Immersion Heaters

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Immersion Heaters withstand harsh, corrosive conditions.

April 28, 2015

Suited for demanding industrial and commercial applications, Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters achieve temperatures up to 2,192°F in dry environments and provide up to 98% heating efficiency in underwater environments. K Series is rated 500–3,000 W in water and 220–360 W in air, while KC Series is rated 210–1,500 W in water and 100–600 W in air. Measuring 4 mm thick and operating from 110–220 V, immersion heaters will not negatively affect surrounding environments. Read More

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Explosion Proof Air Heaters range from 5-30 kW.

March 28, 2014

Certified to ATEX and IECEx requirements, AEU1 Series Electric Air Heaters provide primary or supplementary heating for comfort or freeze protection in hazardous locations. Units include ExCaliber™ liquid-to-air heat exchanger cores, which are available in fourteen 400 V, 50 Hz models and fourteen 480 V, 60 Hz models. Housed in 14-gauge steel cabinet with epoxy/polyester powder coating, AEU1 Series incorporates immersion heater, IEC motor, cable glands, and O-rings to minimize moisture ingress. Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Electric Forced-Air Explosion-Proof Heater comes in 35 kW model.

February 10, 2014

Featuring 35 kW heater, XEU1 series provides heating for comfort or freeze protection in hazardous location-classified areas. Unit incorporates immersion heater, fan and motor assembly, 14 GA steel cabinet with epoxy/polyester powder-coating, dual safety high limits, vent relief device, control enclosure, and enclosure O-rings. Three cabinet sizes include ExCaliber™ air evacuated liquid-to-air heat-exchanger cores, which come in 29 voltage and heat output combinations. Read More

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Screw Plug Immersion Heaters feature NPT fittings.

November 6, 2012

Standard Screw Plug Immersion Heaters are designed at 60 W/in.², 500 W to 18 kW, and 120 V/1 phase to 480 V/3 phase. Threaded fittings ease tank insertion and removal, while tubular heater elements are brazed or welded to NPT fittings for optimal mounting. Offered in 1, 2, and 2½ in. NPT versions, heaters are also available with sheath materials including steel, copper, and Incoloy® 840. They are suited for liquid heating and process temperature control applications. Read More

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Flange Immersion Heaters help control process temperatures.

November 6, 2012

Available with 3–14 in. flanges, Standard Flange Immersion Heaters come in various sheath materials, including 316 passivated SS, steel, copper, and Incoloy® 840. Voltages and wattages range from 60 W/in.², 6 kW, 240 V/1 Phase to 16 W/in.², 167 kW, 480 V/3 Phase. With tubular heater elements brazed or welded to flanges for mounting, heaters are suited for temperature control applications ranging from car washing to heavy industrial applications in chemical, petroleum, water, and metal industries. Read More

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Electric Immersion Heaters have internal temperature regulation.

May 4, 2011

SmartOne(TM) positive temperature coefficient electric immersion heaters utilize solid-state ceramic heating elements as heat source. Maximum temperature is internally limited regardless of operating conditions, whether units are operated in water, air, or surrounded by solids. With maximum output temperature below ignition point of most plastic tanks, products do not overheat even when covered with buildup. Periodic cleaning of buildup minimizes risk of chemical corrosion. Read More

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Immersion Heater supplies temperatures to 2100°F.

March 13, 2003

Impervious to aluminum disassociation, ceramic-sheathed heater design provides corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, and non-conductive qualities. Product includes NiChrome heating wire, rated 2100°F, and ceramic sheath composed of SiAlON tubing that withstands temperatures to 3100°F. Zoned construction allows for multiple coil configurations, which can provide multi-zone heating with varying heat flux along length of the heater. Read More

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Immersion Heaters suit process industries.

December 27, 2002

Immersion Heaters are offered in screw-plug, flange, and over-the-side styles to accommodate virtually any solution, including acids, plating chemicals, food products, and molten sand baths. Units feature MgO heating elements; NEMA moisture- or explosion-resistant enclosures; copper, steel or Incoloy sheath; welded construction; and operating temperatures to 1,600°F. Thermostatic controls, passivated elements and plugs/flanges for pure or deionized water are optional. Read More

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PTFE Insulated Heaters suit caustic or corrosive environments.

November 15, 2002

Thermofoil(TM) heaters are 0.025 in. thin and resistant to most acids and bases. Sealed PTFE insulated leadwires allow immersion in chemicals such as acid baths, etching systems, and chemical processing tanks. Suitable for operation to 260°C and capable of power densities to 50 W/in.² at 100°C, heaters provide fast gentle warming of critical materials. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment

Immersion Heaters warm up liquids in tanks and drums.

June 12, 2002

Over-the-Side heaters are suitable for heating clear, opaque, or hard-to-heat liquids ranging from water to raw crude. Heaters are available in many configurations with capacities from 8 to 120 kW and lengths from 21 to 124 in. They have welded incoloy heating elements that resist corrosion, sealed terminals, and welded spacers. Heaters may be removed for cleaning or repairs. Read More

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