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Alliance/CAS Caston II Plus Crane Scale features 320 x 240 TFT LCD display.

Mar 24, 2017

Available in 1,000 x 0.5 lb, 2,000 x 1 lb, and 5,000 x 2 lb capacities, Alliance/CAS Caston II Plus Crane Scale comes with TWN handheld indicator and is operated on 6 VDC. Designed with on-board memory for 100 items and 5,000 transactions of time, date and gross weight, indicator features USB port for interfacing to PC, laptop or printer. Unit comes with heavy-duty swivel hook and weighs 37.5... Read More

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Heat-Resistant Crane Scale is built for durability, safety.

May 17, 2016

Along with onboard systems that promote measurement accuracy, AnyLoad OCSG2 incorporates 1.5 inch ultra-bright LED to foster viewing from extended distances. Operators can select units in kg or lb, and remote enables operation from distances up to 10 m. Battery life exceeds 100 hr, and heavy-duty frame ensures safety and durability with alloy steel load receptor and heavy-duty bow... Read More

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LED Crane Scale thrives in harsh environments.

Jul 31, 2015

Available in capacities from 2,000–100,000 lb, Model CS3000™ features shock-mounted electronics in weatherproof case, providing protection against moisture, dust, and rough usage. Scale comes standard with 1.5 in. 5-digit LED display offering adjustable brightness setting and RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology for viewing and recording weights remotely. Using standard D-cell batteries, scale... Read More

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Crane Scale features 1.5 in. 5-digit LED display.

May 19, 2015

Available with capacities from 500–20,000 lb, CS1500™ LED Crane Scale comes equipped with RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology for viewing and recording weights remotely. Battery provides 500 hours of continuous use and 9,000 hours in standby mode. Featuring adjustable brightness setting, LED display can be viewed in outdoor applications. NTEP-certified scale is also available with LCD, and... Read More

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Programmable Crane Scale protects rigging and lift operators.

Mar 04, 2015

Available in 5,000 lb or 15,000 lb weight capacity with accuracy of ±0.2%, WeighPlus™ Crane Scale warns operators if they are lifting overload, protecting them from unsafe situation. Prior to lifting, scale's Working Load Limit is set to match rating on lifting device being used. During lift operation, LED displays weight being lifted and will warn operator if they exceed WLL of... Read More

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Crane Scale serves medium-duty industrial applications.

Nov 06, 2014

Offering capacities from 100–1,000 lb, CS750™ crane scales are available in NTEP-certified models and with RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology. Device is powered by 4 D-cell batteries for up to 800 hr continuous or 5,000 hr in standby mode. Keypad functionality includes tare setting as well as ability to accumulate and total series of weight readings directly on scale.... Read More

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Digital Crane Scale Features Wireless Remote Control

Sep 25, 2014

A line of portable, battery powered crane scales that are easy to use, operate up to 50 hours on a single 9V battery, and include a hook and shackle is available from Alliance Scale, Inc. of Canton, Massachusetts. Alliance/CAS IE Series Crane Scales feature wireless remote controls with a 32 ft. range and 1.1" 5-digit LCD or LED displays that are easy to read.  Providing function keys for... Read More

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Reliable Weighing at the Right Price

Dec 20, 2012

Your lab needs accurate, reliable precision and analytical balances, but your budget needs a break. Let Tovatech help you select a top-of-the-line Kern model - durable and easy-to-use. State of the art German engineering gives the accuracy and precision you demand. We offer a 3 year warranty and with our huge inventory you get fast delivery. Tovatech is Ready to Help Email Tovatech for more... Read More

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MSI Upgrades Two Popular Crane Scales for Modern Weighing Demands

Oct 26, 2012

Measurement Systems International launches a new generation of their popular MSI-4260 and MSI-3460 models, adding remote display function and more. Seattle, WA - MSI's Challenger and Port-A-Weigh crane scales have been a staple of the MSI line for decades, popular in industries ranging from petro-chemical and aerospace to agriculture, marine, metals and more. Today MSI announces that they've... Read More

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Heavy-Duty, Portable Crane Scale comes with wireless remote.

Oct 01, 2012

Offered in 100 x 0.05 lb, 200 x 0.1 lb, 500 x 0.2 lb, 1,000 x 0.5 lb, and 2,000 x 1.0 lb capacities, Alliance/CAS IE Series serves weighing applications in shipping-receiving, manufacturing and assembly, and material handling environments. Wireless remote control has 32 ft range, and scale will operate for up to 50 hr on fully charged 9 Vdc battery. Along with aluminum die cast case, features... Read More

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Chatillon® Digital Hanging and Crane Scales are the Solution for a Wide Range of Weighing Applications

Nov 23, 2011

Scales Feature Latest Design and Performance Innovations LARGO, FLORIDA - The Chatillon® brand, which has been the preeminent name in precision weighting equipment for more than 175 years, now offers digital hanging and crane scales that incorporate the latest design innovations and represent the current state of the art in accuracy and technology. Chatillon CCR Series Digital Hanging Scale... Read More

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Wireless-Enabled Crane Scale comes in capacities to 100,000 lb.

