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Analyzers with EMF Measurement ensure network safety compliance.

January 2, 2015

Spectrum Master™ MS271xE handheld spectrum analyzers and Cell Master™ MT8212E/MT8213E base station analyzers support electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation measurement option. With option installed and 0.7–6 GHz isotopic antenna attached, analyzers can be used to ensure wireless networks comply with personal safety standards. Total radiation from all sources can be measured over desired frequency band, and radiation measurements of demodulated signals can be conducted in specific bands. Read More

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Packaging Tester measures puncture force of rubber stoppers.

December 31, 2014

In addition to determining puncture force of medical rubber closures, i-Meditek 1300 Medical Packaging Tester can measure pullout force of rubber closure, break force of ampoule, sliding resistance of syringe, connection force of syringe needle and needle hub, and seal performance of plastic blood bag. Instrument can also test tensile strength, peeling force, tearing force, piercing force, and opening force of films, adhesives, foils, fabrics, and other packaging materials. Read More

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Continuously Self-Testing GFCI exceeds 2015 UL requirements.

December 19, 2014

Pass & Seymour® Self-Test GFCI tests itself every 3 sec. Upon failure, red light flashes to indicate need for device replacement. SafeLock™ Protection feature automatically disconnects power to receptacle if it detects that critical components are damaged and protection is lost, and automatic shutter system helps prevent improper insertion of foreign objects. Tamper-resistant device is available as 15 A/125 V or 20 A/125 V duplex receptacles, both with dual-direction test and reset buttons. Read More

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Modular PXI Semiconductor Tester incorporates digital subsystem.

December 10, 2014

Offering modular structure for addressing diverse test applications, TS-960 — available as bench top, with integrated cart, or with integrated manipulator — features 20-slot, 3U PXI chassis that accommodates up to 512, 125 MHz DIO channels with PMUs per pin. This solution for device, SoC, and SiP test applications also incorporates GX5296 digital subsystem suited for addressing verification, focused production, and failure analysis test needs or for replacing legacy test systems. Read More

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Power-Off Test Instrument offers diverse and automated options.

December 8, 2014

Along with automated analysis capability and power-off test, Huntron Tracker 3200S offers variable range parameters that result in hundreds of combinations of voltage, source resistance, and frequency. Color touchscreen LCD, which allows control of features, supports screening of component pins and simultaneous display of A and B channel signatures. Featuring two 64-pin IDC connectors, built-in Pulse Generator enables dynamic testing of gated devices. Read More

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Digital Insulation Resistance Tester has multiple operating modes.

December 1, 2014

Offering 5 preset test voltages from 250–5,000 V, IP40-rated and battery-powered BM5200 provides user safety when testing in high voltage environments or working on 3-phase equipment. Fully automatic unit, rated to CAT III 600 V, includes high voltage warning indicator, external voltage display after IR test, and automatic discharge of reactive loads. Max resistance range of 1 teraohm, and selectable DC or AC voltmeter functions are available from 25–600 V. Read More

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Wire Tracer finds and identifies breakers and fuses.

November 17, 2014

Available in two kits, AT-7000 Advanced Wire Tracer combines receiver and transmitter to locate energized and de-energized wires, breakers, and fuses. Smart Sensor™ array, combined with signal processor, measures changes in detected signal multiple times per second. Displayed on dynamic, color LCD, wire orientation and direction are accurate within 2 in. To eliminate multiple false positive readings, scan and locate feature identifies specific breaker or fuse. Read More

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Circuit Breaker Finder performs multiple functions.

November 7, 2014

Comprising transmitter and receiver, BF20 Circuit Breaker Finder with NCV Detector and GFCI Outlet Checker determines circuit breaker or fuse associated with any 110 V outlet without interrupting power. Fully automatic unit also detects energized lines, cables, and outlets; tests for and identifies common outlet wiring faults; and verifies operation of GFCI circuits. Designed to comply with safety standard IEC 61010-1, instrument includes circuit that eliminates false positives. Read More