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More Battery Compartment Enclosures From OKW

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More Battery Compartment Enclosures From OKW

Press release date: December 4, 2013

OKW have added more battery compartment options to their extensive range of hand held plastic enclosures.

The new BLOB series has been designed to accept coin cell batteries such as CR1216 and CR1220. These highly contoured enclosures are suitable for medical, wellness and personal electronics equipment.

OKW’s extensive range of battery compartment enclosures now includes seventeen individual product lines. These offer internal mounting for battery sizes N, AA, AAA, C and 9V, as well as coin cells.

Four different types of battery compartment are offered by the company. For example, the SMART-CASE series has an integral battery compartment where the batteries are located inside the base section and access to them is by opening the enclosure itself.

The DATEC-MOBILE series has a separate lidded battery compartment which is molded into the base section and includes a clip-on lid which allows the batteries to be changed without opening the enclosure.

The ERGO-CASE series has a lidded battery compartment with screw-in cradles. This type of battery compartment employs separate screw-in battery cradles for different size and numbers of batteries for example 2 x AA or 4 x AA. The cradles are fitted to the base section which also has a clip-in/screw-on removable lid.

The DATEC-CONTROL series has plug-in battery compartments. This type of compartment is designed for applications where frequent replacement of battery packs is required because recharging cannot be carried out in situ. For example with instruments being used out in the field.

OKW also offers an extensive range of nickel plated spring contacts for use in the battery compartments. The latest contacts conform to DIN EN 60601 and have a modified geometry which rules out the possiblity of short circuit if the batteries are inserted incorrectly.

More information on these battery compartment enclosures can be found on OKW’s website at:

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