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Responsive Respiratory Expands Offering of Home Filling Cylinders

April 21, 2016

St. Louis, Missouri – RRI adds exclusive M6 and E cylinder sizes to their selection of home filling cylinders. Responsive Respiratory’s line of home filling cylinders, valves and cylinder cases offers providers genuine home filling solutions for a fraction of the cost. The expanded line of home filling cylinders, featuring exclusive M6 and E cylinder sizes, integrates with a major home... Read More

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Universal Nozzle Cylinder is designed for bottle blowing.

December 21, 2015

Offering direct replacements for Sidel® Universal Cold Set Machines used in plastic bottle blowing industry, field-repairable Series BCZUS is designed to operate for 20 million cycles and uses FDA-approved materials throughout. Geometry reduces component fatigue, and optional internal detent to keep unit in retract position with loss of air pressure and during service. Lube-free in both high- and low-pressure sections, cylinder also features composite, wear-resistant rod scraper. Read More

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Pneumatic Cylinder has compact, drop-in design.

December 18, 2015

Designed for applications where cylinder length is critical, Series OCQ features drop-in metric mounting that matches global standard and comes in 10 bore sizes available in incremental stroke lengths. Shock pads, included as standard, reduce end of travel impact, while magnets also standard, enable switch sensing capability. Cylinder mounting accessories are available as kits. Read More

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Double-Acting Locknut Cylinders feature low closed height.

October 19, 2015

Equipped with smart return-plunger instead of usual stop ring, Double-Acting Locknut Cylinders offer advantages in safety, maintenance, and durability. Use of integrated safety valves protects cylinders against overpressure on return side. Multiple-start thread is provided on plunger for positioning locknut quickly. Because of rounded thread, dirt on plunger can be removed easily. All cylinders are wear-resistant and protected against corrosion. Read More

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Repairable Round Line Cylinders offer mounting, threading options.

October 13, 2015

In addition to magnets and bumpers as standard features, 488 Series offers optional adjustable cushions. Products come in metric sizes and offer 17 mounting styles; full-flow port thread types (BSPT, NPTF, G, and M7); and rod end configurations. Constructed to accommodate cycle rates found in packaging and automotive applications, pneumatic cylinders have flush round profile tube and encapsulated cushions. Smooth surfaces are resistant to corrosion buildup. Positioning sensors are available. Read More

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Here are the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Calibration Gas

September 29, 2015

Calibration Gas: Argus-Hazco provides the answers to commonly asked questions. By Becky Schneider, Argus-Hazco A purchase of calibration gas usually triggers a series of common customer questions. Now you can be the expert in your workplace if you ever get these questions asked by your colleagues! Q: What is the shelf life of a given calibration gas? A: For most reactive gases, which... Read More

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Suhner to Feature Somex® Machining Tools at FABTECH Booth 5007

September 10, 2015

At FABTECH 2015, Suhner will demonstrate its Somex® machining tools, featuring automatic tool clamping and tool release via pneumatic cylinder, designed for heavy-duty sheet and plate cutting to 2".  These tools are typically integrated with laser, plasma and waterjet machines. Thru-tool coolant is standard, along with spindle tapers of ISO/CAT 40. These rugged yet precision tools offer... Read More

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Enerpac Provides Custom Built Cylinders for Pioneering Spirit Lifting Beams

June 22, 2015

Menomonee Falls, WI – Enerpac has supplied high-pressure, hydraulic cylinder technology for the topsides lift system beams on Allseas ‘Pioneering Spirit’ vessel. The cylinders are an integral part of the vessel’s lift system, enabling the installation and decommissioning of complete topsides weighing up to 48,000 metric tons. 'Pioneering Spirit' is the world's largest... Read More

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Large Diameter CNG Cylinder provides fast-fill efficiency.

May 7, 2015

Suited for Class 8 heavy-duty and refuse trucks, 26.2 in. Type III CNG cylinder fills to rated capacity to extend route possibilities. Inner aluminum liner dissipates heat during fast-filling, which increases fuel storage capacity; promotes safety by reducing risk of flex or fracture in outer composite reinforcement if impact occurs; prevents permeation; and provides heat tolerance in case of fire. There are no filling restrictions in hot or cold weather, and and construction is gas tight. Read More

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Round Body Pneumatic Cylinders come in metric design.

March 20, 2015

Available in imperial and metric designs to match machine builders’ specifications, Optimax® Series OCG provides alternative to standard built-to-order product line. Actuators come in 6 bore sizes with 10 stroke lengths. Offering drop-in mounting to match global standard, field repairable cylinders include standard cushions to minimize end of travel impact and magnets for switch sensing capability. Read More

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Pneumatic Cylinders feature all-stainless steel construction.

