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Eye Pressure Diagnostic Device aids glaucoma detection.

September 14, 2015

Targeting global glaucoma market, intra-ocular pressure (IOP) monitoring device, or tonometer, includes disposable device that measures IOP. Device complements Cyclo G6™ laser platform and its single-use disposables as well as IQ 532™ for repeatable therapy known as MicroPulse® Laser Trabeculoplasty (MLT). Read More

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Pressure Modules deliver reference class accuracy.

April 29, 2014

Comprising 48 models, 750P Series enables gage, differential, dual range, absolute, and vacuum pressure measurement with Fluke 750/740 Documenting Process Calibrators and 725/726 Multifunction Process Calibrators. Modules cover pressure calibrations from 0–1 in. H2O to 1,000 psi with 0.025% reference uncertainty. Supplied with NPT, metric (BSP), and M20 adapters, 750P Series communicates digitally to calibrators, eliminating errors due to poor connections and electrical interference. Read More

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Capacitance Manometer measures from 0.1-1,000 Torr.

February 18, 2014

Internally heated to 45, 80, or 100°C, a-Baratron® Capacitance Manometer provides accurate vacuum and pressure measurements. Unit features pushbutton zero, all-digital architecture, and sensor made from Inconel and Incoloy nickel alloys for corrosion resistance. Unit can be equipped with standard sensor or patented Etch Baffle sensor technology that minimizes process contamination. Fully CE and RoHS-compliant, manometer operates on ±15 Vdc input and provides 0–10 Vdc analog output signal. Read More

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Portable Hand-held Meter diagnoses hydraulics and pneumatics.

December 12, 2013

With scan rate of 1 ms and ability to measure pressure, flow, temperature, and rpm, SensoControl® Diagnostic Serviceman Plus™ provides maintenance and diagnostic data for hydraulics and pneumatics. Plug and Play automatic sensor recognition immediately scales measurement range, eliminating confusing setup routines. All measurements can be stored on nano USB drive or transferred to PC for analysis and documentation. Measuring 4 x 7 x 2 in., meter operates on rechargeable 3.7 V Li-Ion battery. Read More

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Weather Watching Barometer integrates altitude compensation.

November 4, 2013

Featuring clock and adjustable altitude compensation from -900 to 3,600 ft, No. 1081 Traceable® Workstation Barometer can be used for recording ambient changes in lab, monitoring conditions affecting sample analysis, and assisting in prediction of weather changes. Product measures barometric pressure and graphically displays barometric trend, which shows present reading and previous 1, 3, 6, and 12 hr readings in bar chart format. Forecasting indicators show weather conditions using symbols. Read More

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Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor also measures temperature.

September 16, 2013

Operating at 0.9 μA, with standby of <0.1 μA at 25°C, from 1.8–3.6 V supply, 6.4 x 4.0 x 2.75 mm MS5806-02BA gel-filled altimeter with antimagnetic stainless steel cap uses I²C or SPI communication and has conversion time down to 0.6 msec. This 24-bit ΔΣ ADC integrated digital barometric pressure sensor has 300–1,100 mBar operating range, with extension of 10–2,000 mBar; 0.024 mBar max resolution; ±2.5 mBar typ accuracy; -40 to +85°C operating range; ±0.8°C accuracy; and <0.01°C resolution. Read More

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Hydronic Manometers offer expanded capacities.

August 12, 2013

Offering inputs for 2 temperature probes to maximize efficiency, Models HM675 and HM685 are used to balance commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems, check pump performance, and set balancing valves. Model HM685 performs onboard universal flow and btu/hr calculations and allows for 4X more storage capacity. Both splashproof models can simultaneously measure and display differential, high side, and low side pressure without changing hose connections or instrument valve settings. Read More

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Measurement and Monitoring System offers 24-bit precision.

February 28, 2013

Combining 16 precisely synchronized channels with advanced FPGA technology, Techo Kardio Graph Rackmount System allows users to perform real-time monitoring and measuring as well as data collection, mining, processing, graphing, tracking, and archiving. System can acquire data from all types of analog sensors to record temperature, motion, pressure, power, and more. Users can program signal triggers that notify them via SMS and email alerts when critical monitored events of interest occur. Read More

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Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor measures 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm.

February 26, 2013

Consuming 0.6 μA during operation and less than 0.15 μA during standby, MS5637-02BA03 micro altimeter requires 4 pads for operation and uses I²C communication. At max resolution of 0.016 mBar, equivalent to 13 cm of elevation, this 24-bit DS ADC integrated digital pressure sensor has accuracy of ±2 mBar at 25°C for 300–1,200 mBar range and temperatures from -20 to +85°C. Module also includes temperature measurement capabilities, with accuracy of ±2.0°C and resolution of less than 0.01°C. Read More

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Portable Combustion Analyzer Kit combines 5 tools in 1.

August 7, 2012

Intended for all 90%+ efficiency systems, BTU1100-HE High Efficiency Kit comprises combustion analyzer, CO leak detector, manometer, draft meter, and 2-channel thermometer. Unit is equipped with incoming air smart probe, field-replaceable sensors, built-in non-thermal printer, and unbreakable metal connections. Operating from rechargeable battery, analyzer meets needs of mechanical contractors, plumbers, and boiler technicians monitoring and installing condensing and high efficiency systems. Read More

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Combustion Analyzer Kit suits all 90%+ efficiency systems.

