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Chemicals & Chemical Processing -> Process Chemicals -> Silicone Compounds

Silicone Compounds

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Copper-Filled Grease suits heat transfer applications.

Copper-Filled Grease suits heat transfer applications.

Aremco Products, Inc.    Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Mar 19, 2014 Consisting of single-part, 100% solids, thermally conductive, silicone grease, Heat-Away™ 640 is used in heat transfer applications from -60 to 550°F. Product is formulated as thick paste that will not flow after application and maintains stable viscosity over entire temperature range. With thermal conductivity of 4.68 W/m-K, grease optimizes thermal transfer between heaters and process vessels and various heat sinks used in heat exchangers in electrical and electronic applications.

Silicone Intermediate is available for food-contact applications.

Dow Corning Corporation    Midland, MI 48686 0994
Dec 16, 2013 Solventless liquid silicone resin, Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate, blends with organic or other silicone resins to extend and improve processability and performance of coating systems. Specifically, solution provides high-temperature resistance, durability, and weatherability for range of coating formulations while minimizing release of VOCs. Reactive methoxy functionality makes this intermediate compatible with range of materials and also reacts with hydroxyl-functional resins.

Ultrapure Precision Silicone Film broadens application range.

Ultrapure Precision Silicone Film broadens application range.

Wacker Chemical Corp.    Adrian, MI 49221
Oct 07, 2013 Available as roll stock, ELASTOSIL® Film is made, in cleanroom conditions and without use of solvents, entirely from silicone elastomers and comes in thicknesses down to 20 microns. Intermediate backing allows film to be peeled off intact, and film thickness across entire width and length of film web deviates from specification by ±5% at most. Film is permeable to water vapor and certain gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide but not to water.

Thermal Pads increase LED lamp/luminaire performance.

Dow Corning Corporation    Midland, MI 48686 0994
Aug 05, 2013 Dispensable Thermal Pads enable LED lamp and luminaire manufacturers to print layer of thermally conductive silicone compound in controllable thicknesses on complex substrate shapes while ensuring optimal thermal management properties. Applied via standard screen or stencil print processes or standard dispensing equipment, materials conform to complex/unevenly shaped substrates and cure in place. Thermal conductivity is 1.5 W/mK for TC-4015/-4016 and 2.5 W/mK for TC-4025/-4026.

Silicone Sponge Rubber offers optimal compression set.

Silicone Sponge Rubber offers optimal compression set.

GCP Industrial Products    Kitchener, ON N2C2E6
Jul 25, 2013 Manufactured in rolls with thicknesses ranging from 1/16–½ in. x 36 in. wide, Cellast™ Commercial Grade Medium Density Silicone Sponge material offers flexible, optimized sealing capabilities to work in extreme temperature applications from -100 to +450°F or where shock reduction/isolation is needed. Closed-cell sponge offers 21.2% compression set, tensile strength of 112 psi, and 200% elongation. Finished with fabric impression on both sides, material is UV and ozone resistant.

Primerless Silicone Sealant suits air-vapor barrier systems.

Pecora Corp.    Harleysville, PA 19438
Jul 17, 2013 Formulated for primerless use on transition seals, one-part AVB Silicone offers optimal adhesion between dissimilar materials in air and vapor barrier systems such as HDPE peel and stick laminates, liquid applied weather barriers, and building wraps. Product is durable in all weather conditions and is compatible with natural stones and other porous surfaces. With ±25% movement capability, AVB Silicone provides dynamic joint movement required by building designers.

Silicone Adhesives suit direct bonding applications.

Silicone Adhesives suit direct bonding applications.

Henkel Corporation    Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Jun 28, 2013 Designed to fixture in less than 2 seconds, Loctite® Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives are compatible with 365 nm or 405 nm LED light sources and are intended for direct bonding cover lenses or touch panel sensors to LCDs. UV-curable Loctite® 5191™ and UV/moisture-cure 5193™ and matching dam, Loctite® 5191DM™, feature patented chemical formula that accelerates cure speed. Suited for high-volume display applications, UV curable Loctite® 5192™ cures with moisture in shadowed areas.

Encapsulant/Adhesive suits printer head, circuit assembly jobs.

Encapsulant/Adhesive suits printer head, circuit assembly jobs.

Engineered Materials Systems Inc.    Delaware, OH 43015
Jun 20, 2013 Exhibiting fracture toughness as well as chemical resistance to inks, 357-284 Wire Bond Encapsulant and Flexible Circuit Bonding Adhesive is designed to protect wire bonds and reduce stresses associated with thermal cycling. Product adheres to flexible circuits, FR4, and metal substrates and meets circuit assembly and semiconductor standards for ionic cleanliness (extractable ions) to prevent corrosion in high temperature and humidity environments.

Liquid Resin Intermediates allow for low-VOC formulation.

Dow Corning Corp.    Midland, MI 48686
Jun 14, 2013 Dow Corning® 3074/3037 Intermediates are methoxy-functional solventless liquid silicone resins that allow for low-VOC formulation and can improve weatherability and heat resistance in coatings. While Dow Corning 3074 is highly compatible with organic resins and results in hard coating, Dow Corning 3037 has less organic capability but achieves greater flexibility. Mutually miscible products can be blended at any ratio to meet compatibility/flexibility requirements.

Silicone Resin Elastomer Gel supports skin care applications.

Wacker Chemical Corp.    Chino, CA 91710
Jun 05, 2013 Combining skin sensation produced by non-crosslinked silicone polymers with film-forming properties of silicone resins, BELSIL® REG 1100 serves as multifunctional active ingredient for skin-care applications and decorative cosmetic products. Transparent, colorless gel forms soft, water-repellant film that adheres well to skin without becoming sticky. BELSIL® ADM 6102 E, consisting of aqueous macroemulsion of aminofunctional silicone, delivers optimized hair-conditioning properties.

