Surgical Equipment

Electrosurgical Coagulator meets surgeons' needs.

Irrigating bipolar electrosurgical coagulator, AURA(TM) Plus, features adjustable LCD touch screen and touch-pad controls that let user adjust settings. Output level is displayed in Watts and Malis(TM) units, with power settings ranging from 0-70 W. Along with footswitch capable of controlling power, irrigation, or both, product features peristaltic irrigation pump with adjustable flow rate from...

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Gamma Knife facilitates stereotactic radiosurgery.

Taking stereotactic radiosurgery to next level, Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion(TM) provides platform for refinement and expansion of procedures in brain, cervical spine, and head and neck regions. Collimator design provides surgeon with almost unlimited ability for sculpting dose to produce complex dose distributions. System comes with Leksell GammaPlan® PFX(TM) client-based treatment planning...

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Hip Positioning System aids arthroscopic surgery.

Hip Positioning System enables surgeons to access and treat hip joint using arthroscopic techniques. Attaching to most standard operating room tables, it is designed to gently and slightly separate joint, creating space for surgeons to work. Ball joint built into system enables movement of joint as needed during arthroscopic procedures.

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