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Utility Software transfers data into SPC software.

April 20, 2015

Designed to automate data transfer in Synergy 1000 and 2000 programs, Synergy 2000™ Multi-function Toolbox v3.0 includes Keyence Interface Module, which allows for automatic creation of Data Bank and associated Data Tables based upon measurement programs configured in Keyence IM Series image dimension measurement system. Version 3.0 offers optimized file formatting, handling, and organizing, as well as wireless gauging interface that allows remote collection of data. Read More


Automated Data Collection Software supports all plant equipment.

November 6, 2012

Synergy 2000™ Multi-function Toolbox v2.0 collects data from PLCs, CMMs, and other plant hardware in real time. Software lets companies transfer legacy data from other applications or databases, and integrate data from ERP, LIMS, and SCADA systems, while serving as communications bridge between OPC servers and Synergy 2000 OPC client. Using Open Database Connectivity, data can be imported from any database. Program is also compliant with latest version of Microsoft Net 4.0. Read More


SPC Software maximizes user access to business intelligence.

January 9, 2012

With Scorecard Report Card feature, Synergy 2000(TM) v9.0 enables user to instantly get snapshot of vital production metrics for up to 6 characteristics. Program also includes Cost of Analysis Report, which is generated using Six Sigma methodology. Often-referenced documents, images, websites, and videos can be hyperlinked with 1-click access, regardless of filename or location. Through one view, users can see control limits, specification limits, trend test violations, and notes. Read More


SPC Software optimizes view of production metrics.

May 26, 2011

Synergy 3000(TM) Statistical Process Control software features scorecard report that provides snapshot of production metrics for up to 6 characteristics. Product also lets users define often-referenced file as hyperlink for one-click access to documents, images, websites, or other software applications that pertain to product. Built on Microsoft® .NET(TM), it also enables users to view product-related videos as well as roll over items with mouse to view more information about specific data points. Read More


SPC Software is suited for cloud computing environment.

December 20, 2010

Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, Synergy 3000(TM), lets suers gather, organize, analyze, and report on data sets required for real-time quality management over Internet from dispersed global locations. Suite of quality collaboration tools enable authorized users, despite their location, to input measurements or inspection counts, monitor process status, and troubleshoot processes. Users may also track/trace production samples and exchange QA data with various parties. Read More


SPC Software scales as businesses grow.

November 18, 2010

Suited for single users or networked implementation, Synergy 1000(TM) v7.0 facilitates set up of part, process, and characteristic files; traceability tags; assignable cause and corrective action notes. Program combines real-time alarm capabilities for variable and attribute data, plus Gage R/R, short run, advanced Pareto analyses, and intercharacteristic math calculations. Hyperlink file feature enables 1-click access to frequently accessed documents and web pages while running process. Read More


Real-Time SPC Software streamlines global quality management.

June 4, 2009

With features that help users work efficiently with production data, Synergy 3000(TM) v3.0 suits companies that need to implement consistent global quality management strategy across manufacturing locations and their supply chain partners. Statistical Process Control (SPC) software uses MS SQL Server® database engine and supports simultaneous creation of SPC Data Banks and Data Tables. Run on Windows networks and web browsers, it also provides tree view of Data Bank/Table relationships. Read More


SPC Software ensures product quality management.

October 8, 2008

Synergy 1000(TM) v6 features setup screen for creating process files with up to 500 measurement or inspection characteristics at once. It provides detailed certificate of analysis report and email notification for out-of-control and/or out-of specification conditions, as well as traceability tag function. Rainbow control chart and math calculator are included and program allows viewing of PDF or Word® documents. Also, it supports JPG and BMP drawings and is compatible with all Windows® OS. Read More

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Computer/SPC Software suit quality assurance professionals.

September 4, 2008

Synergy 200AT bundle features 2.2 lb mini-notebook computer preloaded with Synergy SPC software which enables data collection, charting, process monitoring, analysis, and reporting of unlimited number of variable characteristics for each manufactured part, assembly, or process. Computer includes 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple USB ports, and 9 in. SVGA monitor. Process feedback is provided by color-coded alarms and pop-up warnings. Read More


SPC Tool allows flexible data integration.

August 4, 2008

Using Synergy 2000(TM) Multi-function Toolbox users can achieve compatibility with previously isolated systems, enabling them to perform SPC charting, analysis, traceability, and reporting on any data regardless of its origin. Toolbox is designed for real-time data collection from CMMs, PLCs, and other process control devices; integrating data from ERP, LIMS, SCADA, and other manufacturing systems; and migrating legacy data from other SPC programs, business applications, and databases. Read More


SPC Software works on Apple iPhone(TM) 3G.