Electrically Conductive Adhesives suit automotive applications.

Electrically Conductive Adhesives suit automotive applications.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA    Düsseldorf   Germany
Apr 16, 2013 Designed to address harsh environmental conditions, Loctite Ablestik ICP 4000 Series withstands operating temperatures up to 200°C. Materials are single component, silver-filled, silicone-based adhesives with flexibility that allows for compensation of common CTE mismatches and ability to survive in extreme vibration over extended periods of time. Adhesives also exhibit very low outgassing and bleed during cure.

Two-Part, Heat-Curable Optical Encapsulants enhance LED designs.

Dow Corning Corporation    Midland, MI 48686 0994
Dec 10, 2012 Delivering anti-silver corrosion capabilities, OE-6662 and OE-6652 optical encapsulants respectively offer Shore D 64 and Shore D 59 hardness. Gas barrier performance helps protect delicate silver-plated LED electrodes from sulfur attacks. With respective Shore D hardness of  26, 29, and 43, OE-7620, OE-7630, and OE-7640 provide mechanical protection for LED packaging designs. Thermal stability and photostability ensure consistent optical quality over lifetime of LED light source.

Brake System Grease reduces noise, wear in extreme environments.

CRC Industries, Inc.    Warminster, PA 18974
Oct 12, 2012 As pure silicone dry-film lubricant fortified with ceramic, CRC SILARAMIC® reduces brake noise and vibrations by dampening all brake vibrating frequencies. Operating range of -50 to over +3,000°F accommodates all types of brake materials. Engineered to last for life of brake pads and prevent uneven pad wear, product contains corrosion, extreme pressure, and oxidation additives and provides protection in wet and dry conditions and will not melt or run off onto friction pads or rotors.

Silicone Compound is designed for potting and encapsulating.

Silicone Compound is designed for potting and encapsulating.

Epoxies Etc.    Cranston, RI 02921-3407
Sep 28, 2012 Free of any flammable or toxic solvents, 2-part 50-1225 has -65 to +210°C service temperature, will cure in deep sections, and will not support or promote flame. Compound is designed for electronic packages that require flow around components, thermal conductivity, and ability to sustain environmental extremes. While material flexibility will cushion electronics through aging and thermal cycling, shrinkage rate during cure will not stress components.

Silicone-Elastomer Adhesive withstands temperatures to 570°F.

Silicone-Elastomer Adhesive withstands temperatures to 570°F.

Aremco Products, Inc.    Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Sep 14, 2012 Offering resistance to thermal shock, chemical corrosion, and water immersion, Aremco-Bond™ 2330 is suited for industrial bonding applications to 570°F. Single-part, red pigmented adhesive provides tensile shear strength of 425 psi, coefficient of thermal expansion of 94 x 10-6 in./in./°F, and viscosity of 38,000 cP at room temperature. Spread with plastic applicator or automatic dispense system, product cures by heating to 300°F for 45 min or 400°F for 30 min.

Silicone Optical Resins enable innovative lighting designs.

Dow Corning Corporation    Midland, MI 48686 0994
Sep 04, 2012 Featuring Shore A hardness of 74 and 52, respectively, Dow Corning® MS-1002 and MS-1003 offer alternative to optical plastics in LED lamp and luminaire applications. Both can be injection molded into complex shapes, thick parts, and undercuts. Combination of high temperature resistance, UV resistance, and non-yellowing effect can optimize lumen maintenance, making materials suited for indoor/outdoor lighting without risk of degradation.

Electronic Packaging Material is thermally conductive.

NuSil Technology    Carpinteria, CA 93013
Aug 23, 2012 With nominal thermal conductivity of 1 W/mk, EPM1-2493 silicone thermal interface material offers bond lines as thin as 5 microns and is suited for use in electronic applications. This pourable, conformal liquid, with 1:1 mix ratio, can be used to adhere materials with differing coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), reducing stress during thermal cycling. Adhesive strength can be improved via use of primer, achieving average lap shear values of 120 psi.

Silicone Encapsulant protects solar modules.

Momentive    Albany, NY 12211
May 14, 2012 By surrounding fragile solar cells of crystalline PV module with flexible, stress dissipating silicone matrix, SilTRUST Encapsulant helps maximize performance in harsh outdoor environments while optimizing light-to-electricity conversion yield. Refractive index of transparent encapsulant closely matches that of glass, minimizing energy-dissipating reflection of sunlight away from solar cell. At 80°C, silicone module is virtually stress-free.

Non-staining Silicone has sanitary formulation.

Non-staining Silicone has sanitary formulation.

Pecora Corp.    Harleysville, PA 19438
Mar 29, 2012 Combining silicone durability with mildew and mold resistance, 898NST also eliminates potential for staining of natural stones such as granite, marble, and limestone. Neutral cure solution, featuring USDA acceptance, is suited for use in hospitals, schools, clean rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. It can also be used for resetting or re-grouting ceramic or natural stone tiles.

Ceramic-Silicone Potting Compound suits applications to 900°F.

Ceramic-Silicone Potting Compound suits applications to 900°F.

Aremco Products, Inc.    Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Mar 28, 2012 Used to insulate moisture-sensitive electrical components, including cartridge heaters and high power case resistors, Sil-Bond(TM) 905 demonstrates moisture resistance with weight gain of less than 1% after exposure to 900°F and 24 hours water immersion. Shrinkage rate is also less than 1% and dielectric strength is greater than 250 V/mil. Supplied as powder and liquid system, compound cures in 12-16 hr at room temperature and 30 min each at 150, 250, 350, and 450°F, respectively.

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