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Double Protection Headset suits extreme noise environments.

March 25, 2015

Suited for environments that require Class 1 Div 1 certification, intrinsically safe Model IS-SDP features optimized boom microphone, plus hard-wired earplugs and ear muffs for dual protection. Headset's 31 dB NRR combined with patented SENS™ technology allows operators to protect their hearing at safe level of 82 dB, communicate effectively between co-workers via 2-way radio and Bluetooth, and maintain 360-degree awareness. Read More

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Digital In-Ear Headset targets industrial environments.

March 9, 2015

With 82 dB noise limited in-ear and in-ear voice pick up microphone, smartPlug™ allows wearer to clearly pick up speech from inner ear canal. SENS™ technology enhances speech and suppresses noise, enabling users to communicate safely in high-noise environments, while effectively maintaining 360° situational awareness. Offering disposable foam or silicone ear tip options, smartPlug™ also provides up to 31 dB NRR level of protection. Unit runs on rechargeable batteries for up to 15 hours. Read More

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ANR Headset lets user control ambient sound level entering ear.

February 26, 2015

Hurricane III, with SureFire EarLock® Retention Rings and Noise-Reducing Filters, provides up to 40 dB of protection against loud noises while preserving situational awareness. In open position, Noise-Reducing Filters allow ambient sounds and conversations to be heard clearly. In very high noise environments, closed position reduces ambient background noise by 21 dB. Low-profile design, which can be worn while wearing helmet or mask, also includes noise-canceling microphone. Read More

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Modular Headset fits under helmets and hardhats.

February 17, 2015

With ear cup minimized for thickness and weight, Profile can be worn comfortably while wearing helmet. Rugged coiled flex microphone boom features noise canceling mic element and replaceable windscreen, while modular, coiled cable assembly allows interchangeable use with several radio platforms and features low-profile, in-line push-to-talk (PTT). This all-purpose headset suits utility, mining, manufacturing, and construction applications as well as use in any high-noise environment. Read More

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Wireless Headsets provide flexibility for office personnel.

December 3, 2014

Targeting office professionals, D 10 Series comprises D 10 Phone, single-sided wireless DECT headset for direct connection to desk phones; Sennheiser D 10 USB ML, single-sided wireless DECT headset that works on plug-and-play basis with MS Lync®; and Sennheiser D 10 USB, single-sided wireless DECT headset that connects directly to softphone/PC and suits Unified Communications environments. Each features noise-canceling microphone, one touch call management, and ActiveGard® hearing protection. Read More

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Bluetooth Headset delivers clear digital stereo output.

January 30, 2014

In addition to controlling smartphones and tablets, Ecollar Bluetooth Headset acts as converter, making car and home stereo systems wireless. Unit comes bundled with set of in-ear headphones with rubber tips and micro-USB charging cable. Face of device supports buttons for volume and track control as well as button for receiving calls. Providing 10 m range, headset delivers optimized digital sound quality, wireless streaming, and noise isolation. Read More

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Contact Center Headset features lightweight, ergonomic design.

January 29, 2014

Equipped with noise cancellation microphones, Jabra BIZ™ 2300 minimizes unwanted background noise found in crowded open office environments. Unit also features 360° break-proof boom arm and Kevlar®-reinforced cord to withstand long hours of use. With small perforations that minimize penetration of air shocks to device, Air Shock microphone ensures accurate recognition of key words and phrases. USB version is supported by Jabra Xpress, which facilitates remote configuration and deployment. Read More

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Mobile Headset features Bluetooth® v4.0 technology.

November 18, 2013

Equipped with Sennheiser HD voice clarity and 3 digital microphones, PRESENCE™ Headset delivers optimized communication experience for mobile users, regardless of their location. Unit includes WindSafe™ technology, which reduces wind noise, and SpeakFocus™ technology, which detects user's voice while filtering out background noise for phone calls in noisy environments. Consisting of headset and USB dongle, plug-and-play system offers talk time up to 10 hr and range up to 82 ft. Read More

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Wired Headsets are built for efficiency, durability, comfort.

October 31, 2013

Offered in 8 variants to suit every type of office worker, Century Wired Series integrates ActiveGard technology to protect users from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges. Stainless steel construction, brushed aluminum parts, and Kevlar®-sheathed cables lend to durability, while adjustable unibody headband and leatherette ear-pads promote comfort. Built-in neodymium speakers and ultra noise-canceling microphone, along with voice clarity with wideband sound, enhance conversation clarity. Read More

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Headsets provide HD clarity in noisy environments.

July 30, 2013

Comprising headset and USB dongle for plug-n-play experience with computers, PRESENCE™ Mobile Series is equipped with 3 digital microphones and SpeakFocus™ technology that detects user's voice and filters out background noise, allowing clear phone calls in noisy environments. To reduce wind noise, WindSafe™ technology chooses best mix of microphones and processes sound to determine optimal way to balance/enhance user's voice. Headsets offer 10 hr talk time and 25 m range when used with dongle. Read More

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Mobile Headset targets Unified Communications professionals.