January 19, 2015

Designed for use in diverse applications, including those in washdown and caustic environments, 303 and 304 stainless steel cylinders include Nitrile rod wiper that prevents potential contaminants from penetrating interior. Available bore sizes range from ¾–2 in., and standard stroke lengths vary from 1–32 in. depending on model. Interchangeable design also features precision rolled construction for solid, leakproof cylinder. Read More

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Drop-in Replacement Actuators meet machine builders' requirements.

November 26, 2014

Offered in 6 bore sizes with 10 stroke lengths, field-repairable Optimax® Series OCG Round Body Pneumatic Cylinders feature drop-in imperial mounting to match global standard. Cushions reduce end of travel impact. Offered in 5 bore sizes with up to 7 travel lengths, Optimax Series OSX Light Duty Pneumatic Thruster Slides have drop-in metric mounting to match global standard. Shock pads reduce end of travel impact.  Both actuators comes standard with magnets for switch sensing capability. Read More

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Evergreen Midwest Co. Offers Free Shipping on all Compressed Gas Industry Products

October 15, 2014

Evergreen Midwest Co. of Ohio serves the compressed gas and welding industry at large by offering products like valves, cylinders, regulators, Balloon Fillers, transfer hoses, fittings, replacement parts and accessories. The company has launched free shipping for all products, offered for any quantity. "Strictly in view to help customers enhance their service and functionality, Evergreen... Read More

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US DOT Issues Special Permit for SCBA Composite Cylinder Life Extension Past 15 Years

June 2, 2014

Centennial, CO, USA – DIGITAL WAVE CORPORATION ANNOUNCES THAT THE US DOT ISSUES SCBA COMPOSITE CYLINDER LIFE EXTENSION PAST 15 YEARS Every year tens of thousands of composite SCBA cylinders get destroyed due to reaching their arbitrary 15 year life. This forces cash strapped fire departments to purchase new SCBA cylinders. Digital Wave Corporation performed testing via a study initiated by... Read More

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Airgas Recognized with Two CGA Fleet Safety Awards for Cylinder and Bulk Vehicle Fleets

April 22, 2014

Cylinder Vehicle Fleet Awarded for the Fifth Consecutive Year RADNOR, PA - Airgas, Inc. (NYSE: ARG) today announced that it has been awarded two Fleet Safety Excellence Awards for 2013 by the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), the U.S. industrial, specialty and medical gas industry's standard-setting organization for the promotion of safety standards and safe practices. The first award honored... Read More

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Scientific and Technical Gases Using Luxfer's Exclusive SGS(TM) Cylinders for New Product Line

April 16, 2014

STAFFORDSHIRE, England - Calibration gas manufacturer Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd. (StG) has launched a new line of gas products that use exclusive SGS™ (Superior Gas Stability™) refillable aluminum cylinders manufactured by Luxfer Gas Cylinders. StG is one of Europe's largest independent suppliers of calibration gases, offering products such as high-purity carrier gases,... Read More

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Celanese to Present Paper on All-Thermoplastic Composite Hydrogen Storage at ITB Automotive Conference

March 5, 2014

Celanese Corporation (NYSE: CE), a global technology and specialty materials company, is presenting a technical paper on an all-thermoplastic composite storage cylinder for use in fuel-cell automobiles and showcasing new material innovations for advanced fuel systems during the ITB Automotive Energy Storage Systems 2014 conference Wednesday and Thursday, March 5-6, at the Sheraton Detroit Novi... Read More

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Pneumatic Cylinders feature ISO mounting.

January 22, 2014

Available in 32, 40, and 50 mm bore sizes with stroke lengths of 25, 50, 100, and 200 mm, Optimax™ Series OCV Cylinders feature cushion controls to minimize impact at end of stroke. Rod bearing and piston wear ring provide support and smooth cycling. To simplify installation and provide for interchangeability, series has ISO mounting. Additional features include self-compensating rod seal and wiper, and standard magnet on piston for externally mounted switches. Read More

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Stretch Rod Cylinder Replacement serves blow molding applications.

October 7, 2013

Designed to fit Krones® bottle blowing machines, field-reparable Series BCK offers single pressure operation is engineered for extended service life. Features include aluminum alloy head, built-in shock pads that absorb impact energy and eliminate metal-to-metal contact, and cushion controls that reduce field adjustment errors. Retract cylinder speed is set at factory with fixed port orifice, eliminating need for adjustment, and food-grade lubricant is used throughout. Read More

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Pneumatic Air Cylinders withstand abusive conditions.

September 24, 2013

Interchangeable with other brands, NITRA® D-Series has 250 psi operating pressure and is available with adjustable cushions to provide end-of-stroke deceleration at both ends. Double-acting units are constructed with aluminum components and magnetic piston fitted with PTFE wear band. Available in bore sizes from 1 ½–4 in. with stroke lengths from 1–24 in., cylinders can be used along with solid state or reed switches for rod position sensing. Read More