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thermoIMAGER TIM G7 Camera features spectral range of 7.9µm.

Jul 21, 2017

Offering VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and line scan feature, thermoIMAGER TIM G7 Camera is used for temperature monitoring in production, finishing and processing of glass sheets and bottles. Providing image frequency up to 125Hz, unit can be operated in ambient temperatures up to 70 °C. Featuring analog, digital via USB 2.0 or GigE output options, product can be operated up to 315 °C... Read More

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360° Spherical Cameras deliver optimized image quality.

Jul 20, 2017

Equipped with Milbeaut® image signal processors, 360° Spherical Cameras are available in two models based on SC2000 series and MBG967 series processor. Capable of real-time image stitching of 4K images, SC2000 based camera comes with Socionext's proprietary image processing algorithm and provides 4K/30fps output. Suitable for applications such as live streaming of virtual reality video,... Read More

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Innovative Blue Laser Technology with Patent

Jul 14, 2017

Laser profile scanners and laser triangulation sensors equipped with a blue-laser diode offer numerous advantages over red-diode lasers. For decades, sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon has played a leading role in measurement applications based on Blue Laser Technology and has a worldwide applied-for patent on these applications, particularly on red-hot glowing and (semi-) transparent... Read More

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Mid IR LEDs for NDIR and Moisture Content

Jul 01, 2017

Electro Optical Components introduces optoelectronic devices for the mid-infrared spectral range. Products include a wide range of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), LED arrays and spectral matched Photodiodes (PD) covering the spectral range from 1600 to 5000 nm. Applications they are ideally suited for are:

  • NDIR gas detection
  • Film moisture content monitoring
  • Low... Read More

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Safety Light Curtains System features patented transceiver design.

Jun 24, 2017

Suitable for hand and finger detection, GuardShield 450L Safety Light Curtains System is equipped with active protective field for sensing entire length of the transceiver. Featuring five-pin plug-ins for basic on/off functionality and eight-pin pug-ins for manual and auto restart with EDM, system’s active protective field reduces the inactive sensing areas. Unit provides advanced function... Read More

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Aven Mighty Cam HDMI Color Camera: Measurement Ease with Built-In Software

Jun 23, 2017

Aven’s sophisticated Mighty Cam HDMI Color Camera has integrated measurement software and an SD card, allowing precise quality control inspection without a computer. By eliminating outside software or a laptop for image processing, the Aven HDMI Color Camera reduces workbench space, avoids software installation or updating, and removes compatibility concerns. Engineers, inspectors and... Read More

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HDCVI 3.0 4MP PTZ Cameras feature 30x optical zoom.

Jun 17, 2017

Available in two indoor/outdoor IR 30x PTZs, indoor/outdoor PTZ and indoor 30x PTZ form factors, HDCVI 3.0 4MP PTZ Cameras use algorithm technology to adjust contrast settings. Equipped with defog capabilities and built-in heater, products come with polycarbonate dome. Combined with video surveillance systems, products feature BNC video output connection. Offering bi-directional data... Read More

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Hanwha’s Wisenet X Cameras Compatible with the Genetec Unified IP Security Center Platform v5.6 SR1

Jun 16, 2017

Teaneck, NJ (June 14, 2017) – Hanwha Techwin America announced today that its flagship camera line, Wisenet X, is now certified with Genetec™ Security Center 5.6 SR1 utilizing H.265 and WiseStream technology. H.265, also known as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), is a codec that was used only in the broadcast industry, but the demand for higher megapixel cameras and resolution was the... Read More

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OmniVision and Neoscope Launch Market-Ready, Cost-Effective, Single-Use Endoscopy Solutions

Jun 15, 2017

Powered by OmniVision's OVM6946 Compact Camera Module, the Neoscope FDA-Approved Endoscope Offers Medical Device Manufacturers a Turnkey Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 13, 2017 - OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced it has engaged with Neoscope, Inc., a manufacturer of endoscopic devices, to design and develop... Read More

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Aven Mighty Cam Eidos 2M Inspection Camera

Jun 13, 2017

Aven Mighty Cam Eidos 2M Inspection Camera with Integrated 11.6” HD Monitor is a convenient 2-in-1 camera and monitor system. The Eidos connects to any C/CS mount microscope or video lens. This system features crisp, high resolution, 1080p, HD images on a 11.6” LCD monitor. The tiltable axis allows the user to position the monitor back up to a 90-degree angle. The system includes a... Read More

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TPS3000-48 Power Supply features three-phase input.

