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Fasteners & Hardware

PEM® S-RT™ Self-Clinching Free-Running Locknuts are RoHS-compliant.

Nov 03, 2017

PEM® S-RT™ Self-Clinching Free-Running Locknuts feature thread angle which allows user to tight mating screws. Unit can be used with aluminum or steel sheets of .030 in./0.8mm size. Product is suitable for thin metal assembly and sheet-to-sheet attachment applications.

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Fasteners & Hardware

PEM® SMTSSS™ ReelFast® SNAP-TOP® Standoffs are made of carbon steel material.

Nov 03, 2017

PEM® SMTSSS™ ReelFast® SNAP-TOP® Standoffs are used to secure print circuit boards in assembly. These unthreaded units are available in unified lengths of .250 in. or .375 in. and metric length of 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm. Products can be used with boards and panels of .060 in and 1.53 mm size. Standoffs are compatible with SMT automated installation equipment. 

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Electrical Equipment & Systems, Fasteners & Hardware

HEYCO® HEYClip™ Cable Clips are made of stainless steel material.

Nov 03, 2017

HEYCO® HEYClip™ Cable Clips are available in SunRunner® 4-2 and 4-2U variants. Units come with smooth clip edges and feature S hook design which is suitable for extruded aluminum profiles. Products are used to secure 4 micro-inverter oval cables of size 6.3 mm x 9.8 mm. 4-2 model is ideal for solar mounting frames whereas 4-2U is designed for Unirac and IronRidge profiles.

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Fasteners & Hardware

PEM® S-RT™ Self-Clinching Locknuts comes with zinc plated finishing.

Nov 01, 2017

PEM® S-RT™ Self-Clinching Locknuts comes with improved thread formations that enable mating screws to spin freely in attachment process. Offered with thread sizes ranging from #4-40 through 5/16-18 and M3 through M6 with different shank lengths, carbon steel nuts install into aluminum or steel sheets as thin as 0.8 mm. Units are compliant to RoHS standards.

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Process Monitoring Unit comes with visual and audible alarms.

May 24, 2017

Featuring password-protected intervention levels, piece and batch counters, Atlas® Process Monitoring Unit provides instant feedback and defect detection with quality and process requirements. Counters ensure proper number of inserts are installed. Unit pairs with Atlas RIV938 or RIV939 installation tools.

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PEMSERTER Fastener Installation Press operates on air-over-oil actuating system.

Apr 12, 2017

Featuring job search and recall operating modes, PEMSERTER Fastener Installation Press comes with touch-screen, graphics, smart dwell, force verification and multi-language capabilities. Equipped with fastener and batch counters, unit provides descriptive screen alerts and is equipped with self-diagnostic and LIGHTSTREAM® Operator Safety System. Unit delivers 71.2 kN of ram force and 61 cm... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

SI Threaded Aluminum Insert features micro fastener technology

Dec 17, 2016

Suitable for electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace and transportation, SI Threaded Aluminum Inserts provide durable and reusable metal threads in plastics to accept mating hardware. With molded-in type installation during molding process, unit offers press-in type installation by pressing insert into drilled hole. Including ultrasonic / heat staking inserts for installation... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

PEM Self-clinching Stainless Steel Standoff Fasteners with bright nickel plating.

Dec 10, 2016

Available in Type SO4 and Type BSO4 standoffs in thread sizes from 4-40 through 8-32, PEM Self-clinching Stainless Steel Standoff Fasteners allow mounting, spacing, stacking of panels, boards and components. Type SO4 standoffs are engineered for installation into especially thin stainless sheets. Units become permanent parts after installing into sheets with hardness up to HRB 88 / HB 183.

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Fasteners & Hardware

Self-Clinching Nuts install with minimal footprint.

Apr 11, 2016

Combining .065 in. height and .220 in. diameter with closed-to-edge mounting capabilities, PEM® Type SMPP™ Nuts install permanently in stainless steel sheets as thin as .025 in. Upon installation, serrated clinching ring prevents nut from rotating in service. Nuts are made from age-hardened A286 stainless steel and recommended for use in stainless sheets with hardness of HRB 90/HB 192 or... Read More

Electronic Components & Devices, Fasteners & Hardware

Surface Mount Fasteners offer variety of attachments for PCBs.

Jan 11, 2016

Depending on type, PEM® ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners can be specified to mount, stack, or space boards; attach components to boards; create right-angle attachment points on boards; or enable repeated access without screws. All types are supplied on tape and reel compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment. Where necessary, polyimide patch affixed to end of fasteners... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Flush-Head Studs offer quick mating with plastic fasteners.

