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Custom Metal Formed Parts are made with 6-stage press technology.

August 24, 2012

With virtually no limit to potential uses or designs, Conform products consist of complex, multifunctional, precision parts produced by metal forming. After initial coordination with customer, company carries out series production check. Development process then moves to production of functional samples in near-series quality, which can be produced with same properties as mass production parts to be manufactured later on as formed parts. Read More

fasteners & hardware

Tamper-Proof Fastener secures sensitive equipment.

August 13, 2012

Combining unique screw drive geometry and assembly tool, LocTec screw drive makes it impossible to loosen/remove fasteners without destroying joint. Recess in screw head only lets fastener be screwed in with matching tool. Flank shape of drive recess makes it impossible to loosen screw after assembly, even with special tool. Dismantlement is only possible by drilling out screw or cutting slot in screw head, voiding warranty and hindering theft. Read More

fasteners & hardware

Fastener System prevents tampering with sensitive equipment.

August 7, 2012

Combining special screw geometry with matching assembly tool, LocTec Screw Drive makes it impossible to loosen or remove fasteners after assembly without destroying joint. Attempting to do so causes tool to rotate out of screw head on its own. Dismantling is only possible by drilling out screw or cutting slot in screw head. In addition to protecting electronics enclosures and fuse boxes, system is suited for solar modules that must be protected against unauthorized access. Read More

adhesives & sealants

Threadlockers use mechanical and chemical technologies.

March 9, 2012

Comprised of mechanical and chemical screw locking technologies, ThreadLoc system offers individually optimized solutions for muffling, sealing, and securing threaded fastener joints. Optimized products range from adhesive (chemically reactive) and binding (non-reactive) retention methods, to Arnold Powerlok secure screws with trilobar threads and LocTech drives for permanent mechanical anchors. Read More

fasteners & hardware

Triangular Screws are designed for sheet metal joining.

December 6, 2011

Utilizing flow-hole forming technology in fabrication process, Flowform® screws heat sheet metal via axial force and driver speed. After screw penetrates material, trilobal shape causes metric thread to be formed in host material that can accept standard metric screw if repairs are needed. Formed hole adapts to shape of screw after controlled-torque assembly, and process eliminates need for additional securing components as well as component preparation steps such as drilling or punching. Read More


Rapid Fastener Prototyping offers production-ready checks.

November 10, 2011

Fastener Express offers end-to-end concept that allows complex fastener components and precision parts to be developed as prototypes and manufactured later in large volumes as production-ready parts. Production Ready check determines whether subsequent production-ready part will be turned or molded, Direct Acceptance process eliminates typical request delay times, and simultaneous transformation of 3D CAD data into physical products eliminates tooling design and procurement steps. Read More

fasteners & hardware, safety & security equipment

Joining Systems provide protection against disassembly, theft.

November 1, 2011

TriPress® fasteners, featuring triangular cross-section shanks, press into round core holes, which take on shape of fastener as result for form-fit joint. After shank is pressed in, fastener is resistant to stripping and pull-out. LocTec® screw system combines special screw drive geometry with special assembly tool, which makes it impossible to loosen or remove fasteners without destroying joint. Disassembly is only possible by drilling out screw or cutting slot in screw head. Read More

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