Panel Meters feature 24 mm high digits for readability.

Comprised of 3 models for measuring volts, process signals, or temperature, AD48 series 3.5-digit, 48 x 48 mm panel meters are offered with choice of black on grey reflective display or blue LED backlight. Total thickness of each display is 13 mm plus pin header, and operating temperature range is 0 to 50Â-

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Reduce Energy Costs with Datapaq's Furnace Tracker Temperature Profiling System

October 2005 - Datapaq's Furnace Tracker Temperature Profiling System helps you reduce energy costs by optimizing your heat treating process. Adjust your furnace to the most efficient temperature and cycle times and see your energy costs diminish. This easy to use system allows you to set up process files that can be saved and modified at any time to determine and maintain optimum time at...

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