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Burner Control offers analog modulating control capabilities.

March 19, 2014

Suited for direct or indirect-fired furnace or oven applications that require global flame safety systems, T600 v2.1 Flame Safeguard uses microprocessor to control gas burner start-up and operation. Unit offers 115 V/230 V switching contacts for low fire, high fire, and automatic operation, plus 115 V/230 V inputs for low fire feedback, high fire feedback, and heat decrease/increase. Control may be configured with Profibus or Modbus as well as UV scanner shutter control for continuous operation. Read More

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Single Burner Controller offers advanced diagnostics.

October 4, 2012

Designed for use with direct or indirect-fired furnaces or ovens that require global flame safety systems, T600 Flame Safeguard comes in Type 1 model with no display and Type 2 version with integrated display. Unit features advanced microprocessor to precisely control gas burner start-up and operation. Program sequences and operating times can be customized to provide exacting control in virtually any application. Read More

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Gas Ignition Control Modules target OEM applications.

March 4, 2011

Designed for natural, manufactured gas, or LP applications in commercial, residential, and industrial systems, Series 9X comprises microprocessor-based intelligent direct spark and intermittent pilot ignition control modules. Internal circuitry monitors system gas valve, wiring, and igniter while automatically shutting down system in event of failed or shorted circuit. Modules are also supplied with flame status and diagnostic LED indicator for troubleshooting. Read More

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Specialty Igniters accommodate heavy fuel oil applications.

June 15, 2010

CoronaArc Power Pack is available in 3 models - 12 JOULE, RAPID FIRE; 12 JOULE, STANDARD-FIRE; and 12 JOULE - respectively suited for heavy fuel oil, relatively volatile heavy fuel oil applications, and ignition of No. 2 oil main nurners or gas/oil fuel igniters. While RAPID FIRE produces 12-15 pulses/sec at 600 W, STANDARD-FIRE produces 4-6 pulses/sec at 300 W, and 12 JOULE produces 4-6 pulses/sec at 200 W. Latter is available in special gas and flare stack models. Read More

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Hot Surface Ignition Control facilitates safe retrofits.

May 3, 2010

Designed for OEM and replacement for natural or manufacturer gas or LP applications, microprocessor-based 8X Series provides standard wiring and configuration to facilitate installation. Internal circuitry monitors system gas valve, wiring, and hot surface element while automatically shutting down system in case of failed or shorted circuit. Also, ODL (Optical Data Link) programming can download custom OEM parameters to finished product within seconds. Read More

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Flame Safeguard, Actuator enable efficient burner control.

January 20, 2010

Offered in No-Purge, Purge, and Modulating versions, Trilogy T400 flame safeguards provide safe and secure burner startup and flame monitoring. Other features include integral display for status, sequence, and faults; history and diagnostics; and programmable timings. Designed to optimize burner and valve control while simplifying setup and maintenance, IP66-rated Trilogy T500 Actuator is offered with 2- or 3-position step and analog (4-20 mA) drive types. Read More

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Ignition Circuit is designed for industrial oil/gas burners.

September 29, 2009

CoronaArc circuit incorporates additional high-voltage transformer and supporting diode to create continuous high-voltage DC spark at firing end. Spark current at surface of igniter electrode enables spark gap to be referenced to ground potential and concurrently serve as directed pathway through which stored energy of capacitor discharges high-current arc. Read More

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Air Density Trim System manages fuel/air ratio in burners.

May 30, 2008

Designed to sense combustion air temperature, Temp-A-Trim(TM) automatically varies burner fan speed to create constant mass airflow, maintaining optimal combustion efficiency in burner, regardless of combustion air temperature. System requires no special setup or programming. Compatible with linkage and linkage-less controls, Temp-A-Trim minimizes noise levels in boiler rooms as well as need for seasonal tuning of burners. Read More

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Exhaust Management Systems feature idle mode.

