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Latest New Product News from
Eriez Magnetics

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing

Cellulose Filter Media enhances clarity and performance.

October 17, 2014

Produced from virgin pulp, HydroFlow® HYDROFIBER® is 100 pure and natural powdered cellulose filter media that promotes cake filtration for filtering and removing fine particulate from metalworking fluids. Media mixes to form slurry for uniform distribution and can be mixed with removed contaminate for multiple disposal options. Compatible with various pressure filter styles, this non-abrasive, food-grade filter media aids recovery of precious metals with low ash content upon incineration. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Rolled Media Gravity Bed Filter features heavy-duty construction.

September 4, 2014

Achieving clarity level of 20–30 microns with flows up to 90 gpm, Deep Bed Gravity Filter features electrical controls, heavy-duty chain, and flight deep bed mechanical conveyors. Lead in and flow out of disposable media eliminate dirty coolant by-pass around media, sealing edges with heavy-duty chain secure side seals, and bed depth lets head force liquid through media. Heavy, hot-rolled steel bar flights with flat edge maintain media seal and ensure proper media tracking and advance. Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Sight Glass Magnets protect equipment and products.

April 21, 2014

Available to fit most sight glass loaders, Permanent Rare Earth Sight Glass Magnets remove fine and weakly magnetic ferrous contaminants, while Super Strength Rare Earth Permanent Sight Glass Magnets remove fine and weakly magnetic ferrous contamination from material flowing to injection machines or extruders. Units come in 1 or 5/8 in. magnet diameters and feature continuously welded stainless steel construction. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Controls & Controllers, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Residue Stream Monitor identifies loss of valuable metals.

February 24, 2014

By continually scanning residue stream, Metal Loss Monitor (MLM) lets operators determine quantity of unrecovered valuable metals passing through their scrap yard. Collected data enables observation of system performance variations over time and accelerates identification of maintenance issues and adjustment requirements. Able to be positioned upstream or downstream, monitor produces alarm signal (horn/beacon) when metal passes through; event is recorded in data file. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Tube Magnets remove ferrous contamination from products.

October 29, 2013

Constructed of 316L stainless steel with glass bead surface finish, ProGrade® Tube Magnets are available in Ceramic, Rare Earth, and Xtreme® Rare Earth magnet strengths, enabling customer to choose ideal level of protection for application. Portable units are suitable for removing ferrous contaminants from liquids in tanks and as quality control check of dry bulk materials. Measuring 1 in. in diameter, magnets come in lengths from 4–24 in. with ¼ x 20 tapped ends. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Controls & Controllers, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers

Metal Detector features multiple frequency range.

October 7, 2013

Equipped with extra large color interface, full QWERTY keyboard, and dedicated reject log, Xtreme® Metal Detector is intended for chemical, food processing, packaging, textiles, pharmaceutical, plastics, and rubber industries. Integrated beacon and configurable inputs and outputs facilitate installation, while large control opening enables access to wiring for trouble-free maintenance. From single PC, users can remotely monitor, analyze, and update multiple detectors. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Trap Magnets remove metal contamination to protect equipment.

September 30, 2013

ProGrade® Ferrous Traps come in Ceramic, Rare Earth, and Xtreme® Rare Earth magnet strengths to provide diverse industries with appropriate level of protection. In addition to serving general industry assemblies, areas of use for these magnetic separators include (depending on series) food and chemical, pharmaceutical, liquid lines, and sensitive processing equipment applications. Degree and type of contamination targeted also varies between series. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Magnetic separators remove accumulated fine iron contamination.

August 29, 2013

Xtreme® Rare Easy to Clean Grates in Housing, powered by Xtreme Rare Earth magnet material, remove weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination. All 3 available sizes – 8.5 x 6 in., 10.5 x 8 in., and 12.5 x 10 in. – offer trouble-free, push-pull operation. Design simplifies and accelerates cleaning. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Magnetic Separators range in capacity to 120 tph.

July 19, 2013

In addition to separating weakly and moderately magnetic minerals, Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators can remove impurities from non-metallic minerals. Systems offer dual jigging washing, air-assisted discharge, and vertical upside down washing to clean up entrainment in matrix and to avoid clogging for years. Additional features include direct water cooling and no step motion to minimize mechanical wear. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Eddy Current Separator features eccentric rotor design.

June 27, 2013

Featuring eccentric Rare Earth magnetic rotor with adjustable position, RevX-E® maximizes recovery of non-ferrous metals in ASR, cullet, plastics, secondary metals, and incineration ash applications. Smaller diameter magnetic rotor offset at top of larger outer shell allows repelling force to focus in area closest to outer shell, minimizing ferrous build-up by releasing it from belt after it has passed through field. In addition, separator has conveniently located access panels for servicing. Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Suspended Electromagnets serve coal/mining operations.

