Position Feedback Cylinder integrate linear potentiometer.

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Series 6PF Positioning Feedback Cylinder increases precision and control in its pneumatic actuators. In compliance with ISO 15552 standards, products are equipped with potentiometric transducer of linear position integrated inside rod. When used with LRXA4 proportional servo valve, this type of cylinder makes it possible to constantly control the position of rod along entire stroke. Bores range from 50–125 mm, and standard strokes vary from 50–500 mm in 50 mm intervals.

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Series 6PF Cylinder from Camozzi Delivers Precise Position Control with Integral Linear Potentiometer

McKinney, TX – Camozzi Pneumatics designed the Series 6PF Positioning Feedback Cylinder to increase both precision and control in its pneumatic actuators. In compliance with ISO 15552 standards, the Series 6PF is equipped with a potentiometric transducer of a linear position integrated inside the rod. This type of cylinder, when used with the LRXA4 proportional servo valve, makes it possible along the entire stroke to constantly control the position of the rod. The pistons of the Series 6PF are equipped with specific seals for increased accuracy and a permanent magnet in order to use external end-stroke sensors.

The sturdy design, high performance and flexible installation make the Series 6PF ideal for use in applications including: tensioning cylinders, positioning cylinders and filling/cutting/measuring systems. Technical specifications include:
• Bores from 50 mm to 125 mm
• Standard strokes from 50 mm to 500 mm (50 mm intervals)
• ISO 15552 compliant
• Protection class IP67
• Assembly with standard ISO accessories

Camozzi Pneumatics produces a complete range of manual, mechanical, air-piloted, solenoid and proportional valves in a full array of functions and ports sizes from 10-32UNF to 2 inches. These valves consist of both modular and in-line designs with direct and indirect operators capable of handling positive pressure as well as vacuum. For more information, please call 972.548.8885, visit www.camozzi-usa.com or email support@camozzi-usa.com.

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