder, Fine Line Stencil and A-Laser. With numerous facilities in the United States, FCT is one of the electronics industry's leading manufacturers of lead-free and leaded solder products, superior quality stencils and precision cut parts.

The company sets itself apart from its competitors by continuously studying new products and processes in order to uphold its reputation as a leader in technology. FCT's customers can always count on the company to use the latest technology and to supply products with the highest quality.

For more information, visit www.fctassembly.com.


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