New Heavy Handling Technology

Transporter technology revolutionizes heavy manufacturing and assembly operations across industries as diverse as gas and steam turbine manufacturing, aircraft assembly lines, shipbuilding, and nuclear spent fuel storage. All are industries that have recognized the Wheelift advantage.

Increasingly complex manufacturing needs pinpoint Wheelift's heavy load transporters as the preferred solution for loads ranging from 40 to 200 tons and beyond. The Wheelift difference is rooted in multiples of individually powered and controlled wheel modules that provide otherwise unobtainable handling flexibility. The transporters can cross a wide range of surface irregularities (including grating, drains, in-floor rail systems, open expansion joints, roadway chuckholes, and ramps that are common in most old and new assembly plants). And, they do this without the major difficulties that are always inherent with conventional transport handling methods including overhead cranes. Particularly, as the loads get into heavier tonnage capacities.

How is this possible?

It is with entirely new technologies in omni-directional, self-loading, synchronous steering transporters, that provide effortless travel in confined spaces and are capable of precision alignment in ALL planes to accuracies as small as .001 inches when facilitating critical load movement and precision placement.

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Conventional handling, whether by overhead cranes, in-floor rail systems, ultra heavy trailers, or air bearing transporters, all have severe limitations that become virtually insurmountable when load ranges become greater than 50 tons. The Wheelift Technology offers dramatically improved use of human resources and invariably results in greatly expanded product throughout as well as sharply reduced build times. Wheelift's heavy-load wheeled transformers deliver what conventional means simply CANNOT and the typical outcomes include extensive advances in operational efficiency throughout the customer's organizations.

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