July 31, 2008

Using Apple iPhone web browser over cellular network, quality assurance personnel or suppliers can collect real-time production data securely via Synergy 3000 Web Operator application. Program can also be used for process monitoring, SPC charting, and referencing SOPs, engineering drawings, and instructional guides over iPhone's Multi-Touch widescreen display. If manufacturing process goes out of control, Synergy 3000 can transmit e-mail alerts to iPhone 3G users. Read More


SPC Software offers quality management for global suppliers.

May 16, 2008

Suited for full global implementation over any combination of Windows® networks and Web services, Synergy 3000(TM) gives manufacturers with dispersed operations technical infrastructure they need to unite in-house production or assembly lines, multi-tier suppliers, material vendors, subcontractors, and alliance partners into single team. Program serves as enabling tool for measuring, controlling, and managing compliance as well as mitigating operational risks. Read More


Interface Program integrates SPC with manufacturing systems.

May 5, 2008

Offering universal data interface, Synergy 3000(TM) Multi-function Toolbox integrates statistical process control software with variety of multi-vendor hardware platforms and manufacturing systems. Plug-and-play module enables real-time data collection from CMMs and PLCs, and integrates data from ERP, LIMS, and SCADA systems. Synergy 3000 users can achieve compatibility with previously isolated systems, enabling them to perform SPC activities on any data regardless of original source. Read More


Statistical Process Control Software promotes data clarity.

May 4, 2007

Used in QA applications to monitor and react to process variation during production and inspection, Synergy 2000(TM) v7.0 helps ensure product consistency, prevent defects, and comply with contract requirements. SPC software runs on all Windows 32-bit OS and features multiple save options as well as automatic user alerts/notifications and program reminders. Also included, managerial global dashboard displays spec status of last measurements entered. Read More


SPC Software provides browser-based interactivity.

September 22, 2006

Synergy 3000(TM) Statistical Process Control (SPC) software enables mobile quality personnel to observe process control status in real time, solve problems, and analyze data at multiple facilities remotely. Software is equipped with analytical and decision-support tools such as Six Sigma capability chart and histograms. Accepting data manually or automatically from plant information systems, product provides feedback to users via color-coded alarms and pop-up warnings. Read More


SPC Software provides real-time quality management.

April 27, 2006

Synergy 1000(TM) Statistical Process Control software enables businesses to standardize their way of organizing, storing, and acting upon production data. It offers real-time data collection, charting, and color-coded alarms for monitoring process violations and implementing corrective actions on spot. Available in standalone PC and network configurations, production-based software tool runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP operating systems. Read More

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Software monitors process variations in QA applications.

May 6, 2005

Synergy 2000(TM) v6.0 is used to monitor and react to process variation during production and inspection. It provides tools that support Six Sigma quality initiatives and is suited for companies that monitor processes at multiple locations in real-time. Along with chart and report options, software features viewing options for engineering drawings and supports simultaneous calculation of control limits for multiple characteristics. Read More


SPC Software offers SQL database capabilities.

November 22, 2004

Synergy 2000(TM) SE v5.3 Statistical Process Control Software is used for quality management applications to monitor and react to process variation during production and inspection. It allows sharing data across business units in format consistent with corporate data model. Software is compatible with Access®, Oracle® and SQL Server® databases. Production-based system has color-coded visual alarms, real-time control charting and high-level security functions. Read More


Software bridges DAQ devices and SPC software.

April 27, 2004

Synergy 2000 Data Link v3.0 brings formatted text data from high-speed data acquistion and automation control equipment into real-time SPC environment. Manufacturers benefit from speed and accuracy of precision measurement and inspection hardware as they monitor, chart, and react to process variation. Once data has been entered into Synergy 2000, it immediately becomes available for analysis, reporting, and historical comparison. Read More


SPC Software accommodates unlimited number of processes.

February 4, 2004

Network-ready Synergy 2000(TM) LE v4.0 builds on real-time capabilities, high-resolution graphics, and color-coded alarms. It enables users to combine variable, attribute, and Pareto data in single data bank. Twelve ID fields are available for traceability purposes, and 2 note fields record corrective actions or assignable causes. Software provides moving average and moving range chart, customizable column headings, out-of-specification popup warning, and support for USB measurement devices. Read More

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