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Homeothermic Monitoring System targets small rodents.

August 20, 2015

Offering closed loop temperature control, Homeothermic Monitoring System utilizes small, flexible rectal probe to monitor animal's core temperature and heating pad to provide heat input. LCD touchscreen allows user to set target temperature and clearly view subject’s current core body temperature as well as set temperature at all times. If animal’s core body temperature deviates 2° from set temperature, audible alarms advise user. Read More

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Pocket-Sized Digital Pyrometer operates in sub-zero temperatures.

August 14, 2015

Able to operate in outside temperatures as low as -30°C, Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometer is designed for such industries as utilities and gas. Lexan window is available for use in food and pharmaceutical industries, and thermocouple support covers types K, J, T, and E. Also available, Options Package includes Peak Hold Memory and Peak Hold Reset functions as well as magnetic mounting. Calibration Certificates are available upon request.
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Pyrometer System supports multi-point temperature monitoring.

July 15, 2015

Utilizing miniature, non-contact infrared sensors and interface modules, PyroMiniBus measures surface temperature of products and machinery in industrial processes and sends measurements via RS485 Modbus to touchscreen display. System offers choice of two temperature sensors for measuring small or large targets, 6-channel touchscreen for configuration and data logging, and junction box to connect them together. Sensors can operate in conditions up to 120°C with no need for cooling. Read More

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Surface Temperature Thermometer increases reading accuracy, speed.

July 15, 2015

Incorporating micro-thermocouple technology with digital readout that instantly displays surface temperatures with accuracy of ±2%, Tempil® Estik® eliminates need for supervisors to carry multiple temperature indicators. Temperature of polished or non-polished surfaces can be measured from 32 to 999°F, and readout is in selectable °F or °C. Designed for use with solid stationary surfaces, thermometer is not subject to such variables as calibration or distance from surface. Read More

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Infrared Thermometers feature dual laser design.

June 24, 2015

Compatible with Type K thermocouples, OS499 Series offers measurement range up to 1,400°F with distance to spot ratio up to 30:1.  Non-contact temperature measuring devices feature dual lasers for optimized targeting, built-in flashlight, mini thermocouple socket up to 2,552°F, and large LCD with power backlight that enables night and low light viewing. Powered by two AAA batteries, thermometers use color bar to display temperature in Max/Min mode. Read More

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One-Color Sensors offer non-contact temperature measurement.

June 1, 2015

Designed for measurements on metals and bright/shiny materials, 16-bit Metis M3 Pyrometers are stand-alone, self-contained IR thermometers with on-board temperature display and direct analog and digital outputs for integration into PLC, DCS, and digital indicators. Models M309, M316, and M318 have spectral ranges of 0.7–1.1 µm, 1.45–8 µm, and 1.65–2.1 µm and temperature ranges spanning 550–3,300°C, 200–330°C, and 100–1,300°C, respectively. Response times are <1 ms, adjustable up to 10 sec. Read More

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Electronic Thermometers offer field-replaceable battery.

April 27, 2015

Available with stems and fittings designed for direct replacement of industrial liquid-in-glass thermometers, Digi-Tel Series meets FDA Rule 21 CFR 113.40 requirements for temperature indicators used in retorts and requirements of Pasteurized Milk Ordinance for dairy applications. Stainless steel units have 5 in. dia cases with 1 in. tall digital display and temperature range of -70 to +750°F. Model with 4.5 in. dia polypropylene wall-mounted housing and remote sensor is also available. Read More

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Portable Hygrometer offers spot check measurements to -58°F.

March 31, 2015

Housed in rugged NEMA 6 polypropylene enclosure with carrying handle, Easidew Plus Portable measures dew point in compressed air and other gases over measurement range of -58 to +68°F, at pressures up to 4,350 psig. Unit provides T95 response to -31°F in less than 10 minutes and offers measurement accuracy of ±3.6°F. Operating up to 16 hr on rechargeable NiMH battery pack, hygrometer includes integral stainless steel sampling system with particulate filter and sample tubing. Read More

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Infrared Thermometers suit high-temperature applications.

January 27, 2015

Designed to operate in environments ranging from 400–3,000°C while providing accuracy of ±0.5% +1°C, Raynger® 3i Plus Series is suited for metal refining, foundry and processing operations, chemical and petrochemical furnaces, heat treatment, and power plants. Units are housed in rugged casing with Red Nose heat-resistant warning detector and alarm to minimize risk of sensor overheating. Powered by Lithium-ion batteries, thermometers transfer data to PC or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth. Read More

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IR Pyrometer measures semiconductor/metal down to 350°C.

January 12, 2015

Able to work with reflective metals and semiconductors, PyroMini 0.9 can view into vacuum chamber through quartz or glass window and measure temperature of surface of silicon wafer. Temperature ranges from 350 to 2,000°C are available, and response time is 240 msec. Optional MicroSD Card allows logging of >1 year of data, even at fastest sample rate of 1 reading/sec, while SW detector ensures any error in emissivity setting or change in emissivity has minimum effect on measurement. Read More

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One-Color Sensor offers choice of laser or color video sighting.

