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WheeLift Systems Div., Ederer Inc.

Green & Clean, Material Handling & Storage

Vertical Cask Transporter safely moves spent nuclear fuel.

Oct 05, 2012

Using fluid suspension technology, self-loading OmniLoader engages cask at bottom in order to lift and then carry. This promotes efficient movement within and between independent spent fuel storage installations (ISFSI), without needing to comply with single failure proofing. Operating on independent fluid suspension axles with air-filled jumbo jet tires, remotely operated loader also features... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Remote Control Transporter ensures spent fuel storage safety.

Apr 05, 2011

Intended for spent fuel cask transport/alignment in NUHOMS®-type ISFSI installations, Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) can be operated by one person from as far as 30-50 ft away. Omnidirectional steering and 10 in. lift capability lets operator perform alignments remotely to within 1/32 in. and eliminates need for independent leveling and alignment system. Also, transfer cask can be... Read More

Transportation Industry Products

Self-Propelled Trailer operates in confined areas.

Jan 17, 2011

Offering 100 ton capacity, Self-Propelled Trailer features Synchrosteer® computerized independent steering, Uniload® on-center rotating front axles, remote control operation, and on-board power generation. Unit measures 21 x 8 ft with 27 in. deck height and 15 x 7.5 in. solid urethane wheels that operate on any floor surface. With recommended speeds from 0-100 fpm empty and 0-70 ft loaded,... Read More

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WheeLift Systems Div., Ederer Inc.