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Blue Thunder Teams with Foamtec for Distribution

July 24, 2015

Blue Thunder Technologies, a distributor and manufacturer of cleanroom supplies has partnered with Foamtec for distribution. Foamtec manufactures a variety of products for controlled environments including wiping and floor care products for aseptic and non-aseptic cleanrooms. Their mission is to "enable contamination control professionals to improve particle control in cleanrooms by solving... Read More

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Floor Cleaner removes over 98% of soil from surface.

July 21, 2015

According to independent lab tests, AutoVac removes over 98% percent of soil from floor surfaces. This floorcare unit, certified by National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for minimizing potential for slip-and-fall accidents, cleans up to 20,000 ft² with battery-powered system. Machine can be used on any floor surface, and design facilitates operation as well as transport and maintenance. Read More

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VAC-U-MAX Exhibits Process Automation Systems and Solutions for Bulk Materials Handling Within the Food Industry at Process Expo 2015, September 15-18, McCormick Center, Chicago, Illinois, Booth 6710

July 20, 2015

BELLEVILLE, NJ USA – VAC-U-MAX announces exhibition at Process Expo 2015, September 15-18, McCormick Center, Chicago, Illinois, Booth 6710, exhibiting the latest powder and bulk ingredient handling technologies for the food industry. Equipment on display includes continuous bulk material transfer systems incorporating sanitary receivers designed to convey powders, milk powder, flakes,... Read More

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A Workhorse of a Machine

July 15, 2015

CFR's portable Pro-500 upright extractors equip carpet cleaning professionals with all of the tools needed to achieve contractor-grade, deep cleaning results. A workhorse of a machine designed to meet multiple cleaning demands, the Pro-500 upright extractor provides superior flexibility, portability, and tackles virtually any cleaning task including restorative carpet care, stairs,... Read More

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Spin Rinse Dryer for Cassettes reduces nitrogen use.

July 15, 2015

Intended for semiconductor processing, Compass SRD enables accelerated drying of wafers. IDX Flexware™ Process Control Software, included, enables host communication and factory automation. With recipe download and remote access, dryer increases usability and facilitates process control. Also, process controls allow capture of process data for line analysis. Read More

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Ascentech to Exhibit Optilia Inspection, GEN3 Solutions at SMTA Ohio Expo & Tech Forum July 16

July 14, 2015

Chester, Connecticut, USA – Ascentech LLC will exhibit and demonstrate advanced Optilia and Gensonic test and process optimization instruments and solutions at the upcoming Ohio SMTA Chapter Expo and Technical Forum on July 16, 2015 at the Doubletree Hotel Cleveland South in Independence, OH. Products on display will include the Optilia BGA Inspection Scope and the Optilia High Definition... Read More

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Floor Scrubber utilizes cylindrical brush technology.

July 8, 2015

Equipped with 1 hp brush motor and cylindrical brush technology, Model BR 13/1 MW minimizes chemical and water use, delivering low-moisture cleaning with brush speeds of 650 rpm. Multi-purpose system features 12 in. brush width and 13 in. cleaning path for scrubbing up to 3,775 sq-ft/hr. In addition to cleaning tile and grout, quarry tile, paver bricks, and raised rubber flooring, BR 13/1 MW... Read More

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Trade-In Program Makes it Easy to Upgrade Vacuum Cleaners

July 1, 2015

Usage statistics have indicated performance problems for shop-style vacuum cleaners when used in manufacturing facilities and industrial settings.  New incentives from Nilfisk make it affordable for commercial users to upgrade to an industrial vacuum. Companies can now trade in their vacuum to receive a 10% discount on a new Nilfisk industrial vacuum and accessories –up to $500. Shop-style... Read More

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ESD-Safe Cleanroom Wipes

June 26, 2015

High-Tech Conversions has announced the availability of three ESD-safe cleanroom wipe options. VISION™ 50, VISION™ 10P and ULTIMATE™ 5 ESD-safe wipes are designed for critical environments in need of a wiping solution that is free of electrostatic discharge. They are suitable for wiping printed circuit boards and for cleaning a variety of other anti-static electronics and equipment. VISION... Read More

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New Permatex® Fast Orange® Hand Cleaner Rocker Cap Bottle Wins 2015 AmeriStar Packaging Award

June 26, 2015

Innovative dispenser garners gold medal in Household Chemical Automotive division Hartford, CT – Permatex, a leading innovator in chemical technology for automotive maintenance and repair, has earned a gold medal in the AmeriStar Packaging Awards competition from the National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) for the innovative dispenser design of its #1 selling waterless hand... Read More

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Long-Reach Scrapers suit multiple applications.

