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ACR-335UT Direct Drive Rotary Table offers 360° rotation.

Sep 06, 2017

ACR-335UT Direct Drive Rotary Table comes with 335 mm diameter center opening which accommodates 300 mm semiconductor wafers. Suitable for linear cartesian alignment, unit features 16 RotoLinear motoring modules. Product runs up to 300 rpm speed and is ideal for dual side wafer measurement and inspection. Table is integrated with ultra-thin bearing system.

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Material Handling & Storage

LiftMaster 4000 Lift Table can rise up to 27 in.

Aug 08, 2017

LiftMaster 4000 Lift Table features two front swivels with brakes and two rear swivel locking. Unit comes with maximum carrying capacity of 4,000 lb and double-acting pump. Product is equipped with trigger lever gravity and pedestal with vertical protrusions. LiftMaster 4000 with an optional arm attachment can be used to lift components such as pumps, belly guards and engine covers.

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Rotary Tables are IP65 rated.

Jul 07, 2017

Featuring DIRECT DRIVE motor technology, Rotary Tables come with ABSOLUTE encoder. Offering water-tight and dust-proof characteristics, unit’s encoder provides arc-sec positioning resolution. Eliminating backlash, friction and wear problems, products assure against ingress of water and external particles.

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New Linear actuators, XYZ Robotics and Rotary Tables from IntelLiDrives

Jun 22, 2017

"Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, systems engineering and control engineering"

If you have an immediate need for an assistance with product selection, sizing, support or sales, please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail at your earliest convenience.

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Material Handling & Storage

Extended Vertical Travel Scissor Lift Table

May 05, 2017

NORTON, MA - Presto ECOA’s Extended Vertical Travel Lifts achieve maximum lifting heights with minimum footprint by utilizing multiple scissor mechanisms. Double, triple and quad scissor configurations are available in capacities from 2,000-6,000 lbs. with lifting heights of 70” up to 356”. Standard platform sizes range from 30” x 48” up to 84” x 144”.

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Servo Positioning Rotary Tables feature roller-gear drive.

Apr 22, 2017

Available in GTB40, GTB63, GTB80 and GTB100 models, GTB Series Servo Positioning Rotary Tables come with lifetime-lubricated solution for delivering high torque, speed and motion. Featuring direct motor coupling for eliminating backlash, units can be mounted on both vertical and horizontal orientations.

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Cleanroom Table with Automatic Height Adjustment

Apr 15, 2017

Fullerton, CA – Terra Universal's ErgoHeight™ Auto-Adjusting Cleanroom Work Station is designed to easily and quickly adjust to comfortable heights for sitting or standing. Motorized lifters, encased within the table's legs, lift or lower the table surface based on control panel input. Surface height ranges from 28" to 43" to accommodate personnel of different statures, as well as... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Southland Equipment, an ATI Dealer, Is Excited To Announce the Development of a New Series Of Zero-Low Ground Level Lift Tables

Feb 18, 2017

The lift is powered by an electric motor with lifting action by machine or ball screw instead of hydraulics.

The Benefit of eliminating hydraulics includes everything built-in. No more hydraulic oil, sweat or drips, drifting, and no more remote power pack. The operation is quiet, smooth, clean and suitable for laboratory, food processing and pharmaceutical operations. The new Zero-Low... Read More

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New High Accuracy Positioning Tables/Nano Precision Stages from Primatics

Aug 19, 2016

High Accuracy Positioning Tables/Nano Precision Stages, from Primatics, Inc., are used in applications where high accuracy and repeatability and/or smoothness are critical.  All sub-assembly components are machined to very tight tolerances in order to achieve the required accuracy and repeatability.  Typical precision for these types of stages are measured in the sub-micron or nanometer... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Conveyor, Accumulation Table facilitate tablet/capsule inspection.

Aug 11, 2016

Handling round, square, and rectangular bottles (plastic or glass) up to 2500 cc, Tablet Entrapment Free (TEF) Conveyor and TEF Accumulation Table facilitate inspection for trapped product. Functionality accelerates thorough line clearance during product changeovers and shift changes while also helping eliminate foreign product cross-contamination. Conveyor operates up to 100 fpm, and... Read More

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Scissor Lift Tables offer tilt, turn, and convey functionalities.

