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Switching Retimer supports direct connect interface.

May 11, 2017

Enabling DP Alt-Mode operation with signal switching and conditioning, MCDP60x0 Type C Switching Retimer is suitable for notebooks, PCs, gaming consoles and smart mobile devices. Unit’s DP Alt mode offers simultaneous connectivity for 10 Gbps data transfer and 4K60Hz/120Hz display over USB type C connectors. Supporting SRIS for Gen2 bit rate and BLR for Gen1 bit rate of 5 Gbits/sec, product... Read More

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SYR-LINE Slim Timers are offered in 6 configurations.

Mar 20, 2017

Offering surge and inrush current protection, SYR-LINE Slim Timers are suitable for infrastructure, commercial and industrial markets. Designed in single 16A output and double 8A output versions, timers come in DIN rail mounted 17.5mm x 90mm package and weighs 70g. Available in six configurations with mechanical life of 30 x 106 cycles, units are equipped with latching and delayed latching... Read More

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Multi-Timers and Time Switches meet UL and CE standards.

Mar 10, 2017

Multi-Timers and Time Switches are used in control operations. Multi-timers are offered in universal digital and analog and programmable panel mount digital models. AMT8 and AMT12 offer time range from 0.1 sec to 999 hours, AMT10 and AMTAS in 0.1 sec to 100 hours and AMT33 in 0.1 sec to 999 days. ATS digital time switches come in three chrono versions allowing daily or weekly switching time... Read More

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8835 GPS Clock offers less than 1x10-12 frequency accuracy.

Jan 05, 2017

Operating at -30°C to +60°C temperature range with TNC GPS receiver port, 8835 GPS Clock provides 1 PPS accuracy with less than 50 nanoseconds RMS. Featuring 10/100 base-T Ethernet interface, unit leverages NTP, SNMP, Telnet, SSH, and FTP network protocols for status and control. Operated with 24 VDC, 48 VDC, or 100-240 VAC power source, unit is suitable for defense, SatCom, and wireless... Read More

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ONfs Wearable Development Kit offers support for Bluetooth Low Energy.

Dec 02, 2016

Using programmable NCP6915 power management IC, Wearable Development Kit provides 5 LDOs and 1 DC-DC to power smart watches. Including NCP1855 battery charger IC, LC709203F fuel gauge and 10W SCY1751 wireless charging front-end controller, kit features sensors with MEMS-based FIS1100 IMU, 3]axis gyroscope and 3]axis accelerometer operation for sensing and motion tracking. LC898301 driver IC... Read More

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Masterclock Honored with Gold Innovators Award

Nov 24, 2016

ST. CHARLES, Mo., Nov. 22, 2016 - Masterclock, a manufacturer of precise timing systems, announced today that the company was honored with a Gold award from Military and Aerospace Electronics Magazine for their development and implementation of the timing and countdown system at the Kennedy Space Center, NASA's rocket launch headquarters. The annual Military & Aerospace Electronics... Read More

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Optical Clock Technology Optica, Researchers

Nov 23, 2016

Operating under microgravity experienced on a satellite, optical clock was successfully tested in space by researchers at Optica. Presenting their finding in ‘The Optical Society's’ journal researchers demonstrate that optical clock technology, which uses compact, robust and automated frequency comb laser system  is ready for implementation in space thereby helping GPS-based... Read More

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Time Synchronization in the Nanosecond Range with IXXAT Software

Apr 25, 2016

Adding to the existing and proven IXXAT IEEE 1588 solutions, HMS now presents protocol software for IEEE 802.1AS - the first commercially available software package for highly accurate time synchronization of AVB and TSN networks. IEEE 802.1 AS is an adapted version of the IEEE 1588 profile - specially designed for AVB and TSN systems (audio/video broadcasting and time sensitive networking). As... Read More

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High-Speed Doors use LED communication system for safety.

Apr 18, 2016

Standard on FasTrax High-Speed Doors, LED Countdown® works with door’s internal timers and uses LED lights to let workers know how much time there is before door closes. When door is approached, up arrow will signal that door is opening. Once forklift or personnel exit threshold, timer will count down. Numbers will appear in white lights until 2 seconds remain; then numbers appear yellow,... Read More

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Masterclock and Cyber Sciences Sync up to Simplify Timing

Apr 15, 2016

Achieve high-resolution time synchronization without expensive infrastructure changes. ST. CHARLES, Mo. - Masterclock, a provider of precision timing solutions for mission critical environments, today announced a strategic alliance with Cyber Sciences, a manufacturer of high-quality specialty products for monitoring and control of electrical distribution systems, to promote a simplified means of... Read More

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Multifunction Rugged Timepiece is sized for female wearers.

