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Food Processing & Preparation

Ladle Cups feature universal mounting brackets.

Available in multiple sizes with capacities from .44-33.70 lb, Replacement Ladle Cups are made of Â-¼ in. thick ductile iron with contours designed for smooth pouring. Design minimizes aluminum build-up and premature cup replacement. Reusable bolt-on universal mounting brackets facilitate cup replacement on left or ride side applications, without ladle or hanging bracket modifications.

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Detectable Silicone Suction Cups suit food industry use.

Made of food grade-approved silicone material, Detectamet vacuum de-panning suction cups are used to lift food items such as bread, cake, and pastries out of their molds/trays. Products may be detected if they should become damaged and drop into food. Products are offered in 2 grades of material, designed to suit specific bakery products: hard cups for standard bread products, and soft cups for...

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Software helps develop machine vision applications.

Outfitted with full compliment of AnaLogic/Eutecus software tools, InstantVision Integrated Software Environment (ISE) v2.2 supports rapid application development using MS .NET platform. Image processing libraries include Multitarget Tracking Library, which tracks multiple objects moving at high speeds - even in cluttered environments. Other libraries include complex classification methods as...

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Reagents determine moisture in various applications.

AQUACOUNTERÂ-® Karl Fischer reagents are optimized to meet demands of various moisture determinations. Used with KF Titrators, these coulometric and volumetric reagents, water standards, and dehydrated solvents are available to analyze moisture in food and beverages, petroleum, plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, paints, and powders. Products are pyridine-free and emit no...

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Adhesives & Sealants

Carton Sealer handles up to 1,800 cartons/hr.

Twinseal Carton Sealer accommodates cartons ranging in size from Â-¾ x Â-¾ x 3 in. to 12 x 4 x 12 in. Operator places loaded carton into machine with inner flaps closed and presses dual button start. Glue is automatically applied to underside of carton flaps and carton is elevated into vertical squaring/compression chamber. Completed, sealed cartons are automatically removed by optional...

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Controls & Controllers

I/O Bus Terminals control DC motors.

Offering alternative to traditional drive systems, Model KL2532 can supply two 24 W DC motors with up to 1 A, while Model KL2542 can drive two 175 W DC motors with up 3.5 A continuous current. Model KL2542 includes output stage for up to 50 V operating voltage and permits short-term peak currents. It also offers option for direct connection of incremental encoder for each motor.

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