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Aeon Lighting Technology Inc

display & presentation equipment, electrical equipment & systems

Waterproof T8 LED Tube Light operates down to -85°F.

January 20, 2015

Retaining instant turn on capability, ALTLED® T8 incorporates aluminum heat-sink outer casing, military grade A-class components, and temperature-resistant, solid-state capacitors that ensure consistent operation down to -85°F. Light produces 104 lm/W throughout entire 50,000 hr life span, and IP65 rating is supported by multiple waterproof installation options. Other than double-pin fixtures, tubes are compatible with single-pin T8 socket designed for refrigeration applications. Read More

display & presentation equipment, electrical equipment & systems

High-CRI Recessed Lights create vivid representations.

December 2, 2014

Designed to promote natural and faithful rendering of colors of objects, Orion series includes round shape downlights, AR111, panel lights, T8 tubes, and recessed lights. Commercial and industrial lighting products, used for illuminating large areas, feature optimized heat dissipation technology, CRI values up to 92, and gentle, glare-free output. Along with customized patterns on panel lights, options include Osram Square and Lumileds Luxeon TX led chips. Read More

electrical equipment & systems

LED Floodlights offer extended lifespan at up to 500 W.

November 17, 2014

Equipped with Osram Opto Semiconductors’ Oslon Square chipset, Lodestar Series Floodlights offer optimized heat dissipation and color stability. Chipset provides color temperatures ranging from 2,400–5,000 K with CRI over 80 and typical brightness of 209 lm at 3,000 K, suitable for outdoor lighting. Patented heat sink Glacier Edge technology and self-developed driver enable floodlights to withstand high heat, even in boiling water. Read More

electrical equipment & systems

LED Panel Light distributes light without glare.

October 2, 2014

Equipped with aluminum thermal management to dissipate heat generated from chipset, 46 W ALTLED® Aluminum Plus Panel Light adopts side-lighting type backlight module as opposed to conventional direct-lighting backlight, which can create unwanted dark spots. Optics diffuser and reflector technology also contribute to uniform lighting. Providing output up to 6,000 lm in True White, panel light also comes in Natural and Warm White versions. Read More

display & presentation equipment, electrical equipment & systems

Recessed LED Downlight produces nebula effect.

May 16, 2014

Comprising white, square-shaped, luminaire-in-one downlights, ALTLED® Uniqube™ series uses pure aluminum heat sink built into fixture to ensure product and lighting quality. Translucent frames emits colored lights according to preferred color. When turned on, main lighting will shine brightly while frame around it glows faintly in back. Chipsets are from CREE and Osram, available apertures range from 2–6 in., output reaches up to 6,000 lm, and color temperature ranges from 2,200K to 10,000K. Read More

display & presentation equipment, electrical equipment & systems, electronic components & devices, vision systems

Dimmable PAR38 IP68 LED Bulb carries UL and PSE listings.

May 12, 2014

Suitable for outdoor applications, ALTLED® PAR38 with IP68 rating is waterproof and passes Japan's Product Safety Electrical Appliance and Material (PSE) safety regulations. Dimmable product withstands any type of weather, including rain, cold, and heat, and uses CREE and Bridgelux chipsets. Total lumen output is available up to 3,050 lm. Read More

electrical equipment & systems

LED Downlight combines luminaire and light.

January 13, 2014

Designed to replace inefficient incandescent light sources, 20 W ALTLED® 4 in LED Downlight comes in varying beam angles and color temperatures, ranging from golden-toned 2,200 K sunset glow to bright True White reaching 2,000 lm. Light offers dimming options and installs in ceiling using spring clips. It is suited for existing sites, new construction, and remodel installations. Read More

architectural and civil engineering products, display & presentation equipment, electrical equipment & systems

High-Wattage Floodlights, Street Lights use LED sources.

November 14, 2013

With IP68 rating and brightness reaching 42,000 lm, ALTLED® T200 and T500 LED floodlights replace HIDs over 1,000 W and are offered with optional anti-fall device. ALTLED LED street lights, also IP68-rated, pass salt spray test and offer CRI of 95 and uniform brightness. Able to replace halogen downlights, ALTLED 4 in., 20 W downlight produces up to 2,000 lm (true white) brightness. CRI of 98 is optional, and color temperatures range from 22,00K to 6,500K. LED chandeliers are also available. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, green & clean

LED Lights offer continuous non-flickering operation.

December 11, 2012

Featuring large heat dissipating fins and shock safety design, indoor V2 T8 LED Tube creates continuous light illumination, entirely free from high frequency flicker and visual health hazards of traditional T8. EU RoHS-compliant product emits zero UV, zero radiation, and zero infrared. ALT PAR36 Series, utilizing pure aluminum heatsink, brings temperature generated by halogen lights down from 150°C to 60°C or less. Unit is IP65-rated waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use. Read More

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