June 25, 2013

Available with magnet sizes starting at 90 in.², SE 7000 BAMs are designed for heavy-duty applications in coal and mining industries. Each industrial-type suspended electromagnets is made for processing operations using wide, high-tonnage conveyor belts with deep burden depths. Magnets remove tramp metal that presents hazard to downstream crushers, mills, pulverizers and grinders. Also, BAMs remove sharp metal that can damage/tear conveyor belts. BAMs also come in Self Clean (SC) style. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Waste Handling Equipment

Scrap Drum features underflow processing system.

May 24, 2013

Using underflow processing, 84 x 60 in. P-Rex84 Scrap Drum optimizes fluff removal and metals recovery. Unit provides maximum edge-to-edge separation and does not decline in performance with heat rise. Permanent magnet extends to edge of drum, while ferrous material is transferred and flipped from magnetic pole to magnetic pole, allowing high-efficiency separation. Product relies on attractive magnetic force and uses no electricity. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Pull Test Kit includes digital scale.

May 22, 2013

In addition to NIST traceable digital scale, Eriez® Pull Test Kit includes 4 non-magnetic spacers, 1/8 x 1 x 3 in. steel plate, 1/8 x 1 x 3 in. steel plate with attached radius non-magnetic spacer, 1 in. diameter steel ball, and ¼ in. diameter steel ball, all housed in hard plastic case. Designed for use on variety of magnetic separators, kit helps users monitor efficiency by measuring holding force of magnet. Read More

Food Processing & Preparation, Test & Measuring Instruments, Sensors, Monitors & Transducers, Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment, Services

X-Ray Inspection System withstands harsh washdown environments.

April 26, 2013

Constructed of 304 stainless steel for sanitary environments, such as meat and poultry industries, E-Z Tec® XR-Clean detects foreign objects such as metal, stone, bone, and glass. NEMA 4/IP69-rated system offers inspection rate of 600 unit/min or 200 fpm, and meets USDA, FDA, AMI, and 3A Dairy standards. Measuring 60 in. in length, system features tool-less disassembly for cleaning, down-shoot beam geometry, touchscreen HMI, and auto learn capabilities. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Packaging Equipment, Services

X-Ray Inspection System assesses upright, non-glass containers.

March 25, 2013

With 60 in. overall length and low-profile design, E-Z Tec® XR-SS (Side Shoot) enables complete inspection of containers up to 6 in. dia or squared x 9 in. high for foreign objects, weight, product integrity, fill level, and item presence. Inspections are performed at rates up to 1,000 units/min or 200 fpm, and 30–80 kVp side-shoot X-Ray generator comes standard. Other features include 304 stainless steel construction, 15 in. touchscreen HMI, and QNX operating system. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Coolant Management, Transfer Equipment aid metalworking facilities.

March 1, 2013

Available for individual or multiple metalworking machines, Coolant Management Solutions can include complete design of coolant transfer, temperature control, tramp oil removal, and proper make-up. Custom Transfer Equipment are also available for all types of central systems and individual machine sumps. Fluid filtering applications range from individual machine tools or cells to plant-wide centralized systems that support operations using water-based coolants to straight oil lubricants. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Services

X-Ray Inspection System serves bulk flow applications.

February 26, 2013

Utilizing bulk flow x-ray technology, E-Z Tec® XR-Bulk can inspect continuous product stream for such unwanted foreign objects as metal, stone, glass, bone, and plastics. Auto learn capabilities are complemented by such features as multi-lane inspection, 60 in. overall length, low-profile design, and tool-less disassembly for cleaning. Machine can also inspect for count, seal integrity, weight, shape, item position, and presence/absence of items. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Magnetic Separators are designed to accelerate cleaning.

January 31, 2013

ProGrade® Easy to Clean Grates in Housing, part of ProGrade standard magnetic separators, accelerate removal of accumulated fine iron contamination via push-pull operation. Accomplished within seconds, cleaning requires personnel to unlatch clamps on drawer fronts and pull magnet bank toward them; accumulated metal contamination is scraped from tube and discharged out front of housing. Rare Earth and Xtreme® Rare Earth magnet strengths are available. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Eccentric Eddy Current Separator separates nonferrous metals.

December 14, 2012

Featuring eccentrically mounted Rare Earth magnetic rotor within non-conductive larger diameter shell, RevX-E™ is suited for purifying cullet and plastics, and recovered valuable metal from secondary metals and incineration ash, especially separation of small particles. Eccentric rotor concentrates eddy current forces into zone of separation at end of belt, ignoring ferrous material in flow. Other highlights include access panels for service and adjustable rotor position for optimum separation. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Metal Separator targets sanitary applications.

December 14, 2012

Designed for industries with very hygienic demands, Eriez® Model FF5 inspects dry bulk goods under free-fall conditions and detects all ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. Metal contaminants are rejected through Quick Flap reject unit, which minimizes good product loss. Available in standard pipe sizes of 3.15, 3.94, 4.72, 5.9, 7.87, and 9.84 in., separator fits into existing gravity pipeline systems and offers immunity to EMI and vibration. Read More

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