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Open Frame Monitor displays information for public viewing.

January 20, 2016

Featuring 12.1 in. screen and 16:9 aspect ratio that allows for viewing angles, LWT-156O is specified to run at 1,366 x 768 resolution. LED backlighting provides uniform light distribution across screen, while VGA and HDMI video interfaces ensure compatibility with diverse devices. Monitor does not utilize touchscreen capabilities, but features – enabling/disabling touchscreen usage and alternative I/O methods – are available for modification by OEMs and system integrators. Read More

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LCD Modules target industrial display applications.

October 9, 2015

Available in 6 models, 5.7 in. TFT LCD Modules feature built-in LED driver board, operating temperature range of -30 to +80°C, and high contrast ratio of 900:1. Four VGA versions are resistant to vibrations up to 6.8 G making them suited for construction and marine equipment. Units come in standard and high brightness with LVDS or CMOS interface. Two QVGA versions, offered in standard and high brightness models, achieve optimized visibility, even in bright ambient light. Read More

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Wireless Display meets needs of enterprise environments.

October 5, 2015

ScreenBeam Enterprise Edition lets users swipe to connect to displays and projectors, enabling wireless sharing of presentations and other content from compatible laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Wireless display receivers support dual-band 802.11ac, enterprise-level security, BYOD, centralized IT management, and Intel Pro WiDi (model 950P only). With optional Central Management System (CMS), display enables remote provisioning, troubleshooting, and monitoring. Read More

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Video Wall addresses needs of security operations centers.

October 1, 2015

SecureView™ enables organizations to visualize multiple types of content within common operational picture. Simplifying workflow, this flat panel video wall and its processor combine multiple data feeds into one system. Solution is comprised of four, six, or eight 55 in. commercial, 24/7-rated, LED displays with active color management and can be wall- or floor-mounted. Processor features 4 DVI inputs, 8 analog video inputs, and ability to decode IP camera streams. Read More

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Digital Signage Player (4K) features hardware EDID emulation.

September 22, 2015

Powered by Second Generation Embedded R-Series APU with Radeon™ HD 9000 graphics, 269 x 193 x 29.5 mm SI-304 provides 4 HDMI outputs and supports up to 4,096 x 2,160, 4K resolution for every display channel. Capabilities suit 2 x 2 video walls as well as menu boards and electronic displays that convey dynamic information and targeted promotions. I/O connectivity and expansion options are standard, and segregated ventilation keeps contaminants out while also enhancing system stability. Read More

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COM Express Modules support up to 3 displays and 4k.

August 5, 2015

Based on 14 nm Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors, conga-TCA4 Modules with COM Express type 6 pinout consume just 4 W. Up to 16 graphics execution units can support up to 3 HD displays or two 4K displays and achieve theoretical peak performance of 358.4 GFlops/sec. Integrated video engine provides jitter-free decoding of H.265/HEVC compressed videos with minimum CPU utilization and encodes two 1080p H.264 video streams at 60 Hz in real-time. Read More

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Linux Touchscreen Display Module fosters control interation.

July 22, 2015

Powered by G2H2 controller and Freescale i.MX 6Solo ARM Cortex-A9 core processor, Model G2H2-7R lets engineers add touchscreen with animated controls and glossy indicators to their products. Separate GUI design and real-time processing simplify and accelerate development, and full connectivity options include RS-232, CAN bus, Ethernet, USB host, USB device, I2C, and GPIO. This 7 in. standard resistive display module also includes IDE with drag-and-drop visual design tools. Read More

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Chartplotters offer added cartography options.

June 12, 2015

With version 4.5 and 2.0 software updates, HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen3 Multifunction Displays include Lowrance Outboard Pilot, an HDS autopilot add-on system designed for boats up to 30 ft that contains everything needed to fit autopilot to hydraulic- or cable-steer single outboard motor. C-MAP MAX-N+ 2015 cartography offers enhanced situational awareness. Charts can be displayed in different imagery styles, including shaded relief, no contours, raster, and high resolution Bathymetric. Read More

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Color Memory LCD extends wearables operation between recharges.

May 8, 2015

With 1.33 in. diagonal, LS013B7DH06 Hi-Res, 8-color graphics display module delivers graphics and video capability. Embedded 1-bit memory in each pixel minimizes power usage from display's single supply, even while updating images, and 2-glass design as well as integrated driver and I/F connectivity facilitate design process. While extending operation between recharges for small-display products, power consumption level also helps designers meet design demands for always-on devices.
Read More

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Loop-Powered Display withstands harsh environments.

April 27, 2015

Setup using 3 buttons, LPD inserts into 4–20 mA loop-powered sensor system to provide local display without additional wiring. Secondary purpose is converting analog signals to digital Modbus signal. Supplied in IP67 housing, display can be used in places where explosive gases might be present and lets users connect up to ten 4–20 mA sensors to any of Tank Cloud’s Modbus masters. Five-digit display features 0.4 in. characters and 6-digit description line. Read More

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Digital Signage Monitors afford flexible content management.

