Conductive Silicone Rubber Gaskets feature fabric reinforcement.

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Available in .020 and .032 in. thicknesses, SNE-556-R and SNE-540-R are nickel-graphite filled silicone rubber with fabric reinforcement that exhibit durability and dimensional stability. Both materials can be die cut or water jet cut into EMI shielding gaskets with narrow cross sections. While SNE-556-R consists of 65 durometer, conductive silicone used for EMI and environmental sealing, softer SNE-540-R is made in 40 durometer for enhanced conformability.

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Reinforced Conductive Silicone Rubber Gaskets Now Available from Stockwell Elastomerics

Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. now provides .020" and .032" thick Fabric Reinforced Nickel-Graphite Filled Conductive Silicone Rubber for EMI Shielding Gaskets with narrow cross sections. The fabric reinforcement enhances durability and dimensional stability in filled conductive silicone elastomers that tend to have low tear resistance.

Philadelphia, PA - Stockwell Elastomerics announces the availability of new materials SNE-556-R and SNE-540-R, nickel-graphite filled silicone rubber with fabric reinforcement ( that can be die cut or water jet cut into EMI shielding gaskets with narrow cross sections.

SNE-556-R is a 65 durometer conductive silicone used for EMI and environmental sealing. The reinforced fabric is metalized to enhance the Z-axis conductivity of the composite material, which compares favorably with high performance silver filled silicone elastomers. SNE-540-R is a softer version, made in 40 durometer for more conformability. Both SNE-540-R and SNE-556-R are made in 12" and 15" wide continuous rolls, enabling large gaskets to be made without splices. Standard thicknesses are .020" and .032"; custom thicknesses are also available. For small sample sheets of .032" SNE-540-R or SNE-556-R, contact Stockwell Elastomerics directly (

Nickel-plated graphite-filled silicone elastomers ( provide shielding performance exceeding 100 dB at frequencies up to 2 GHz at a moderate cost. Nickelplated graphite materials are especially attractive for commercial and defense programs where cost sensitivity and high performance are required. Common applications include portable communications, power supplies and displays requiring IP64, IP65, IP66 and IP67 sealing with EMI attenuation. Nickelgraphite filled silicone gaskets are available with 3M 9713 conductive acrylic adhesive and 3M 9719 conductive silicone adhesive for applications where an adhesive backing may aid the assembly process.

With the addition of fabric reinforcement, the durability and dimensional stability of these materials is greatly improved.

"Our fabrication, prototyping and molding capabilities enable Stockwell Elastomerics to assist designers with EMI gasket requirements using various materials and several production methods," said Stockwell Elastomerics' President Bill Stockwell. "We are the only US-based rubber components manufacturer providing on-site die cutting, water jet cutting, knife cutting, adhesive lamination and custom rubber molding of EMI shielding gaskets.

Stockwell Elastomerics has adhesive lamination, die cutting, water jet cutting, knife cutting and custom fabrication capabilities for providing custom EMI shielding gaskets (

The company also compression molds specialty elastomers such as electrically conductive silicone and fluorosilicone, peroxide cure and platinum cure gum based silicone and specification grade fluorosilicone. Molded components are typically cryogenically de-flashed.

Along with Stockwell Elastomerics' EMI gasket materials, the company also has a broad range of closed cell silicone sponge, silicone foam and solid silicone rubber materials to solve challenging gasket designs on outdoor enclosures and rugged portable devices.

About Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

Stockwell Elastomerics' core competence is the fabrication and molding of silicone rubber and similar high performance elastomers. On-site production capabilities include adhesive lamination, slitting, die cutting, water jet cutting and custom molding. Many Stockwell Elastomerics customers take advantage of water jet cutting for fast turn prototypes and initial production. Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. is ISO9001-2008 registered.

Visit Stockwell Elastomerics' website ( for complete information on silicone rubber products, custom fabrication and molding.


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