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Diamond Finishing Files come in metal and composite models.

December 1, 2015

Measuring 7.08 in. long and 0.50 in. wide, metal Super Flex Files are extra flexible for use in narrow slots where access is difficult. Units feature plated length of 1.97 in. and come in 9 models with thicknesses from 0.006–0.035 in. and grit sizes of 1,200, 500/600, 270/325, 170/200, and 120/140. Made on non-steel based blank, Composite Flex Files are 6.70 in. long, 0.55 in. wide, and 0.07 in. thick with plated length of 3.45 in. Three models offer grit sizes of 325/400, 200/230, and 120/140. Read More

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All-Electric Tube Hone handles bore ID's up to 35.41 in.

September 22, 2014

Combining servo precision and cycle-automation features with 0.004 in. stroke repeatability, Model HTR can hone blind bores or correct tight spots in bore without operator intervention. Modular design can be configured for stroke lengths from 8–46.2 ft. Machine's 12 kW spindle motor, combined with 4-step gearbox, produces constant power band through entire speed range of 10–470 rpm for fast metal removal. To manage all functions, machine includes 12 in. Windows® touchscreen control. Read More

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Precision Small Diameter Honing System handles small-bore parts.

May 22, 2014

Able to produce smooth, round bores as small as 0.160 in. dia, HTE tube hone handles parts up to 60 in. long and has ID range of 0.160–0.750 in. One-piece base maintains optimal tool/part alignment, and sensitive feed system feature maximizes protection against tool overloading. Tool-specific force limits and run settings are stored in Windows®-based touchscreen control, and feed system senses tight sections in part and corrects them automatically. Three fixturing options are available. Read More

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Front-Loading Large-Part Honing Machine handles job shop volumes.

July 25, 2013

With 760 mm X-axis, 1,500 lb weight capacity, and 508 mm stroke length, SV-20 offers true linear, vertical, servo-stroking system to produce precision bore geometries on parts. PLC-controlled machine is equipped with variable-speed (15–550 rpm), 5.5 hp spindle motor capable of driving 2-stage, metal-bond, diamond abrasives. Linear stroking system keeps honing tool concentric with bore throughout full stroke length, producing consistent diameter from top to bottom of bore. Read More

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Quick-Change Honing Tool enhances mid-volume production.

July 2, 2010

Using standard collet connection, KRQ tool requires no indicating for parallel or conical runout - accelerating setup and job changeover. This enables shops to inventory range of tool sizes for efficient processing of short production runs. Available in diameters of 5.0-19 mm in increments of 0.10 mm, tool can work with controlled-force honing technology to enable shops to obtain precise bore size control. Mandrel works with diamond and CBN superabrasives and utilizes carbide shoes. Read More

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Superabrasive Honing Tools offer micron-level accuracy.

April 2, 2009

Suited for manufacture of fuel injector bodies, hydraulic valves, gears, and small 2-cycle engines with bore size from 4-65 mm, MMT Metal-Bond Honing Mandrels are precision-machined, with body and feed wedge made from hardened tool steel. Tools produce accuracies of 0.000027 in. for diameter, roundness, straightness, and taper. They are optionally available in 1- to 12-stone versions, designed for use with metal-bond diamond or CBN superabrasives. Read More

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File Handle reduces cumulative trauma disorders.

April 8, 2005

Ergonomic File Handle has its axis aligned with a person's forearm. It reduces muscle fatigue, as it allows user to rotate his arm only slightly in order to change the angle of file, but still apply the necessary pressure to keep file in contact with workpiece. Tool incorporates natural wrist angle of approximately 35°. It has non-slip grip and is available to fit 4-14 in. files. Read More

Portable Tools

Welder's Kit includes 5 metal removal files.

September 21, 2004

Welder's File Kit comes with 14 in. pipeliner, 12 in. half round bastard, 10 in. mill smooth, spot weld, and Mig weld files designed to facilitate removal of tough materials and welds and provide smooth surface finishes. Kit also comes with carbon and stainless steel brushes to keep file teeth clean of debris and maximize material removal performance. Read More

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Files have comfortable handle for increased productivity.

May 17, 2002

Snap-On Files are available for filing, sharpening, deburring, edging, rough filing, and material removal. Handles improve control while reducing muscle tension, fatigue, and risk of injury. They completely cover file tang and shoulder to keep hand from slipping onto blade. Thermoplastic elastomer covering provides comfortable grip. Files can be used with high alloy steel, unhardened steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminum, wood, and hard plastic. Read More

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