March 18, 2015

Targeting retail and SMB markets, ENERGY STAR® 6.0-certified SE3B series offers 5 screen sizes from 32–65 in. with respective diagonals from 31.51–64.53 in. Bezel width is 11.9 mm at thinnest point, and circuit boards have clear, non-conductive, protective conformal coating. Dual USB ports enable control of signage monitors and distribution of content via Wi-Fi®. Along with support for third-party device management through SNMP standards, features include Sustain Aspect Ratio mode. Read More

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Remote User Interface can be deployed in hazardous locations.

March 13, 2015

Available with Class 1, Division 2, temperature class T4A option, EZ-ZONE® EZK can be utilized as communications gateway device to conserve space and wiring when digital communications are being used with two or more EZ-ZONE® controllers. Modbus® RTU, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus® TCP, and PROFIBUS DP connection options are supported as standard, and remote user interface (RUI) can also serve as display for showing all parameter values for up to 16 EZ-ZONE controllers. Read More

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Direct-View Tiled Displays provide near-seamlessness.

February 16, 2015

Manufactured with optimized diffusion materials, Christie® MicroTiles® offer brightness and wide viewing angles. S310 screen seams are reduced to 0.7 mm for near-seamlessness, while factory calibration ensures color matching between tiles. Digital Micromirror Devices have optimized seal to safeguard against humidity, and modified connection points facilitate fine tuning of tile alignment. Firmware includes automatic notification of system warnings and events. Read More

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Development Modules support HMIs with capacitive touch.

December 23, 2014

Measuring 106.7 x 68.6 mm, Model VM801B offers choice of 5 or 4.3 in. display, plus integrated projected capacitive touchscreen and fitted, plastic bezel. Module also includes audio power amplifier, micro speaker unit, and real-time clock. With same features and size format, Model VM801P adds built-in ATMEGA328P Flash-based microcontroller, which operates at 16 MHz and enables module to act as fully integrated, stand-alone display system. Both modules' touchscreens support 1–5 touch points. Read More

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LCD Touchscreens target funeral home industry.

November 24, 2014

Available in sizes from 32–70 in. diagonal, Large Touchscreen Displays are thin, high-definition units featuring integral PC with software application templates. Funeral directors can personalize funeral experience by adding visitor interactivity. Using hand motions directly on screen, family and guests can enjoy photos and videos at their convenience. Displays can be also used for digital lobby signage, guest registry, and in sales process to interactively present services. Read More

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Evaluation Module enables HD projection in compact electronics.

November 14, 2014

To accelerate development cycle, DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 3010 Module allows assessment of DLP 0.3 in. TRP HD 720p video and data display chipset, which consists of DLP3010 digital micromirror device, DLPC3433/DLPC3438 display controller, and DLPA2005 LED driver. Evaluation module includes HDMI-input interface offering plug-and-play functionality, USB-based GUI for real-time chipset configuration, and 50-pin board-to-board connector, which enables direct interface with optical engines. Read More

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COTS Graphics Module supports full stream video capture.

September 19, 2014

Supporting DO-254 DAL C and DO-178C DAL C safety certifiability, Model VPX3-718 designed for use in military and civil aviation applications. Graphics display and video capture engine is powered by AMD Radeon™ E4690 GPU and provides 1.485 Gbps HD-SDI output to support transfer of uncompressed high-definition video. Module eases and speeds integration of dual independent channels of 2D/3D graphics display into deployed airborne systems that require optimal performance. Read More

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Video Board supports applications up to 4K and UHD.

September 12, 2014

Able to play out 4K (4,096 x 2,160) material at frame rate up to 120 fps while retaining full RGB 10-bit color depth, R&S PRIOS is suited for high-end presentations, quality checking, dome projections, and motion rides. For 4K at 60 fps, board can also output RGB 4:4:4 with 12 bits per color component, so even finer color graduations can be displayed. Supported formats require data rates of over 4 GBps. To transfer these to video card, R&S PRIOS has 2nd generation PCIe x16 interface. Read More

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Readout and Control Units feature 1 or 2 TFT displays.

July 11, 2014

Designed for use with digital mass flow meters/controllers, pressure meters/controllers, and other transmitters and transducers with RS232 communication, E-8000 Series Power Supply/Readout and Control Units feature 1 or 2 color TFT displays per module for indication of measured/totalized values. Pushbutton menu enables users to change setpoint, reset counter value, and select other fluids. Multi-channel configurations can be assembled in 19 in. housings, either for rack mount or tabletop. Read More

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LCoS Module targets head-mounted displays.

June 13, 2014

Featuring liquid crystal on silicon technology, Front-Lit™ LCoS Module integrates LED illumination system and polarization beam splitter, cutting size and optimizing power efficiency of entire optical engine. Module produces over 10,000 nits of brightness and more than 50 nits/mW efficiency. Meeting specifications of head-mounted display requirements, device targets augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Read More