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Test & Measuring Instruments -> Instrumentation I & O Devices -> AD Converters

AD Converters

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Dual-Channel 14-bit ADC fosters direct RF sampling.

Dual-Channel 14-bit ADC fosters direct RF sampling.

Analog Devices, Inc.    Norwood, MA 02062-9106
May 21, 2014 Used in communications, instrumentation, and military/aerospace applications, AD9680 features -154 dBFs/Hz noise density and wideband RF DAQ technology. This 1.25 V,14-bit, 1 GSPS ADC is designed for sampling wide bandwidth analog signals up to 2 GHz. When converting 1 GHz input, converter achieves SFDR performance of 80 dBc and 61.5 dBFS SNR while consuming 1.65 W total power per channel. Features also include DSP blocks and configurable JESD204B interface.

2 GSPS 12-bit ADC addresses direct RF sampling trend.

2 GSPS 12-bit ADC addresses direct RF sampling trend.

Analog Devices, Inc.    Norwood, MA 02062-9106
May 21, 2014 Along with 2 GSPS bandwidth and integrated signal processing functionality, AD9625 achieves 80 dBc SFDR with 1 GHz input and offers noise spectral density of 149.5 dBFS/Hz. Noise and dynamic range performance promote receiver sensitivity as well as ability to discern smaller signals in presence of noise, clutter, blockers, and interferers. Architecture eliminates need to interleave multiple ADCs to obtain required performance and allows for development of reconfigurable platforms.

GSM Monitoring Receiver suits government and military systems.

GSM Monitoring Receiver suits government and military systems.

Pentek    Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
May 15, 2014 Using optimized IP core for Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, Cobalt® Model 52663 3U VPX Module is suited for mobile monitoring systems that must capture some or all of 1100 uplink and downlink signals in both upper and lower GSM bands. Unit accepts 4 analog inputs from external analog RF tuner, where GSM RF bands are down converted to IF frequency. IF signals are then digitized by 4 A/D converters and routed to 4 channelizer banks, which perform digital downconversion of all GSM channels to baseband.

HDMI Audio Stripper/Analog-HDMI Converter offer reliable quality.

HDMI Audio Stripper/Analog-HDMI Converter offer reliable quality.

FSR Metal Products    West Paterson, NJ 07424
May 09, 2014 Supporting resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,080 (video) and 1,920 x 1,200 (PC) at 60 Hz, DV-HAS HDCP-compliant HDMI audio separator de-embeds stereo audio from HDMI signal and provides separate, unbalanced line level stereo audio output that can then be fed to external sound systems. Video quality is preserved without any signal loss. Analog PC to HDMI Converter, DV-PC2HD, turns analog PC signals and stereo audio into HDMI. Signal resolution at HDMI output is dependent on analog PC input resolution.

XMC Software Radio Module suits wideband signal applications.

XMC Software Radio Module suits wideband signal applications.

Pentek    Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Apr 02, 2014 Based on Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA, Onyx® Model 71741 can digitize signal bandwidths up to 1,500 MHz. Front end accepts analog RF or IF inputs on pair of front panel SSMC connectors with transformer coupling into ADC12D1800 12-bit A/D. Converter operates in single-channel interleaved mode with 3.6 GHz sampling rate and 1.75 GHz input bandwidth or in dual-channel mode with 1.8 GHz sampling rate and 2.8 GHz input bandwidth. AutoSync feature supports A/D synchronization across multiple modules.

Analog-to-Digital Converter provides RF sampling at 4 GSPS.

Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI)    Dallas, TX 75243-4136
Feb 25, 2014 Measuring 9 x 9 mm, 12-bit Model ADC12J4000 supports JEDEC JESD204B serial interface standard for data converters up to 8 Gbps, while consuming 1.9 W of power. Device combines giga-sample ADC IP with low-power digital processing blocks that provide digital filtering and down conversion. IC can perform external signal conditioning typically handled by FPGA at total decimation of 4/8/10/16/20/32x, providing attenuation of approximately 80 dB at 80% bandwidth, 44 dB at 85%, and 24 dB at 90%.

Analog-to-Digital Converters (12-bit) offer 5 analog input ranges.

Analog-to-Digital Converters (12-bit) offer 5 analog input ranges.

