Sefl-Clinching Fasteners install in stainless steel sheets.

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Designed to install permanently into stainless steel sheets as thin as .030 in., PEM Stainless Self-Clinching Fasteners enable lighter designs by minimizing hardware parts count. Product line includes fasteners integrating captive screws for tool-only access to stainless assemblies; through-hole threaded and blind threaded standoffs; non-locking and self-locking floating nuts; fasteners for flush face-on-face sheet attachment applications; flush-head studs; pins; and nuts.

Original Press Release:

PEM® Sefl-Clinching Fasteners for Stainless Steel Assemblies Introduce Permanently Installed Attachment Solutions


PEM® self-clinching fasteners for use in stainless steel assemblies install reliably and permanently into thin stainless steel sheets and enable lighter designs by minimizing hardware parts count.  This growing family of special hardened stainless fasteners includes a wide range of types and styles with some providing the added benefit of excellent corrosion resistance to protect against potentially corrosive conditions.

The PEM stainless self-clinching product line includes panel fasteners integrating captive screws for “tool only” access to stainless assemblies; thru-hole threaded and blind threaded standoffs for stacking or spacing components to or from stainless steel panels; non-locking and self-locking floating nuts to accommodate mating hole misalignment; fasteners for flush “face-on-face” sheet attachment applications enabling permanent joining of two sheets without protrusions; flush-head studs; pins; and nuts.

Depending on type, the fasteners are produced from precipitation hardening grade stainless, 400 Series stainless, or A286 stainless steels and most are designed to install in stainless sheets as thin as .030” / 0.8mm.  With the fastener harder than the host stainless sheet, successful clinching results in their becoming integral parts of an assembly without risk of loosening hardware.

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