Jun 09, 2017

Delivering output power of 3200 W, TPS3000-48 Power Supply comes with isolated AC Fail, dropped phase signals, remote on/off, remote sense, and 12V 0.3A standby supply. Integrated with PMBus™ communications interface, unit comes with internal temperature control fan. Housed in 107 x 84.4 x 324mm compact 2U package size, product’s output voltage can also be adjusted from 38.4 - 56.5V.... Read More

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LaserMax Begins Shipping of CenterFire with GripSense Activation Technology

Jun 08, 2017

June 1st, 2017 (Rochester, NY) - The world's most innovative laser sighting system just got better. This week LaserMax has begun shipping the CenterFire® Light and Laser Combination with GripSense™ Activation Technology to distributors, dealers, and retailers nationwide. Designed to withstand rigors of everyday conceal carry and hard duty use the LaserMax CenterFire with GripSense... Read More

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AAS Function Available for GCC LaserPro Mercury III

Jun 08, 2017

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is glad to announce an AAS Module available for its LaserPro product line including Spirit series (Spirit, Spirit LS, and Spirit GLS, Spirit GLS Hybrid), MG380Hybrid, Mercury III, T500, X380 and X252 models. The new AAS module obtains better recognition rates.

The AAS module can be installed... Read More

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Dual Boot Solutions Kit Cameras come with ethernet connectivity.

Jun 03, 2017

Featuring SXGA Sensor, autofocus lens, white LEDs, full ID and MV license sets, cables and mount, MicroHAWK Dual Boot Solutions Kit Cameras are available in ID/MV-30 and ID/MV-40 models. Offering un-paralleled power and connectivity for USB and Ethernet, units provide reading, machine vision and verification tasks within single unit. Allowing seamless switching between MicroHAWK-ID using... Read More

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4K HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer features built-in 2-port USB 2.0 hub.

Jun 02, 2017

Designed to display video source in quad, picture in picture, full or custom mode, SPLITMUX® 4K HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer allows four computers to display video on one monitor. Available in desktop, 1RU rackmount and dual side-by-side rackmount units in 1RU, unit can be controlled using Ethernet, RS232 serial port, front panel buttons and keyboard commands. Integrated with Web Server... Read More

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Beam Profiling Camera is embedded with BeamGage® analysis software.

Jun 02, 2017

Used for measuring pulsed and CW lasers from 13 to 355 nm and 1.06 to >3000 µm, Pyrocam™ IV USB Beam Profiling Camera comes with 320 x 320 pixel pyroelectric array that can profile beams up to 25 mm. Featuring 16-bit A/D converter for analysis of large and low level signals in laser beam wings, unit offers 1000:1 signal to noise ratio. Camera provides quick connection to PCs for beam... Read More

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Aven Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope

Jun 01, 2017

The innovative Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope connects directly to any monitor through a convenient 1080p HDMI output allowing operators to see high quality images while looking straight ahead at a large screen. This system reduces eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent microscope use. Operators may connect their Cyclops to any HD monitor to study 1080p images (monitor not... Read More

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FUJINON MK50-135mm Lens provide 200° focus rotation.

May 27, 2017

FUJINON MK50-135mm offers focal length of 50-135mm. Weighing 980 g with 85mm front diameter and 206mm length, unit features macro function for close-up shooting and its gears are positioned in exact same place. Compatible with E-mount cameras with the Super 35mm/ APS-C sensor, cinema lens come with one matte box and one filter size between lenses.

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90-Line-D Alignment Accessory comes with precision penta-prism.

May 22, 2017

Housed in aluminum package, 90-Line-D Alignment Accessory features adjustable knobs for locking laser beam position and fine angular control. Used for aligning and checking planer squareness and parallelism on assemblies, machinery and equipment, unit comes with anodized protective coating. Equipped with rotatable nosepiece, product comes with alignment detector.

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Thermal Imaging IR Camera features built-in user configurable emissivity table.

May 15, 2017

Offering 20° x 20° field of view, Thermal Imaging IR Camera Model 1950 is used to detect malfunctions on internal components. Capable of capturing thermal and digital images simultaneously, unit comes with 320 x 240 pixel 2.8 in. color display and automatic brightness control. Featuring selectable color palette, programmable trigger and cursor functions, camera is suitable for metallurgy,... Read More