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Sensepoint XRL Gas Detector comes with a metal enclosure.

Nov 04, 2017

Sensepoint XRL Gas Detector features Bluetooth connectivity which allows users to set up using a smartphone app. Unit is used to monitor gases such as carbon monoxide or methane. Product can be operated from up to 33 ft and produce system reports. Suitable for wastewater, utilities, power generation, laboratories, downstream oil and gas operation applications, product uses hosedowns.

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Optio XP® Multi-Head Wired Gas Detector comes with LCD display.

Oct 25, 2017

Optio XP® Multi-Head Wired Gas Detector features IR/MIR sensor technology which helps to prevent false positives. Product can be integrated with up to six remote sensors and is embedded with intuitive graphical interface. Suitable for drill pads, rigs, compressor stations, gas plants, transmission stations and terminal applications, detector’s sensor is used to detect gases like H₂S,... Read More

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SGP30 Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor comes with two air quality signals.

Sep 26, 2017

SGP30 Siloxane-resistant Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor uses MOXSens® technology. Unit is suitable for smart home, appliance and Internet of Things applications. Product offers on-chip humidity compensation.

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Micralyne Broadens MEMS Process Capability to Enable Miniaturized Low-Power Gas Sensor Applications

Jun 23, 2017

EDMONTON, Alberta, June 22, 2017 - Micralyne Inc., a leading manufacturer of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and sensor supplier, announces the availability of standard silicon process technologies and process modules for the development and production of gas sensors. These new capabilities expand existing standard MEMS building blocks and provide the designer with miniaturized,... Read More

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Tango™ TX1 Gas Detector features H₂S sensors.

Jun 01, 2017

Tango™ TX1 Gas Detector is equipped with sensors that measure up to 0 to 500 ppm with accuracy and response times. Unit provides gas alerts when gas concentration exceeds acknowledgeable gas alert setpoint.

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proBE 3000 Sensors come in 3 or 4 mm diameter options.

May 17, 2017

proBE 3000 Sensor is capable of measuring cell biomass during microbial fermentations in 250 mL to 100 L scale vessels. Offering linear range of cell biomass from less than 0.01 to over 200 g/L dry cell weight, unit can provide access to small ports and fermentor sizes.

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Gas Detection Systems are equipped with XCell® sensors.

Apr 28, 2017

Available in S5000 and Ultima X5000 models, Gas Detection Systems are used for sensing low levels of toxic or combustible gases in air. Suitable for oil, gas and petrochemical industry, unit’s sensor automatically compensates for environmental shift and sensor drift. Detectors are equipped with XCell® sensors with TruCal™ technology for protecting workers and assets.

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SGP Gas Sensors use multi-pixel technology.

Apr 01, 2017

Suitable for environmental monitoring in smart home, appliances and Internet of Things applications, SGP Gas Sensors are housed in 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm^3 DFN package. Using Sensirion’s proprietary metal-oxide technology and multi-pixel platform, units offer long term stability and accuracy. Units can be integrated into mobile devices.

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Four New Honeywell Safety Products Win Prestigious iF Design Awards For Innovation, User Design

Mar 25, 2017

Portable and fixed gas detectors, respiratory mask selected from more than 5,500 entries from 59 countries by independent experts

SMITHFIELD, R.I., March 22, 2017 - Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced that four of its safety products have won 2017 iF Design Awards in recognition of their outstanding innovation and user-focused design.

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FCS Flexible Control System features IP54 rated black enclosure.

Mar 06, 2017

Ideal for use in large, enclosed parking facilities, indoor recreation facilities and food processing plants, FCS Flexible Control System comes with full colour, LCD touch screen with LED indicators for power, status and fault. Designed with four internal 5-amps dry contact relays, two configurable switch inputs and two strobe/horn output drives, system is operated with 4-20 mA analog input... Read More

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Sensepoint XCL Gas Detector comes with Sensepoint XCL app.

