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XFT 2500 Speed Press comes with FEIN monitoring technology.

Dec 23, 2016

Designed with increased stiffness, XFT 2500 Speed Press is equipped with strong knuckle joints. Suitable for parts made of high-tensile materials up to 8 mm thicknesses with more than 100 strokes per minute, unit features FEIN monitoring technology. Offering up to 3000 kN press force at the tip, XFT 2500 ensure high productivity and quality for fine blanking parts.

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Samuel Awarded the Precision Resource Supplier Performance Award for Second Consecutive Year

Dec 18, 2015

Samuel is honored to receive the Supplier Performance Award from Precision Resource for a second time. The award was established last year and Samuel is only recipient to date. Based on Precision Resource's supplier rating system, Samuel was named the #1 supplier across most categories for service center efficiency and productivity. Precision Resource is recognized as a worldwide leader in... Read More

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Fineblanking Breaks the 200-Strokes-per-Minute Barrier with New Servo Motor Technology

Aug 07, 2015

FEINTOOL (Cincinnati, OH) introduces the XFT 1500speed Feinblanking Press. Never before has a fineblanking press been so fast, so versatile and above all so productive at up to 200 strokes per minute. "Our main goal was to take the advantages of fineblanking to a level of production that outstrips conventional blanking in terms of part quality, clean cut percentage and dimensional repeatability... Read More

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AIDA to display (3) Press Lines at Fabtech, each Producing Parts

Oct 31, 2013

AIDA-America, Dayton, OH, USA, booth #S4625, will have (3) Direct Drive Servo Formers (DSF Series) on display at this year’s Fabtech Exhibition in Chicago, IL. Each of the AIDA DSF Series Servo Presses will feature a different demonstration including tooling and parts production. One of the demonstrations will feature an AIDA DSF-N2-3000, 300 ton, straightside servo press, recently purchased... Read More

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ERIE Press Delivers 3,500 Ton Rolled Ring Blanking Press

Sep 27, 2012

ERIE, PA - ERIE Press Systems' 3,500-ton Ring Blanking press, installed at McInnes Rolled Rings in Erie, Pennsylvania, forges carbon, alloy, and stainless steel preforms weighing up to 10,000 lbs. The press supports a new radial-axial mill producing seamless rings up to 144" (3660mm) in diameter. "The capabilities of the press have exceeded our expectations," Paul Janicke of McInnes Rolled Rings... Read More

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New Press Blank Feeder/Coater From Union Tool

Jun 17, 2009

The Union Tool Corporation announces the new Press Blank Feeder/Coater for processing large steel blanks. The new feeder/coater automatically de-stacks individual steel sheets, applies lubricant and then places the coated sheet against locating pins in the die for the press operation. Union Tool provides custom manufactured equipment for a diverse group of industries worldwide. Union Tool makes... Read More

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Press is designed for heavy blanking applications.

Aug 20, 2004

HeviBlanker press series is targeted for manufacturers with high-speed, high-tonnage, and high-material strength blanking applications. It comes with vibration monitoring alarm system that identifies conditions that might cause unnecessary harm to tooling, building, and surrounding equipment. Press frame is designed to reduce stress in drivetrain and dampen vibration. Series protects tooling and... Read More

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Fineblanking/Forming Press facilitates complex part production.

Jan 06, 2003

Equipped with 1250 mm bed and PC-based control, CNC HLT-1250 triple-acting hydraulic fineblanking and forming press offers cutting force of 4,000 kN. It has 2 additional 500 kN pressure pads integrated in press table or tool change plate and accepts compound and progressive tools. Upper die clamping area measures 1250 x 900 mm. Product provides ram opening/closing speed of 200 mm/sec, blanking... Read More