Jul 08, 2016

Optimized for product positioning and ergonomics, scissor lift tables integrate height adjustment and up to 60° of tilt to ensure workpieces are always within operator's reach. Manual turntables, which can include detents or mechanical stops, fosters precise positioning, and conveyor capabilities send finished work piece to next destination. Along with 2,000–6,000 lb lifting... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

High Quality Lift Tables

Jun 16, 2016

Here at Bishamon Industries, we are proud to be a leader in ergonomic material handling equipment by providing products that allow our customers to work faster, safer and easier. Our diverse selection in lift table styles and features offer a number of advantages that can be utilized in a wide range of applications and industries. Our electric-hydraulic scissor lift tables, for example, come in... Read More

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Here at Bishamon Industries, We Strive to Provide a Variety of High Quality Products to Our Customers from Lift Tables to Pallet Positioners.

Jun 16, 2016

Here at Bishamon Industries, we strive to provide a variety of high quality products to our customers from lift tables to pallet positioners. Not only do we supply some of the best products on the market, we also focus on providing premium customer service to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers at every step of the process. From delivery, quality and our overall value, you will find... Read More

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Kurt Workholding to Introduce New 5-Axis Vises and Expanded Line of Small Machine Table Workholding at IMTS 2016 Booth #W-2423

May 23, 2016

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Kurt IMTS 2016 exhibit will feature new expanded DoveLock™ 5-axis workholding line including two new models.  Also featured at IMTS, the Kurt exhibit will include the comprehensive small machine table lineup of 20 options for machine tables measuring 16 inches and under in the Y-dimension. Kurt DoveLock dovetail 5-Axis vise line is expanded with a new reverse model... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

EXSYS High-precision PL LEHMANN Line to Take Center Stage at IMTS

May 13, 2016

SAN ANTONIO, Fla. – EXSYS Tool Inc. will spotlight its high precision pL LEHMANN rotary tables as well as that product line’s swissClamp modular clamping system at IMTS. The company will also demonstrate several other productivity-enhancing EXSYS technologies in booths W-2061 and N-7223, including the industry-leading PRECI-FLEX® tooling system. The Swiss-manufactured pL LEHMANN rotary... Read More

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Downdraft Table helps protect firefighters. .

May 11, 2016

Consisting of combination workbench and extraction/filtration system, Plymovent Downdraft Table provides safe and effective workspace where users can pre-clean soiled gear of contaminants. Product can help protect firefighters from exposure to dust and hazardous debris found on turnout gear and boots. Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Conveyor-Equipped Material Handling Equipment Keep Production Rolling

Mar 25, 2016

Louisville, KY - Verti-Lift presents a full line of scissor lift tables, turntables, and tilt tables with virtually any type of conveyors built in to optimize production, ergonomics and operator safety. The company works closely with distributors and system integrators to design, build and integrate their material handling equipment with ball transfer conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, heavy... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Indexing Tables provide high positioning accuracy.

Mar 24, 2016

Offered in 5 active lengths, RTMBi Indexing Tables provide peak torque of 197 Nm, continuous torque to 36.4 Nm, and top speeds of 1,200 rpm. All have 166 mm OD and 25 mm hollow shaft. Tables feature ±20 arcsec accuracy, ±2 arcsec unidirectional repeatability, and bi-directional repeatability of ±3 arcsec. Alone or coupled with force controlled short stroke actuators and AccurET... Read More

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EXSYS Spotlights Innovations in LEHMANN and EPPINGER Lines at MMTS

Mar 23, 2016

SAN ANTONIO, Fla. – EXSYS Tool Inc. will demonstrate two productivity-enhancing innovations as well as showcase its industry-leading PRECI-FLEX® tooling system at this year’s Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show. A pL LEHMANN ultra-high precision 5-axis rotary table and the new EPPINGER COMPACTO™ tooling base holder will both take center stage in booth 558 at the Place Bonaventure in... Read More

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Velmex BiSlide® Pan and Tilt System Used on Several Shots for Oscar Nominated Anomalisa

Mar 18, 2016

Dick Kaneshiro, an owner of Velmex positioning systems for stop-motion photography, recently completed camera work on the film Anomalisa. The film, nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Film category, was shot in part using a camera rig Kaneshiro designed and comprised of several Velmex BiSlides Stages and Rotary Tables. In additional to rotating movement through the Rotary Tables, the rig... Read More