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Cleaning Products & Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaners offer 2- and 3-tank configurations.

Oct 03, 2006

Providing batch cleaning, rinsing, and drying in one unit, 3-tank WRD Ultrasonic Cleaners offer selectable spray/immersion rinse, while 2-tank models combine manual rinse and dry functions in single tank. Transducers are constructed of electronic grade A nickel, silver-brazed to ¼ in. thick type 316L SS radiating diaphragm. Coils are wound with high-temperature magnet wire. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Conveyorized Cell Washer is offered in 2 configurations.

Mar 31, 2004

Suited for work cell cleaning, VersaForce Cell Washer with Optional U-Bend Conveyor features stainless steel construction with spray tube design and adjustable air knives. Product, designed for manufacturing cells, is available in compact sizes with in-line or u-bend configuration. This provides users with ability to position stages to best fit their cell space. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Aqueous Washers suit various applications.

May 07, 2002

VersaForce(i) conveyorized parts washer with immersion cleans with no operator intervention and is suitable for cellular parts manufacturing applications. AquaCell offers in-process cleaning, one person operation, and self-contained design. Recirculating spray wash and air blowoff stages are standard. RTW parts washer has rotating basket below submergence and handles gross amounts of oils and... Read More

Cleaning Products & Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Parts Washer suits lean manufacturing environments.

May 02, 2002

Portable AquaCell provides in-process cleaning with one-person operation. It supports one-piece operation and small lot flow; has recirculating spray wash and air blowoff stages; and measures 2 x 5 x 8.5 ft. Portable, self-contained design reduces investment and down time. Read More

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