DATEL    Mansfield, MA 02048
Feb 11, 2014 Offering 8 µsec conversion time, ADC-85 series comes in hermetically sealed, 32-pin, side-brazed DDIP or gull-wing SMT ceramic package. Each unit features ˝ LSB linearity and is 100% tested for performance across one of 3 temperature ranges: 0 to +70°C, -40 to +100°C, and -55 to +125°C. Along with parallel and serial digital outputs, units feature short-cycling support, internal buffer amplifier, and output coding that is complementary binary/offset binary or complementary 2's complement.

High-Resolution ULP SAR ADCs consume 5.5 mW at 1 MSPS.

Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI)    Dallas, TX 75243-4136
Feb 03, 2014 Available in 10-pin, 3 x 4.9 mm MSOP and 3 x 3 mm QFN package options, single-channel ADC8881 series includes 18- and 16-bit SAR (successive approximation register) ADCs with speed options from 100 kSPS to 1 MSPS. Input common-mode range simplifies signal conditioning and helps digitize difference between 2 independent sensor signals with widely varying common-mode voltage values over time. Respective flexible analog and digital supply voltage ranges are 2.7–3.6 V and 1.65–3.6 V.

A/D Converters support multi-channel data acquisition.

Analog Devices, Inc.    Norwood, MA 02062-9106
Jan 20, 2014 Integrating 16 channels into single package, Model AD9249 dissipates 58 mW of power per channel at 65 MSPS, while 8-channel Model ADS9681 dissipates 110 mW per channel at 125 MSPS. Both 14-bit units are available in 10 x 10 mm package with on-chip sample-and-hold circuit. DACs achieve spurious free dynamic range greater than 90 dBc and signal-to-noise ratio of 74 dBFS or better. Both can be used with data clock outputs that operate at frequencies up to 500 MHz and 455 MHz, respectively.

SAR ADC supports 5 MSPS throughput.

Analog Devices, Inc.    Norwood, MA 02062-9106
Sep 10, 2013 Supplied in 5 x 5 mm, 32-lead LFCSP, AD7960 consumes 39 mW at 5 MSPS throughput and is optimized for DC linearity (±0.8 LSB INL) and AC performance (99 dB SNR) even at full throughput. This 18-bit PulSAR® ADC also has noise floor of 22.4 nV/√Hz relative to FS input. Available in same package, AD7961 is 16-bit PulSAR ADC that achieves SNR performance of 95.5 dB and linearity of ±0.2 LSB INL at 5 MSPS throughput. Both include LVDS interface that transfers data off chip at speeds to 300 MHz.

Analog-to-Digital Converters slash board space.

Texas Instruments, Inc.    San Jose, CA 95134
Jun 11, 2013 Featuring 12 x 12 mm footprint, ADS5409 Series includes 1- and 2-channel models with 12-bit resolution and clock rates from 500–900 MSPS. Converters provide power amplifier linearization bandwidths up to 900 MHz for fifth order digital pre-distortion of 180 MHz transmit signal. At 230 MHz IF, units feature SNR of 61.0 dBFS and spurious-free dynamic range of 76 dBc. Applications include test and measurement equipment, LTE and LTE-advanced communications base stations, and millimeter wave backhaul.

Four-Channel, 14-bit ADC delivers 250 MSPS performance.

Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI)    Dallas, TX 75243-4136
Jun 04, 2013 Supplied in 10 x 10 mm BGA package, ADS4449 consumes 365 mW per channel and enables receiver systems to support up to 125 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth in small forms, such as MIMO base stations and munitions guidance, or in greater density applications, such as AESA and other phased-array radars. ADC delivers 69 dB SNR and 86 dBc SFDR at 250 MSPS, enabling 4-channel receivers capable of 3G, 4G, and MC-GSM performance for macro and distributed antenna base stations.

Compact SAR ADC provides 18-bit resolution with no missing codes.

Maxim Integrated Products    Sunnyvale, CA 94086
May 22, 2013 Supplied in 3 x 3 mm, 12-pin TDFN package, MAX11156 bipolar successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) integrates reference buffer and internal reference and supports 500 ksps sampling rate. Beyond-the-Rails™ technology supports +5 V input from single positive 5 V input rail, eliminating need for negative power supplies. ADC provides DC accuracy with 0.5 LSB DNL and 2.5 LSB INL typ as well as optimal AC performance with 94.6 dB SNR and -105 dB THD typ.

Barometric Pressure Sensor uses I2C communication.