June 24, 2015

Combining chipper, scraper, and descaler in one tool, Trelawny™ Long-Reach Scrapers are available in 2, 4, and 5 ft lengths to remove residue, corrosion, adhesives, floor tiles, plaster, and mortar. LITE models, measuring up to 6 ft long and weighing less than 8.5 lb, are suited for overhead use. All long reach scrapers can be converted to needle scalers by changing scraper/chisel with... Read More

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Plasma Etch, Inc. Announces Live Plasma Ashing Demonstration at Semicon West 2015

June 24, 2015

Carson City, NV – Plasma Etch Inc, a leader in plasma innovation, will be providing live demonstrations of the company's popular PE-50 Plasma Asher to attendees at the Semicon West 2015 trade show.  The show runs July 14 – 16 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This is a great opportunity for Semiconductor manufacturers to see and touch a working PE-50 Plasma Asher.  Company... Read More

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PortionPac® Introduces Safer, Better, Smarter Solutions

June 24, 2015

CHICAGO - PortionPac Chemical Corporation is pleased to introduce Safer, Better, Smarter Solutions. To meet the needs of customers, PortionPac® has improved its entire product line including formulations, packaging and manufacturing. This summer PortionPac® will complete its transition to manufacturing operations that will increase production capabilities and dramatically reduce lead... Read More

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Industrial Hand Cleaner contains no harsh solvents.

June 24, 2015

Providing pH-balanced cleaning formula fortified with skin conditioners to help sooth rough hands, Industrial Hand Cleaner contains fine-grade pumice which helps clean dirt, grease, resin, ink, oil, paint, and glue from hands without drying out skin. Product is biodegradable, VOC compliant, and contains no harsh solvents. Available in Cherry or Grape scented, cleaner can be used with or without... Read More

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Portable Carpet Extractor features upright design.

June 18, 2015

Featuring 12 in. non-marking wheels and front lifting handle, PEX™ 500 is designed for loading or unloading by one person. Upright unit is equipped with dual, 3-stage 5.7 in. vacuums, in series; positive displacement pump adjustable from 50–500 psi; and 2,000 W heater that provides instant 212° water. Additional features include 12 gallon solution tank, 10 gallon recovery tank, and... Read More

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Motorized Mini Sweeper features battery-powered design.

June 12, 2015

Featuring 12 in. working width, Model EB30 uses powerful brush head to sweep debris into removable 1 liter bin. Unit comes with 7.2 V rechargeable Ni-Mh battery that provides full charge in about 12 hours. At 56 dBa, sweeper is not intrusive when people are present. Product is suitable for cleaning entries, hallways, mats, and other carpeted areas. Read More

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CFR Continuous Recycling Extractors have Benefits Galore

June 12, 2015

You've probably heard a lot about CFR's recycling carpet extractors.  Their advanced technology not only saves huge amounts of water, they use about 1/7th the amount of chemical, require only three dumps/refills to clean 5,000 square feet – compared to 18 for a traditional portable – and are equipped with a rapid recovery wand system that helps improve moisture recovery... Read More

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Gum Removal Machine works quickly on carpets and hard floors.

June 8, 2015

Gum Reaper turns gum on carpets and hard floor surfaces into powder that can be brushed away without damaging underlying surface. Using safe, vegetable-derived cleaning solution, product can remove up to 700 gum spots in one hour and breaks down gum modules in <5 sec. Little or no residue is left behind. Powered by rechargeable batteries, product design eliminates need for cables or cords to... Read More

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Electrical Cleaner enhances equipment operation efficacy.

June 5, 2015

By dissolving grease, oil, and sludge, Lectra Force™ Electrical Cleaner promotes efficient operation of electric motors as well as electrical parts and equipment. Non-corrosive, non-conductive, and non-staining product utilizes COzol® technology, which combines industrial strength degreaser with low VOCs, and does not contain any Class I or II ozone depleting chemicals, TCE, Perc, or nPB.... Read More

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AmeriVap Systems Approved for GSA Schedule Vendor to Supply Industrial and Commercial Dry Steam Cleaners

June 3, 2015

AmeriVap Systems, Inc. awarded GSA Contract Number GS07F071CA to supply Industrial and Commercial Dry Steam Cleaners and attachments to Federal Agencies and Bureaus via GSA Advantage.  AmeriVap Systems, Inc. is located on GSA eLibrary in Federal Supply Schedule 073 and Category Number 375 99. The Xtreme Steam Industrial and Commercial Dry Steam Cleaners are completely electronic, high... Read More