October 18, 2011

Equipped with built-in manometer, thermometer, and CO leak detector, BTU1100-HE High Efficiency Kit measures O2, CO, and CO2, as well as efficiency, excess air, and all necessary temperatures. Unit includes incoming air smart probe, field-replaceable sensors, and built-in printer. Supplied in vinyl carrying case with calibration certificate, kit meets needs of mechanical contractors, plumbers, and boiler technicians monitoring and installing condensing and high efficiency systems. Read More

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Thermal Analysis System records temp, velocity, and pressure.

April 15, 2011

Used to profile heat sinks, components, and PCBs, iQ-200(TM) simultaneously measures temperatures for solid materials and surrounding air in addition to tracking air velocity and air pressure at multiple points. Laboratory instrument accommodates inputs from up to 12 J-type thermocouples, 16 air temperature/velocity sensors, and 4 DP sensors. USB interface allows PC-based data management, storage, and sharing, while software manages incoming data and provides graphic presentation. Read More

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Digital Manometer features 0.5 sec response time.

September 16, 2010

Traceable® Manometer displays gauge and differential pressure/vacuum in 11 different units via 5/8 in. high digits that are visible from 6 ft. Hose fittings permit use of hose/tubing with ID from 1/16-3/16 in. Count-up timer displays up to 99 hr, 59 min, 59 sec, DATA HOLD key freezes display to capture readings, and memory feature recalls highest and lowest reading over any time period. Powered by 9 V battery, device's accuracy is ±0.3% of FS between 0-50°C. Read More

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Smart Manometers offer NIST traceable accuracy to ±0.025% FS.

September 8, 2010

Operating in temperatures from -4 to +122ºF, M200 Smart Manometers are available with 0-10.000 in. H2O range, 4 gauge pressure ranges up to 3,000 psig, and 2 absolute pressure ranges up to 1,000 psia. Products are also available in 8 compound pressure ranges to measure ±15 through -15 to +3,000 psig. They include backlight, alkaline battery power, and NIST traceable certificate of calibration with data, timed leak test, record mode, damping, and minimum/maximum value capture. Read More

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Multifunction Thermometer measures barometer/dew point/RH.

May 13, 2010

Available in rugged ABS plastic case measuring 1½ in. dia x 8 in., Traceable® hygrometer/thermometer/barometer/dew point pen has user selectable dual display that shows humidity/temperature, humidity/dew point, barometer/temperature, or barometer/humidity. Features include electronic capacitance polymer film sensor, HOLD button that freezes reading on display, and 3/8 in. high LCD digits. Product can recall minimum/maximum readings on press of button. Read More

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Altimeters have measuring range of 0-15,000 ft.

February 25, 2010

Measuring 2.6 x 2.7 x 1.2 in., AltiLINQ(TM) weighs 2.9 oz and mounts to top or front of dashboard with adjustable bracket. It features battery-free analog design, and hook-and-loop adhesion system with second attachment to move it from one vehicle to another. Available with black heat-treated finish, Alti(TM) measures 2.4 x 3.7 x 1.1 in., weighs 3.3 oz, and has aluminum carabiner that clips on pack or belt loop. Both altimeters can be custom-imprinted. Read More

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Vane Anemometer Pens feature 3/8 in. LCD digits on display.

August 25, 2009

Available in 3 different units, Traceable® vane anemometer pens provide for airflow, temperature, humidity, dew point, and barometric pressure. Units come with o-ring seal and membrane keypad to keep out dust and dirt, and HOLD button to freeze reading on display. Available in rugged ABS plastic case measuring 1½ x 8¼ x 1½ in. and weighing 6 oz, they can recall minimum/ maximum readings. Applications include laboratories, manufacturing, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industry. Read More

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Handheld Digital Manometer suits field, plant, and lab use.

June 8, 2009

Available in gage and absolute and differential pressure models with ranges as low as 28 InH2O, HHP241 features 8 user selectable engineering units, min/max, hold, and display average modes with user activated back light. CE compliant device shuts off automatically after 20 min of keypad inactivity. Read More

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Differential Manometer offers 0.1 resolution.

March 3, 2009

With accuracy of ±1% rdg. + 0.2 mbar and 128 x 128 pixel backlit LCD display, MP100 manometer suits application in HVAC industry. It includes leak test procedures and air velocity with density compensation. Measuring 5 x 2.5 x 1.25 in., product also comes with pressure tubes, battery, and 11 pressure units including Pa, psi, mbar, bar, mm H2O, and in. H2O. Read More

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Barometer has multi-lingual, numerical, and graphic display.

November 1, 2007

Allowing users to monitor measurement trends, BAROCAP® Digital Barometer PTB330 provides wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurements. Incorporating 1, 2, or 3 BAROCAP® sensors, it continuously compares readings of pressure sensors against one another when 2 or 3 sensors are used and provides information on whether these are within set of internal difference criteria. Unit can calculate and output QNH and QFE pressures used in aviation. Read More