Barometric Pressure Sensor uses I2C communication.

Measurement Specialties, Inc.    Hampton, VA 23666
May 13, 2013 Operating at 0.6 μA with 1.8–3.6V supply voltage, Model MS5805-02BA01 features conversion time of 0.5 ms with oversampling selection available up to 8192. O-ring sealed pressure sensor module also includes temperature measurement capabilities with temperature accuracy of ±2.0°C and temperature resolution less than 0.01°C. At 0.02 mBar resolution, 24-bit DS ADC has pressure accuracy of ±4 mBar for pressure ranging from 300–1,200 mBar and temperature from -20 to +85°C. 

A/D Converters operate in temperatures up to 200°C.

A/D Converters operate in temperatures up to 200°C.

DATEL    Mansfield, MA 02048
May 02, 2013 Rated for operation over -55 to +200°C temperature range, ADS-1201 series A/D converters feature 12-bit resolution, 1 MHz sampling rate, and no latency delays. Units have unipolar and bipolar input range, 1,000 hr continuous operating life at 200°C, and precision internal reference. They are manufactured on thick film ceramic using low-temperature drift thin film resistors on 96% alumina substrate. Available packaging options include 8-pin DDIP or SMT hermetically sealed ceramic package.

SAR ADC offers 4 user-programmable operating modes.

Touchstone Semiconductor    Milpitas, CA 95035
Feb 20, 2013 Offering drop-in upgrade to Analog Devices AD7887A, 12-bit Model TS7001 combines 10 MHz track-and-hold, 3-wire serial digital interface, and internal ±0.5% initial accuracy +2.5 V reference. Two-channel device operates from +2.7–3.6 V supplies and consumes approximately 3 mW when converting at 187.5 ksps. Housed in MSOP-9 package, IC provides ±1 LSB INL performance and is suitable for optical sensors, touch panels, PDAs, PLCs, and medical instrumentation.

Octal 12-Bit 100 MSPS ADC uses less than 80 mW per channel.

Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI)    Dallas, TX 75243-4136
Feb 05, 2013 Suited for medical and industrial imaging, ADS5295 helps minimize board heat and power dissipation in higher-channel-density applications. Digital processing block combines digital functions – low-frequency noise suppression mode, digital filtering options, programmable mapping of LVDS output pins – to improve SNR and filter harmonics while reducing output data rate for narrow-band applications. Data is output over one or 2 wires of LVDS pins per channel, reducing number of interface lines.

Digital Downconverter suits wideband radar and SDR applications.

Digital Downconverter suits wideband radar and SDR applications.

Pentek    Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Jan 23, 2013 Preconfigured with programmable 1- or 2-channel digital downconverter loaded into onboard Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, Model 71641 is capable of digitizing one 12-bit channel at 3.6 GHz or 2 channels at 1.8 GHz. Each DDC has independent 32-bit tuning frequency programmable from DC to ƒs, where ƒs is A/D sampling frequency. In single channel mode, DDC decimation can be programmed to 8x, 16x, or 32x. In dual channel mode, both channels share same decimation rate, programmable to 4x, 8x, or 16x.

Bipolar 16-bit ADCs integrate internal reference with buffer.

Maxim Integrated Products    Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Dec 14, 2012 Available in 9 mm˛ package, 12-pin Models MAX11166 and MAX11167 feature Beyond-the-Rails™ technology, which supports ±5 V input signal from single positive 5 V rail, eliminating need for negative power supplies. Devices communicate using SPI-compatible serial interface at 2.5, 3, 3.3, or 5 V logic levels and have sample rates of 500 ksps and 250 ksps, respectively. At 19.5 mW and 1 µA in shutdown mode, ADCs are applicable for precision measurement applications.

Dual-Channel, 12-bit ADC replaces Analog Devices AD7887 ADC.

Touchstone Semiconductor    Milpitas, CA 95035
Dec 12, 2012 Offered in 8-pin SOIC package or MSOP, TSA7887 is pin-compatible as well as specification- and functionally-identical to Analog Devices' AD7887. As drop-in replacement, ADC consumes 2.6 mW at 125 ksps while operating from single +2.7 to +5.25 V supply and offers 4 user-programmable, low-power operating modes as well as ±1 or ±2 LSB INL options. Other features include one or two analog inputs each, with input range from 0 V to VREF or 0 V to VDD, and integrated 2.5 V reference.

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