Radon Environmental and Landauer Form New Exclusive Partnership to Bring Radtrak Radon Gas Detector to Canadians

VANCOUVER - RADON ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT CORP. and LANDAUER INC. announce a new partnership to supply the Canadian market with the Radtrak Radon Gas Detector.  Highly accurate, the Radtrak incorporates the most widely used method of measuring radon in North America and Europe.

"Landauer is a world leader and pioneer in radon gas detection, and we are excited to form this new partnership and have the benefit of Landauer's over 50 year experience in the development of radiation monitoring," explains Alan Whitehead, President & CEO of Radon Environmental. "In offering the Radtrak detector directly to Canadians, we look forward to a future with fewer radon-induced lung cancers."

Radon gas can't be seen, smelled or tasted, but it can be detected using the Radtrak Radon Gas Detector.  For more information on the Radtrak, Radon Environmental and Landauer, please visit our websites.


Radon Environmental Management Corp.


Alan Whitehead

President & CEO

Radon Environmental Management Corp.

450-1040 W Georgia St

Vancouver, BC  V6E 4H1  Canada

tel: 778 327 4717

fax: 778 327 4716


Bill Rounds

Business Manager Americas

Landauer, Inc.

2 Science Road

Glenwood, Illinois  60425-1586 USA

tel: 708 441 8324

fax: 708 755 7048


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