Drum/Tank Immersion Heater heats variety of liquids.

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Utilizing heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant incoloy heating elements, Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters feature sealed terminals, welded spacers and heating elements, and Evenflow configuration. Products are designed for heating clear, opaque, or hard-to-heat liquids from water to raw crude in containers such as tanks and drums. Heaters come in capacities from 8-120 kW and lengths from 21-124 in. and may be removed for cleaning or repairs.

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Over-The-Side Immersion Heater

Gaumer® Process Heaters's Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are designed for heating clear, opaque or hard-to-heat liquids (from water to raw crude) in containers such as tanks and drums. The heaters are available in hundreds of different configurations with capacities from 8 kW to 120 kW and lengths from 21" to 124". Heavy duty incoloy heating elements are used for resistance to corrosion. Standard features on the heaters include welded heating elements, sealed terminals, welded spacers with rugged design and "Evenflow" configuration. The heater may be removed for cleaning or repairs.


o Industrial Water
o Transfer Fluids
o Vegetable Oils
o Cleaning Solutions
o Degreasing Fluids
o Soap Solutions
o Lubricating Oils
o Raw Crude
o #5 and #6 Fuel Oils
o Viscous Residual Oils

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