Rainfall Monitoring System reduces damage from flooding.

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STORM Guardian™ logs rainfall data from remote locations to predict if flood conditions are present. Using GPRS antenna, unit transmits rainfall data to TimeView™ website so that users can access information in real-time. Tipping bucket rain gauge system features rugged, non-corrosive construction and is powered by field-replaceable lithium battery packs that last for up to 7 years. Bucket size can be set at 0.1, 0.2, or 0.5 mm of rainfall with ±2% accuracy at .25 gph.

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Casella CEL STORM Guardian(TM) Rainfall Monitoring System Reduces Damage from Flooding

BUFFALO, NY – Flooding is a leading cause of weather-related fatalities in the United States, second only to heat stroke and greater in number than lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes. On average, 120 Americans die each year in floods, and annual crop damage from flooding is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

To help reduce the impact of flooding, Casella CEL has introduced its life-saving STORM Guardian™ tipping bucket rain gauge, an early warning system that logs rainfall data from remote locations to predict if flood conditions are present. Using an on-board data logger and an advanced GPRS antenna that eliminates the need for a PC modem, the STORM Guardian remotely transmits rainfall data to the Casella CEL TimeView™ website where users can access their information in real-time.

The TimeView website is equipped with Google Maps, and features a flexible graphical display and tabular logged readings for fast, accurate analysis of rainfall amounts, duration and intensities. In addition, the website lets users set up and configure the remote logger from any Internet-ready device. Optional email and text alarms can also be sent from the website.

Durability is critical in a rain gauge. The STORM Guardian's integrated, low-energy design is powered by field-replaceable lithium battery packs that last for up to seven years, unlike competitive units that rely on solar panels and lead acid batteries. Adding to the system's reliability is its rugged, non-corrosive construction. The base, septum ring and funnel are aluminum alloy with a long-life protective coating, while both the logger and the battery are IP65 rated to prevent water ingress. The tipping bucket mechanism has a built-in spirit level to achieve the most accurate positioning of the bucket in the field.

"Our new STORM Guardian is quick, easy and inexpensive to install and is more dependable than solar-powered units that have components located outside the bucket," notes Rob Brauch, Business Unit Manager, Casella CEL. "'We expect the STORM Guardian to be well received by government agencies and by companies using buckets with their own telemetry and hydrology systems to monitor rainfall, especially for crop and flood protection."

The STORM Guardian is designed to assures the most accurate rainfall measurements. Bucket size can be set at 0.1mm, 0.2mm or 0.5mm of rainfall with ±2 percent accuracy at .25 gallons per hour.  The "tipping" action releases the collected water and repositions the opposite side of the bucket under the discharge nozzle ready for filling.

In addition to monitoring rainfall distribution and intensity, the STORM Guardian provides accurate and precise measurements for weather forecasting, environmental protection and improvement, waste water treatment, agriculture and radar adjustment applications.

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