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Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd.

10 Plaut St., Rehovot, 7670609, Israel

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Gideon Rossman
Phone: 972-8-946-0262
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paints & coatings

Protein-Based Coating reinforces PAN/phenolic-based composites.

March 11, 2014

To reinforce PAN/phenolic composites, SP1/CNT coats fabric with carbon nanotubes using SP1 protein. Resulting properties include optimized flat-wise tensile strength and inter-laminar shear strength as well as retention of overall composite strength. Use of SP1/CNT complex (0.2%–0.3% by weight of PAN fabric) allows users to implement nano-reinforced phenolic-based composites as well as introduce PAN/phenolic-based composites for such uses as thermal aerospace applications. Read More

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