December 26, 2007

ATLAS(TM) and TPU families of combustion exhaust management systems are available with idle mode that allows abatement systems to go into standby mode with reduced fuel and water consumption when exhaust is not flowing from attached process equipment. Available with 1-6 inlets, ATLAS systems provide exhaust management for CVD and etch processes (PECVD, HDPCVD, and WCVD), and are suited for treating exhaust streams containing fluorine (PFCs), SiH4, TEOS, WF6, and NH3. Read More

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Gas Abatement Systems target semiconductor manufacturers.

April 5, 2007

Equipped with 1-6 inlets, ATLAS(TM) Abatement Systems combine combustion abatement and wet scrubbing stages for optimal powder handling and immunity to corrosion. They offer temperature management system, flow capacity up to 600 slm, and color touch-screen display that facilitates operation and maintenance. ATLAS TCS addresses common CVD gases, while ATLAS TPU addresses PFC gases in CVD and etch processes, and ATLAS Kronis addresses low-k CVD gases in next-generation processes. Read More

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Ignition Control handles 2 burners as integrated system.

November 14, 2005

Developed for gas-fired applications utilizing 2 separate burners, Series 35-62 controls single gas valve and simultaneously lights and monitors both gas burners. Features include 24 Vac, microprocessor-based DSI control; system diagnostic LED; selectable number of tries for ignition; and pre-purge and inter-purge timings of 0, 15, or 30 sec. Direct spark gas ignition system also provides remote flame sensing with dual flame sensor inputs. Read More

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Gas Ignition Controls run on 24 or 120 Vac.

July 15, 2005

Intermittent Pilot models 35-73 and 36-63 are microprocessor-based and polarity insensitive. With repeatable timing sequences, they provide TFI times up to 120 sec, local and remote flame sense options, as well as thermostat/power off and automatic reset options. Fenwal 35-73, available in PCB only, case and cover, and potted configurations, is suited for controlling pilot and main gas valves, monitoring flame, and igniting LP and natural gas burners. Read More

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Carbon Control System suits non-conventional furnaces.

March 18, 2004

Sentinel-FCP pairs extractive lambda probe with Dual Pro dual-loop process controller. Lambda probe, capable of oxygen sensing from ppm up to 15% oxygen, draws sample from furnace and provides oxygen measure to controller, which calculates furnace atmosphere carbon levels and dewpoint. Unit then automatically adjusts trim gas and furnace temperature. Sentinel-FCP can be located remotely and is not susceptible to vibration and thermal shock. Read More

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Water Heater inhibits ignition of flammable vapors.

May 13, 2003

Residential water heater, with Shield Combustion System(TM), employs Lock-Shield flame arrestor plate with 18,000 air louvers that prevent ignited flammable vapors from traveling backwards out of combustion chamber/water heater. Thermal switch detects increases in heat and shuts down gas supply to pilot and main burner. Piezo igniter provides pushbutton ignition of pilot flame, while sight glass allows unrestricted view into combustion chamber for observation of burner and pilot flames. Read More

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Control Panels manage combustion processes.

April 3, 2003

CP series control panels provide solution for managing combustion processes and optimizing system performance. CPL models are basic, single burner control panels, while CPM models provide larger enclosures and dual burner control. CPH models are designed for higher voltages and 3-phase currents required by large burner blowers. All CP control panels include ignition transformer and provide purge sequence, automatic start, damper modulation, and one alarm. Read More

Controls & Controllers

Burner Controller can be configured by keypad or PC.

June 6, 2002

PMA Model KS 40-1 controls multiple industrial burners with modulating or sequential control functions. Control can be switched from on/off of sequential burners to motorized control of modulating burners, allowing use of different fuels. It can operate burners in parallel, as positioner that follows output signal from another controller, or it can accept second temperature or pressure input as process variable for boiler drum level control applications. Read More

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Transmitter offers combustion trim control.

January 2, 2002

Oxymit(TM) DIN-rail transmitter module provides raw signal processing, oxygen and temperature re-transmit (4-20mA), intelligent probe diagnostics and performance verification, as well as RS485 communications with Modbus protocol. Unit is designed for fossil fuel-fired environments including steel reheating, glassmaking, power generation, petroleum and petrochem refining, kilns and incinerator installations. Read More

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