Dec 04, 2015

Integrating X-Press™ threads, PEM Type FHX™ Studs enable quick mating with push-on plastic nuts, wire tie products, or other plastic fasteners in thin metal assemblies. Self-clinching units install permanently in metal sheets as thin as 1 mm and press into place using any standard press. Available with 5 mm and 6 mm threads in lengths from 10–25 mm, studs are made from hardened carbon... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Captive Panel Screws install permanently on PCBs.

Oct 16, 2015

Featuring surface mount spring-loaded design, PEM® ReelFast® Type SMTPFLSM™ Screws install precisely and permanently where designed on printed circuit boards to provide secure attachment and allow for subsequent access whenever necessary. All-metal captive screw assemblies mount in one piece using pick-and-place method. Available in thread sizes #4-40 through #6-32 and M3 through M3.5 and... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware, Mounting & Attaching Products

Heat Sink Mounting System features 3-piece design.

Sep 24, 2015

Consisting of PEM® Type HSCB™ captivating screw and PEM Type HSL™ spring mated to PEM Type HSR™ broaching receptacle nut or standoff, Heat Sink Mounting System securely attaches heat sinks to PCBs while providing firm and constant contact to chip component for optimized heat dissipation. Audible click serves to prevent over tightening by signaling when screw is fully engaged. Screws and... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Self-Clinching Fasteners enable sheet-to-sheet attachment.

May 04, 2015

Designed for installation into stainless steel or higher-strength aluminum alloy sheets, microPEM® TackPin® Type T4™ Self-clinching Fasteners are suited for electronic assemblies where disassembly will not be required. Units feature interference fit to minimize hole tolerance issues, tapered tip to assist in location, and low-profile head. Manufactured from 400 Series stainless steel,... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Captive Panel Screws feature self-clinching design.

Jan 29, 2015

Offering alternative to spring-loaded versions, PEM® Type PFHV™ Screws are no-spring steel fasteners integrating captive screw to eliminate potential risk for damage to internal components associated with unsecured hardware. Screws are engineered for use with aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .036 in. and exhibiting hardness of HRB 60 or less on Rockwell B Scale or HB 107 or less on... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Self-Clinching Nuts facilitate mating-hole alignment.

Jan 08, 2015

PEM® floating self-clinching nuts, which include non-locking Type A4 nuts with free running load-bearing threads as well as self-locking Type LA4 nuts with prevailing torque locking threads, install in stainless sheets as thin as .038 in. and greater with Rockwell B hardness of HRB 88 or less. Design permits up to .015 in. min float in all directions from center, and ability of... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Self-Clinching Fasteners offer removability feature.

Nov 26, 2014

While microPEM® TackScrew™ fasteners integrate self-clinching technology for permanent sheet-to-sheet attachment in compact electronics applications, included thread-like feature allows removal when necessary and one-time reinstalled if desired. These hardened stainless steel fasteners, which can also replace micro screws, hold top sheets as thin as .008 in. and base panels that... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware, Portable Tools

Hydropneumatic Tool hastens blind threaded insert installation.

Oct 07, 2014

Operating on 90 psi air pressure, Atlas® RIV949 accelerates and facilitates installation of blind threaded inserts. Installation can be accomplished without access to both sides, and inserts provide strong and reusable threads upon installation to accommodate mating hardware for final component attachment. Offering pull-to-pressure or pull-to-stroke modes, hydropneumatic tool can be... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Heavy-Duty Studs clinch permanently into thin metal sheets.

Aug 29, 2014

Available in lengths up to 2 in., PEM® Type THFE™ Studs feature enlarged head diameter that distributes axial tightening force over wide area to minimize compressive stress on host panel, optimize pull through performance, and develop full thread strength. Self-clinching studs install into steel or aluminum sheets as thin as .031 in. with hardness of HRB 85 or less on Rockwell B scale and... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Spring-Loaded Plunger Assemblies serve as positioning pins.

Aug 21, 2014

Designed to install permanently in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .060 in. with hardness of HRB 80 or less, PEM® Type PTL2™ Assemblies serve as positioning pins to quickly move racks, slides, access panels, consoles, and similar equipment without requiring tools. Lockout feature keeps fastener's spring-loaded plunger fully retracted until plunger pin drops into final position.... Read More

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