Feb 02, 2017

Designed with Sensepoint XCL app for set-up, calibration, testing and maintenance, Sensepoint XCL Gas Detector helps in monitoring hazardous levels of carbon monoxide, ammonia and methane gases. Enabling users to perform tasks wirelessly up to 33ft away, product is used in commercial-industrial operations, bus stations, warehouses and battery rooms. Product works with Honeywell's... Read More

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smartGAS NDIR Gas Sensor Modules

Jan 28, 2017

Jan 2017 - Santa Rosa, CA. - smartGAS gas sensor modules use infra-red absorption of gases (NDIR technology) to make accurate, reliable and cost-efficient gas detectors. They are used in a wide variety of applications in process measuring and ambient air monitoring. The smartGAS NDIR gas sensor modules are environmentally friendly, long-lasting and reliable.

Gases include:

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Emerson Launches New Plantweb(TM) Digital Ecosystem

Oct 27, 2016

Pervasive Sensing™, Secure First Mile™, Connected Services and new software bring the most comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things Portfolio to industry AUSTIN, TEXAS - Leveraging decades of digital automation expertise, Emerson (NYSE: EMR) today introduces the expanded Plantweb digital ecosystem, a scalable portfolio of standards-based hardware, software, intelligent devices and services... Read More

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Multi-Threat Monitor offers more than 20 sensor choices.

Oct 20, 2016

With meteorological monitoring and GPS-enabled location identification of hazards, AreaRAE Plus helps connected workers and managers make fast, informed safety decisions. Transportable monitor can communicate wireless signals up to 2 miles and has multiple configurations to provide both on-the-scene and remote safety information. Users can select from over 20 sensors for toxic and combustible... Read More

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Radius(TM) BZ1 Area Monitor featuring LENS(TM) Wireless communication system..

Oct 07, 2016

Enhancing worker safety by sharing alarms and gas readings between monitors, the Radius BZ1 uses LENS wireless peer to peer communication system to keep the workers alert and take proper action based on the level of gas leakage. Having a run time of 7 days at hazard communication and connectivity, monitor can detect upto seven gases. SafeCore Module in Radius BZ1 allows calibrating, managing... Read More

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Wireless Area Monitor communicates present gas hazards.

Sep 26, 2016

Able to detect up to 7 gases, Radius™ BZ1 ensures workers are aware of alarm and reason behind it via distinctive audio and visual cues and display size. Custom alarm action messages help workers take appropriate action according to present gas level, while run time of 7 days (168 hr continuous) suits long-term projects, routine maintenance, and emergency response applications. Rugged... Read More

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Fenceline Monitoring of Benzene to < 0.05 ppb

Sep 20, 2016

Interference-free measurement of aromatic hydrocarbons for pollution control and environmental monitoring Lyons, CO — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently toughened air pollution standards to further control toxic air emissions emitted by petroleum refineries. The new rules now enact fenceline monitoring to better protect local communities from exposure to toxic air... Read More

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Gas Monitoring Systems for Pollution Control

Jul 11, 2016

Government and environmental groups are forcing industries with medium to high VOC exhausts to reduce emissions by as much as 98%. Incineration using pollution control devices such as oxidizers and flare stacks is one way to bring the exhaust emissions in line with the regulations. Capturing and reusing solvent in a solvent recovery system is another way. Control Instruments Corp.’s various... Read More

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INFICON's Leak Test Solutions for HVAC, Fuel and Airbag Systems

Jul 07, 2016

DETROIT - The drive for cleaner air and more fuel-efficient vehicles has led to the redesign of automotive fuel and air-conditioning systems, which in turn require new and much more sensitive leak-detection systems. Recent vehicle-airbag safety concerns also have called attention to the need for even greater test accuracy in this area as well. ONE-STEP TESTING FOR BOTH HVAC AND FUEL On the HVAC... Read More

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IDT to Showcase its Latest Sensing Technology at Sensors Expo

Jun 17, 2016

The Show, Which Runs June 21-23 in San Jose, is a Leading Conference on Sensors and Sensor-Integrated Systems SAN JOSE, Calif., June 14, 2016 - Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT®) (NASDAQ: IDTI) announced today that it will exhibit its latest advanced sensing technology at next week's Sensors Expo Conference at San Jose's McEnery Convention Center. IDT will be at Booth 833,... Read More