Airless Metal Recovery System helps reduce waste.

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Promoting metal reuse and energy conservation, ProSort II uses metal sensors aligned with electromagnetically driven paddles to separate valuable metals from waste. Inverted paddle design enhances detection of larger and smaller metallics and even some wire, while motorized paddle is adjustable - up/down, forward/backward, angle up/down - to optimize separation efficiency. System comes in modular design in units up to 90 in. wide.

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Eriez® Introduces ProSort II-a New and Improved Product for Superior Metal Recovery

Erie, Pa. - Eriez® introduces the revolutionary ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System. "The ProSort II includes all of the advanced features of the original ProSort, but with twice as many sensors per paddle. The new inverted paddle design means better detection of both larger and smaller metallics--even some wire!" said Mike Shattuck, Eriez Project Manager-Heavy Industries.

ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System helps reduce landfill waste, re-use metals and save energy. It is designed for the most efficient and economical processing of shredded automobiles, co-mingled recyclables, electronic scrap, glass cullet, foundry sand as well as many other resource recovery operations.

ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System uses high sensitivity metal sensors aligned with low energy electromagnetically driven paddles to separate valuable metals from waste material. "With twice as many sensors per paddle than the original ProSort, the detection capability of ProSort II is unsurpassed," said Shattuck.

ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System uses a traditional conveyor belt and sensors to detect metals, then, instead of costly air reject systems, cost-effective two-inch "electromagnetic motorized paddles" reject material. These paddles are positioned side-by-side in a bank as wide as the belt, so when the sensors detect metal on the belt, the control circuit energizes the appropriate paddle at the moment the metal passes below/under, diverting from the product stream. This system recovers the majority of nonferrous and stainless steel from the waste stream.

The motorized paddle is adjustable: up and down, forward and backward and angle up and angle down to maximize separation efficiency. The ProSort II comes in a modular design in units up to 90 inches wide. By replacing expensive air compressor plants, valves and airlines with energy-efficient electromagnetic drives, the ProSort II requires less than 25 percent of the electricity needed to operate a comparably sized air-powered sorter.

"The energy-efficient, waste-reducing ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System is just one of our many innovative 'green' products," says Tim Shuttleworth, President and CEO. "Eriez has become a market leader in the growing recycling industry as we strive to reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills, while providing profit for our customers."

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