December 19, 2014

Stand-alone, self-contained pyrometers PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV feature fixed focus optics, digital RS485 communication interface, and analog 4–20 mA output. Optical and electronic parts are enclosed in stainless steel housings, and color composite video output enables connection to monitor or PC via frame grabber. With temperature ranges spanning 200 to 3,000°C, sensors offer choice of integrated red laser or video camera sighting as well as PSCSpot software. Read More

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Precision Pyrometers combine crosshair sighting, video signal.

December 16, 2014

Used for temperature measurement of metals from 50 to 2,200°C, thermoMETER CTVideo and CSVideo are IR thermometers that combine crosshair laser sighting and video signal to accommodate very small measurement objects and portray them as image with 0.1K resolution. Spectral range is, depending on the model, 1–2.3 µm, and dimensions are 50 mm dia x 100 mm long. Along with CompactConnect software, features include analog outputs for current or voltage, alarm output, and USB 2.0 interface. Read More

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IR Pyrometers use pulsed LED to confirm spot size and focus.

December 16, 2014

Available in 8 models, SPOT Series measures from 484–3,272°F with wavelengths from 1.0–1.6 µm. Infrared pyrometers combine Ethernet, Modbus TCP, analog inputs/outputs, and alarm contacts within single device; no separate processor is required. Configuration settings and readings are available on rear display, remotely via web browser, or through SPOTViewer software. With fiber optic version, optic head can be mounted in hostile environment, with detector/electronics located several meters away. Read More

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Infrared Sensor monitors petrochemical combustion vessels.

November 18, 2014

Consisting of explosion proof infrared thermometer, PULSAR 4 can see through flames and simultaneously deliver Refractory Temperature and Gas Temperature with precision to 0.3°C, and range of 350–2,000°C. PULSAR 4 Advanced features proprietary Smart Flame Measurement Algorithm, which accounts for flame transparency that can affect temperature readings for more precise view of activity inside vessels. InfraWin software interprets data from PULSAR 4 for analysis inside control room. Read More

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Short-Wavelength Pyrometer offers touchscreen and datalogging.

November 17, 2014

Available with choice of temperature ranges from 100 to 2,000°C and 4–20 mA or RS485 Modbus output, PyroMini 2.2 series measures reflective surfaces and high-temperature objects. These IR temperature sensors, available with backlit touchscreen interface, feature 18 x 45 mm sensing head with choice of optics for small or large targets at short or long distances. Built-in data logging to MicroSD Card offers 1 year of storage at 1 sample/sec, and touchscreen models have two alarm relays. Read More

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Two-Color IR Pyrometer offers thermal imaging capabilities.

October 31, 2014

Integrating IR thermometer (pyrometer) with IR imaging capabilities, ISR 6-TI Advanced addresses needs of heat-dependent manufacturers. Combining temperature of center spot by 2-color pyrometer and image from video camera containing SWIR filter results in auto calibrated thermal image that reveals temperature across entire object as opposed to one specific point. Operating in short wavelength (~1 µm), instrument measures temperatures from 700 to 1,800°C. Read More

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Industrial-Grade IR Pyrometer offers thermal imaging capabilities.

October 23, 2014

Based on pyrometer and video camera that utilizes SWIR filter, ISR 6-TI Advanced combines pyrometry with IR imaging technology to produce relative thermal images. Unit operates in short wavelength (~1 µm) for temperature measurements from 700 to 1,800°C. Analog video output signal is converted to USB and fed to PC using InfraWin software, which generates and shows relative thermal image from said signal. Also, software provides temperature, data logging, and data analysis features. Read More

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Indoor Air Quality Meter measures CO2, air temp, RH, and more.

October 17, 2014

Leveraging NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology, 800046 can be used to monitor IAQ in spaces as well as test air from HVAC equipment. Backlit simultaneous display shows CO2 level from 0–5,000 ppm, humidity from 0–100%, and air temperature from 14 to 140°F. User can also choose rotating display of dew point (8 to 140°F) and wet bulb temperature (-100 to 140°F) instead of air temperature. Additional calculations cover TWC (Time Weighted Average) and STEL (Short-Term Exposure Limit). Read More

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Infrared Temperature Sensors are ATEX and IECEx certified.

October 14, 2014

Featuring intrinsically safe design, ExTemp Series is designed for use in ATEX and IECEx explosive atmospheres up to and including Zone 0 (gas) and Zone 20 (dust), in conjunction with safety barrier or isolator. Pyrometers are available with choice of pre-set temperature ranges from -20 to +1,000°C. All models have 2-wire 4–20 mA output that may be rescaled via optional USB interface and software. Supplied in 316 SS housing, sensors are sealed to IP65 for offshore applications. Read More

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Digital Multifunctional Meter performs environmental measurements.

October 13, 2014

Supplied with carrying case, operator's manual, portable mini-tripod, and 9 V battery, RH87 combines functionality of sound level, luminometer, relative humidity (RH) meter, and anemometer. This CE-compliant digital multifunctional environmental meter measures sound (dB), temperature, humidity, and light (Lux) and uses standard and metric units. Other features include backlit LCD as well as data hold and auto-ranging functions. Read More