Jul 07, 2011

With capacities from 2,000-100,000 lb and NTEP models available, CS3000(TM) is supplied as standard with compact, handheld RFX(TM) Wireless Weighing Indicator for control of scale functions. Rechargeable D Cell batteries last up to 3,000 hr, and large pushbutton controls promote trouble-free operation. Top Eyehook and Bottom Crosby S-1 Swivel Hook are also standard, and shock-mounted,... Read More

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Crane Weighing System provides lifecycle measurement.

Oct 26, 2009

Incorporating double-ended, shear beam load cells and process control instruments, Crane-Weighing Solution complies with European standard FEM 9.755, which establishes calculation of service intervals and lifecycle measurement parameters. Load cells feature capacity from 0.5 kN and combined error of 0.2-0.5% of R.O. Connecting up to 8 load cells in individual channels, solution sums all channels,... Read More

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Crane Scale has remote control with Bluetooth technology.

Oct 23, 2008

With operating capability of up to 350 ft, Alliance/CAS Caston-IIIBT wireless crane scale allows operators to position themselves safely away from large, heavy loads. Offered in capacities ranging from 10,000 x 5 up to 100,000 x 20 lb, unit comes equipped with 6-digit 1.5 in. LED display. It features rechargeable battery pack, spare battery pack and charger, manual or automatic on, off, zero,... Read More

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CellScale RF Digital Crane Scales Receive NTEP Certification

Mar 26, 2007

Measurement Systems International is pleased to announce its NTEP Certification obtained on both the MSI-9300 Porta-Weigh Plus and MSI-6260CS Trans-Weigh RF Digital Crane Scales. CellScale Wireless Network Solutions employing these crane scales in 5,000lb - 70,000lb (2,500kg - 35,000kg) capacities are certified for use in NTEP Class III L applications. Both the MSI-9300 and MSI-6260CS crane... Read More

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Crane Scale features hand-held remote.

Feb 02, 2006

Battery-operated Alliance/Eilon Ron 2501 includes wireless remote control with 5-digit, 0.5 in. LCD display and sealed keypad that provides max, enter, zero, tare, and on/off functions. Offered in models up to 600,000 lb capacity, unit is accurate to ±0.1% FS. Load cell enclosure is extruded aluminum, iridized and polyurethane coated. Hook and lifting eye are Crosby-Laughlin or equivalent.... Read More

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Harsh-Duty Crane Scale works in scrap metal industry.

Aug 24, 2005

Installed between crane boom and magnet, motion-compensated MSI-9260 is battery-powered and uses RF communications for wireless operation. Complete weighing system includes MSI-3750CS digital weight indicator that displays lifted weight and can also total series of lifts. Audible and visual signals alert operator when specified weight has been acquired. Along with 50,000 lb capacity, unit offers... Read More

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Crane Scale utilizes 12 V rechargeable SLA battery.

May 16, 2005

Electronic Porta-Weigh Plus MSI-4300 includes 6-digit, 1.6 in. high, alphanumeric LCD with LED backlighting and sealed lead acid battery that provides up to 300 hours of operation between charges. Available in 9 standard capacities from 500-100,000 lb, scale includes digital calibration and self-diagnostic circuitry. It is available with infrared remote controller, RS-232 and relay output... Read More

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Digital Crane Scales suit force measurement applications.

Oct 24, 2004

Series ARC hanging scales employ stainless steel load sensor encased within solid red polyurethane and aircraft grade aluminum housing. Digital indicator has 1 in. high digits to facilitate viewing, and other features include 0.1% accuracy of full capacity and pushbutton tare and zero. Scale is available with a capacity of 5,000 lb with 1 lb readability, or 2,500 lb with ½ lb readability. Read More

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Crane Scales offer capacities from 250-10,000 lb.

Sep 15, 2004

Designed for overhead material handling and weighing, Xpress Crane Scales come in Economy and Standard models. Economy unit features power saving mode, waterproof construction, anti-scrape screen, and 5-digit LED display. Standard model includes power saving engine; physical load cell protection; waterproof, anti-shock PCB; and IR remote control. Applications include recycling, metal works,... Read More