Inclinometers & Angle Meters

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Underwater/Air Laser Scanners optimize camera inspections.

June 6, 2016

Designed to attach to camera, Nuclear NM800DA and Non-Nuclear M800DA Distance and Angle Laser Systems accurately measure position relative to target, displaying distance, pitch, and yaw. With demonstrated accuracy of 0.005 in. or better, scanners enable plant operators to consistently capture precise as-built measurements that are critical to successful design of modification and replacement hardware for reactor internals, without need for custom measurement tooling. Read More

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Inclination and Tilt Sensors prevent heavy equipment from tipping.

January 29, 2016

As IP67-rated inclinometers with integrated RS-232 interface and flying lead cable, MTLT series operates from single 9–32 V supply and utilize MEMS sensors, over temperature calibration, and SmartSensing™ technology. Programmable tilt alarms, also included, can be used to lock out controls or trigger alarm or warning light. Respectively, models MTLT105S and MTLT110S are designed for applications needing <0.5° and <1.0° accuracy over full operating temperature range. Read More

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Absolute Feedback Systems integrate into drives.

July 31, 2015

Supplied in IP67-rated housing, Absolute Position and Angle Measurement Systems are suited for installation or direct integration into drive and positioning systems, and can be used in rotary applications as well. Magnetically encoded systems, featuring Permagnet® nonius technology, enable formats, strokes, and end positions of axes to be adjusted automatically. Position data is generated in real-time and made available in absolute form using SSI or bidirectional BiSS C interfaces. Read More

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Inclinometer helps maximize operator safety.

May 12, 2015

Constructed with Pyrex borosilicate glass tube assembly and black indicator ball, Lev-o-gage 9 measures angular tilt from -11 to +11° and percent slope from -20 to +20%. At almost 6 in. wide, inclinometer can be read from distance and in low light conditions. Numerals and hashmarks are engraved and hand-filled with acrylic Titanium white paint for optimal visibility. Read More

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Inclinometer targets sailboats, cruisers, and sport boats.

May 5, 2015

Designed to measure angular tilt from -30 to +30°, Lev-o-gage 8 provides resolution from -15 to +15°. Unit is designed with shatterproof polymer tube assembly and brass indicator ball. At almost 5 in. wide, inclinometer can be read from distance, even in low light conditions. Numerals and hashmarks are engraved and hand-filled with acrylic Titanium white paint for optimal visibility. Read More

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High-Visibility Inclinometer improves operator safety.

April 29, 2015

Able to be read even from distance and in low light conditions, Lev-o-gage 7 measures angular tilt from -11° to +11°. Numerals and hashmarks are engraved and hand-filled with acrylic Titanium white paint for visibility and durability. Glass tube assembly is constructed of Pyrex borosilicate, and Saturn yellow color contrasts black indicator ball. Featuring damping fluid that works over -40 to +125°F range, 5.85 x 2.12 x .50 in. instrument offers ±1.0° angular tolerance and 1° resolution.
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Industrial Inclinometers utilize MEMS technology.

May 16, 2014

Providing measurement of slope or tilt angles of object with respect to gravity, T-Series offers dual axis measurement range up to ±60° or single axis measurement of 360°, with 0.01° resolution and 0.1° accuracy. Sensors incorporate built-in linearity and temperature compensation. Available with glass fiber reinforced plastic or AW6082-T6 aluminum alloy housing, encapsulated units are sealed to IP68 for harsh outdoor applications. Output options include 4–20 mA, 0.5–4.5 V, or CANopen. Read More

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POSITAL-FRABA Inclinometers Are Taken for a Spin

April 7, 2014

The World's largest ferris wheel, the Las Vegas High Roller, has recently opened to the public with help from POSITAL FRABA's line of TILT-IX 2-Axis ACS inclinometer. A total of 60 inclinometers are distributed around the outer diameter of the wheel, ensuring a level ride for each passenger pod as the wheel rotates. The devices, which function as highly accurate versions of the accelerometers...Read More

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Center Punch measures angles and marks pipes.

March 14, 2014

Featuring digital inclinometer gauge set on angled base, Sumner Center Punch is designed for measuring angles on pipe. Gauge displays angles to nearest hundredth, is removable from magnetic base, and includes zero button. Once desired angle is reached, pushbutton spring-loaded striking hammer clearly marks pipe at desired locale. Read More

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BEI Sensors to Exhibit at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014

February 25, 2014

Goleta, CA – BEI Sensors is proud to announce its return as an exhibitor at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 4 through March 8. As an innovator of position sensing products for the Off-Highway Market, BEI Sensors will have exciting products on display. The enhanced 9960 rotary non-contacting sensor provides extreme versatility and performance with 360 turn...Read More

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POSITAL Introduces Encoders and Inclinometers with J1939 Interface

May 15, 2013

Hamilton, New Jersey –POSITAL's versatile inclinometers and absolute rotary encoders are now available with J1939 communications inter-faces. (The J1939 protocol was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers for use in heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, fire trucks and construction machinery. The protocol facilitates quick and reliable communications between sensors, actuators and...Read More

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Dual Axis Inclinometers include RS 232/RS 485 communications.

