Eddy Current Separator recovers non-ferrous fines.

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Without sensor-based or optical sorting equipment, Eriez® Ultra High-Frequency Eddy Current Separator recovers aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous fines from automobile shredder residue. System's rotor, available in 1.0 or 1.2 m wide, combines ability to produce high gauss at belt's surface with large number of magnetic poles operating at high RPMs to create ultra-high-frequency changes. Combination results in separation of bare copper wire and other valuable metals as small as 2–3 mm.

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New Eriez® Ultra High-Frequency Eddy Current Separator Recovers Copper and other Nonferrous Fines from ASR

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Erie, PA —The new Eriez® Ultra High-Frequency (UHF) Eddy Current Separator provides unparalleled recovery of aluminum, copper and other nonferrous fines from automobile shredder residue (ASR) without the requirement for additional expensive sensor based or optical sorting equipment. The innovative design of the advanced UHF Eddy Current Separator enables it to easily capture challenging materials typically missed by traditional eddy current separators.

UHF Eddy Current Separator’s rotor designed to produce exceptionally high gauss at the belt’s surface together with its large number of magnetic poles operating at higher RPMs creates ultra high-frequency changes. This combination results in superior separation of bare copper wire and other valuable nonferrous metals as small as 2-3 mm.   

“Like all of our cutting-edge recycling equipment, the UHF Eddy Current Separator utilizes the latest technology to improve the grade recovery curve and increase operators’ profitability,” says Mike Shattuck, Market Manager-Metals Recycling. “We are committed to continually advancing the recycling industry through ongoing product development.”

UHF Eddy Current Separator rotors are available in 1.0 or 1.2 meter wide.  Each unit ships with an Eriez Brute Force Vibratory Feeder to provide an even presentation of material across the rotor.

Eriez designed the UHF Eddy Current Separator with the highest standards to ensure trouble-free operation and long service life. Equipment highlights include its carbon fiber shell and easy, precise rack and pinion splitter adjustments.

For more information about the UHF Eddy Current Separator as well as Eriez’ full range of metal sorting equipment, visit http://erieznews.com/nr373.

Eriez is recognized as world authority in separation technologies.  The company’s magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, fluid filtration, flotation, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have application in the process, metalworking, packaging, plastics, rubber, recycling, food, mining, aggregate and textile industries.  Eriez manufactures and markets these products through 12 international facilities located on six continents.  For more information, call toll-free 888-300-ERIEZ (3743) within the U.S. and Canada.  For online users, visit www.eriez.com or email eriez@eriez.com.  Eriez World Headquarters is located at 2200 Asbury Road, Erie, PA 16506.               

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