Mar 18, 2016

Targeting female timepiece wearers, 5-piece G-SHOCK S Series Military Collection resists effects of shock and magnets and is water-resistant to 200 m. Auto LED light with afterglow is one of several features: 4 daily alarms, hourly time signal, 1/1,000 sec stopwatch, countdown timer, and 48-city world time. With matte coloring and slender band, watch comes in three 2-tone colorways – Blue... Read More

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Compact Stable 32 kHz TCXO offer in-system auto-calibration.

Mar 16, 2016

Available in 1.5 x 0.8 x 0.6 mm CSP, SiT156x/7x series perform several functions – RTC reference, connectivity sleep clock, audio subsystem reference – in wearable, IoT, or mobile systems. All products utilize TempFlat MEMS™ technology and deliver ±5 ppm all-inclusive frequency stability, and SiT1568 also offers in-system, auto-calibration feature. Along with programmable temperature... Read More

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Microsemi Quadruples Precision Time Protocol Client Capacity to Provide Enhanced Synchronization Performance to LTE Networks

Dec 21, 2015

Increases TimeProvider 2700/2300 Capacity to 512 Clients; Adds Support for the G.8275.1 PTP Profile for Phase ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, today announced it has quadrupled the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) client capacity of its TimeProvider® 2700 PTP... Read More

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ON-Delay Interval Timer (1/16 DIN) provides multifunction support.

Nov 16, 2015

Model 405AE features on-delay and interval timing modes that each features 8 selectable time ranges and SPDT contact output configuration (5 A resistive). In on-delay mode, contacts transfer at time-out. In interval mode, contact transfer occurs when power is applied to device and released at time-out. Power options include 110 Vac and 24 Vac/dc, and 1/16 DIN housing carries IP40 rating for... Read More

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Illumiti and Vandrico Launch MineSafe Smartwatch Running on the SAP HANA Platform

Nov 09, 2015

TORONTO – Illumiti, in collaboration with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab and Vandrico Solutions Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of our new MineSafe Smartwatch. The MineSafe Smartwatch is a tool to help miners identify and respond to potentially dangerous issues. The watch enables real-time communication between miners underground and their support team on the surface. Using real-time data... Read More

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Time Synchronization using a Delphin Datalogger

Aug 28, 2015

Delphin Professional Measurement Systems CHESTERLAND OH — When the time between a PC and Delphin data logger differs by a significant duration, measurement data cannot be displayed in the form of online trend diagrams as it normally can. Therefore it's essential to ensure time synchronization between the data logger and the PC. In this brief technical article, Delphin Technology and CAS... Read More

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Forever 21 Implements M2SYS Technology's RightPunch Biometric Time Clock

Jul 24, 2015

Deployment Designed to Increase Productivity, Save Money, and Improve Compliance Atlanta, GA – M2SYS Technology, a global innovator in biometric identification management solutions, announced today that retailer Forever 21 has implemented the M2SYS PC-based RightPunch™ biometric time clock. RightPunch™ seamlessly interfaces with Forever 21's Kronos timekeeping software and allows... Read More

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Vacuum Interrupters' CBT-1201 Portable Circuit Breaker Timer Wins ISHN 2015 Readers' Choice Award

Jun 23, 2015

Dallas, Texas – Vacuum Interrupters, Inc.’s CBT-1201 portable circuit breaker (CBT) timer, power supply, and circuit breaker control system has won ISHN magazine’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Award. The magazine’s readers voted on the product to win in the EHS Management Software category. “We are delighted that the CBT-1201 has been recognized by ISHN’s readers as the best choice for EHS... Read More

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Grandmaster Clock provides synchronization to LTE networks.

May 22, 2015

Providing simultaneous hardware time stamping support of up to 128 Precision Time Protocol clients, TimeProvider 2700 PTP GM Clock delivers synchronization in mobile backhaul network and small cell aggregation locations. Increased capacity enables operators to deliver accurate frequency and phase to double number of end nodes. Clock is optimized to help mitigate asymmetric timing errors and meet... Read More

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Ambiq Micro Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Future Electronics

May 12, 2015

Austin, TX - Ambiq Micro, a leader in ultra-low power integrated circuits for power-sensitive applications, has signed a global distribution agreement with electronics distributor, Future Electronics.   The distributor will market Ambiq's real-time clocks (RTCs) and the Apollo family of ARM Cortex microcontrollers (MCUs). These are the world's lowest power devices of their kind, both... Read More