February 15, 2013

Equipped with microprocessor-based electronics, Model 0729-1755-99 provides 0–5 V outputs for each axis and for temperature, while Models 0729-1759-99 and 0729-1760-99 are available with RS 232 and RS 485 communications, respectively. All offer angle range of ±60° in X and Y axes, 0.2 arc min resolution, and ±0.1° repeatability. RoHS-compliant units are suited for aerial lift platform leveling, crane boom angle measurement, robotic controls, and alarm system activation. Read More

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Compact Electronic Autocollimator is optimized for sensitivity.

October 26, 2012

Portable CONEX-LDS offers 0.01 µrad angular measurement sensitivity and 2 kHz data refresh rate, enabling analysis of resonance modes of structures. Controller is integrated into optical head of autocollimator, occupying only 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 in., and other features include ±0.85° FOV eyepiece, PSD sensor, and RS-422 communications. Autocollimator is used for traditional metrology applications in production environments such as pitch, yaw, straightness, bearing eccentricity, and wobble.
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Electronic Tilt Sensors suit surface mapping applications.

July 24, 2012

Based on force balance accelerometer technology, Model SI-701B is available in ranges from ±15° to ±90° and features 5 terminal pin electrical interface. Model SI-701BC offers same electrical features but has 4-pin connector electrical interface. Using patented HP suspension system for added accuracy, high performance Models SI-701BHP and SI-701BHPC operate from ±5° to ±90°. All feature damping and desensitization circuitry that allows tilt measurements in strong vibration and shock environments. Read More

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Rotary Single Axis Inclinometer offers 360 monitoring range.

July 5, 2012

Based on MEMS devices that incorporate micro-electromechanical capacitive elements into sensor, Rotary Single Axis CANopen Inclinometer measures angular tilt in reference to gravity. Unit is suitable for monitoring mechanical arms, such as tensioners or moving components, as well as monitoring and reporting position of outriggers, booms, or other vertically rotating parts. Featuring IP68-rated housing, device operates in temperatures from -40 to +70°C. Read More

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Geometric Measurement System utilizes iOS devices.

June 8, 2012

Supported with dedicated App, ALiSENSOR(TM) LEVEL data collector contains MEMS gyros, accelerometers, and microprocessor. Data of angular and translational movements are delivered via Bluetooth® to iOS unit, which provides environment for operator to analyze data. ALiSENSOR(TM) LEVEL offers ability to select from wide range of measurement units, self-calibration for measurement with new or special fixtures, and instant reports with all data from measurements that can be shared via email or MMS. Read More

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Aeroflex and Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation Announce Release of the Kenwood 5x10 Series Automated Test and Alignment Program for the Aeroflex 3920

March 6, 2012

Automated Test and Alignment for Kenwood NEXEDGE Radios Soon to Follow LAS VEGAS-International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE 2012)- Aeroflex Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE:ARX), announced today the release of the automated test and alignment capabilities for Kenwood radios on the Aeroflex 3920 Digital Radio Test Set for the 5x101 Series of...Read More

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Inclinometer is offered in 2 ruggedized variants.

October 28, 2011

Available in single-axis (360°) or 2-axis (±80°) models, ACCELENS (ACS) temperature compensated inclinometers offer ±0.01° max resolution and multiple interfaces. Fiber-reinforced PBT plastic housing and fully encapsulated electronic components suit industrial environments, while die-cast aluminum housing with reinforced connection points is designed for off-road or harsh environment conditions. Both housing versions are rated to IP69K protection. Read More

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Single-/Dual-Axis Inclinometer survives harsh environments.

February 23, 2011

Operating with MEMS technology, POSITILT® PTAM5 comes in single- and dual-axis versions with respective measurement ranges of ±180° and ±60°. Both are available for smaller measurement ranges in ±15° increments and offer resolution of 0.05° with linearity of ±0.5°. Stainless steel housing, rated to IP67/69K as standard or IP68 optionally, withstands outdoor use in harsh environments. Tilt sensor is available with 4-20 mA and 10 V analog outputs as well as CANOpen and CAN SAE J1939. Read More

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Inclinometers are offered with DeviceNet(TM) interface.

February 15, 2011

ACCELENS inclinometers are available with DeviceNet(TM) electronic interface, facilitating connection of devices to embedded control units (ECUs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Other available interfaces include analog (voltage or current), serial (SSI), and CANopen. Offered in single-axis (360°) and 2-axis (±80°) models, devices have molded polyurethane enclosures rated to IP68 and internal components that can withstand shock loads up to 100 g and vibrations to 20 g. Read More