July 26, 2013

Comprised of headset and USB dongle, PRESENCE™ Mobile Series has 25 m max range when used with dongle and offers up to 10 hr talk time. SpeakFocus™ technology detects user's voice and filters out background noise, allowing calls in noisy environments while providing listeners with clear sound. WindSafe™ technology effectively reduces wind noise by choosing best mix of 3 headset-integrated microphones and subsequent sound processing. ActiveGard® hearing protection system is also standard. Read More

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Wired Headsets deliver HD audio clarity.

July 24, 2013

Intended for offices and call centers, DeskMate single-sided HSC 230 and dual-sided HSC 260 include metal reinforced headband and Circleflex™ dual hinge ear cup system that adapts seamlessly to user's ears for instant fit. Noise cancelling microphone filters out ambient noise, while Sennheiser HD Voice Clarity wideband sound ensures natural sounding experience, and Sennheiser’s ActiveGard™ offers built in protection against acoustic shock and sudden sound surges. Read More

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Wireless Headsets support desk phone and softphone.

July 24, 2013

Designed for contact center, office, and Unified Communications professionals, SD Wireless Series offers HD voice clarity and dual connectivity for desk phone and softphone. Single-sided SD Office, offering ear hook or headband wearing styles, includes noise-cancelling microphone. SD Pro 1 and SD Pro 2 are single- and double-sided headsets, respectively, with soft ear pads and ultra noise-cancelling microphone for busy environments. All include ActiveGard™ technology to safeguard against sound surges. Read More

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Wireless Headset minimizes ambient noise.

September 14, 2012

Intended for distribution centers and warehouses, Model SRX2 features modular design that enables shared use of headset electronics across multiple shifts. SoundSense technology continuously listens to and blocks environmental sounds, while Advanced Speech Recognition Protocol ensures zero loss of speech data while communicating with Vocollect Voice computers. Batteries last 2 shifts in dry environments and 1 full shift in freezer environments with temperatures as low as -22ºF. Read More

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Corded Headset targets contact centers and busy offices.

February 16, 2012

Unified Communications-compliant to fit into any UC strategy, UC ProSet(TM) features wideband audio for crisp, natural sound quality. Noise-cancellation technology eliminates up to 87% of background noise for both secure conversations and optimized customer communication. Designed to withstand all-day, every day use, headset works interchangeably with existing amplifiers and cords and can be customized to fit into any work environment. Binaural and monaural models are available. Read More

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Motion-Controlled Bluetooth® Headset delivers HD audio.

January 26, 2011

Jawbone ERA(TM) features wideband speaker and accelerometer integrated with MotionX(TM) platform. Latter enables motion-based, tap/shake interactivity, while military-grade NoiseAssassin® 3.0 noise-cancelling technology detects surroundings and appropriately adjusts inbound volume and intelligibility. Multi-processor architecture and serial flash allow applications support, including Caller ID and voice messaging. Read More

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Bluetooth 2.0 Headsets offer 164 ft range.

July 15, 2010

Compatible with Bluetooth mobile phones, PDAs, VoIP products, and computers, Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth® Headsets feature Dual-Mic Noise Suppression(TM), which allows callers on other end to hear strong clear voice, even if user is in busy environment. Both models can be used with other Vetro, Onyx, or Dragon V2 headsets for 2-way or push-to-talk communication over 84,000+ sq ft space. Requiring about 3 hours to fully charge, headsets provide up to 5 hr talk time and over 120 hr standby. Read More

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Computer Compatible Headsets suit high noise environments.

July 16, 2008

Using noise-canceling, boom-mounted microphones, and offering noise-attenuation, Headsets are designed for PC-based communication applications in industrial/other high-noise areas. Model 40642G-01 has 15 ft extended coil cord terminated with 3.5 mm plugs for earphones and microphones, while Model 40642G-03 has 10 ft straight cord terminated with USB connector. Units feature dual volume controls wired for stereo separation, Comfort-Gel ear seals, double-foam head pad, and universal flex boom. Read More

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Bluetooth Headset has with smart LCD display.

April 8, 2008

With smart display positioned in center, Jabra BT4010 Bluetooth headset allows users to check battery level and connection/call status in single glance. Device can be worn with or without earhook, weighs 0.35 oz, and measures 2 x 0.67 x 1.1 in. Features include auto-pairing, micro USB charger connection, and e-SCO technology that helps improve voice transfer from headset to phone. BT4010 provides up to 6 hr talk time and 150 hr standby time. Read More

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Bluetooth Headset has VFrame(TM) design.

April 8, 2008

Featuring self-stabilizing, custom-fit eartips, Discovery® 925 Bluetooth® Earpiece Collection has VFrame(TM) design, which is structured to follow contours of face and draw microphone closer to mouth. AudioIQ® noise reduction technology helps remove background noise while simultaneously adjusting incoming volume, ensuring clear conversation. Available in onyx black, alchemy gold, and cerise pink colors, it comes with rechargable carrying case that offers extra 5 hr charge. Read More