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Volume Boosters provide flow capacity of up to 400 scfm.

Sep 04, 2014

Equipped with integral adjustable bypass valve, soft valve seat design, and 2 gauge ports, aluminum Type-6500 and 316 stainless steel Type-6600 increase stroking speed in valve actuation system applications requiring high flow capacity or remote pressure control. Products handle up to 250 psig supply pressure and deliver output pressure up to 150 psig. Exhaust port (¾ in. NPT)... Read More

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HVAC Brain, Inc. Now Carries the Complete Line of Amtrol Tank Products

Jun 07, 2013

HVAC Brain, Inc. (www.hvacbrain.com), retailer of HVAC/R equipment and replacement parts, announces the addition of Amtrol products to their extensive online product offering. In addition to Amtrol's popular expansion tanks, HVAC Brain also carries full range of Amtrol tank products and replacement parts. Amtrol is a reputable manufacturer of water system... Read More

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Jet Edge Exhibiting Latest Waterjet Technology at FABTECH 2012

Aug 24, 2012

Jet Edge 90KSI Waterjets Cut Faster, Eliminate Taper ST. MICHAEL, Minn. - Jet Edge, Inc., will introduce its latest advancements in waterjet cutting technology at FABTECH, Nov. 12-14 in Las Vegas. During FABTECH, Jet Edge will unveil its new Permalign® EDGE taper control and bevel cutting technology and eco-friendly ECO-JET direct drive waterjet pump. Jet Edge's live water jet cutting... Read More

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Wilson Electronics Adds to Industry-Leading Line of 4G Mobile Cellular Signal Boosters

May 16, 2012

New Sleek 4G-A booster amplifies voice and data communications on 2G & 3G networks, as well as AT&T's 4G LTE NEW ORLEANS - ShowStoppers @ CTIA Wireless 2012- Wilson Electronics (www.WilsonElectronics.com), manufacturer of North America's top-selling line of cellular signal boosters, announced at International CTIA Wireless 2012 the company's latest product in the world's first line of 4G mobile... Read More

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Cyclone Reservoir: Now Available for General Applicaitons

Feb 21, 2012

Price Engineering is proud to announce that their new cyclone reservoir is now available for general applications. It was developed, deployed and patented for mobile equipment hydraulic fan drive applications and provides up to 95% reduction in fluid volume and associated costs. Visit www.priceeng.com for more information Read More

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Intensifier Pump supports medium-power waterjet cutting systems.

Nov 04, 2011

Supplied with or without electrical panel and booster, NEOLINE can be incorporated into machines built by water jet cutting and profiling system OEMs. Modular, CE-marked, 40 hp unit can supply one waterjet nozzle up to 0.30 mm dia or two 0.23 mm dia nozzles. Features include stainless steel topworks, 1 L accumulator, heat exchanger, and safety dump valve. Waterjet can be pure and also supports... Read More

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Dual Gauge Adapter enables upstream/downstream sampling.

Dec 27, 2010

Able to fit existing pressure indicator port on any Schroeder filters, LF-9904 allows installation of Schroeder Check® test points so users can take oil samples or test pressures in hydraulic/pneumatic systems under operation. Two ports can pick up both upstream and downstream fluid, allowing usage of 2 test points not previously built in filter. Elements of construction include Viton seal and... Read More

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Water Pressure Booster System uses variable frequency microdrive.

Nov 23, 2010

Designed to provide supplemental pressurization of water supplies, Pressurizer-VS(TM) uses preemptive control scheme that employs custom Baldor-developed firmware to regulate output flow and pressure. Motor and drive options cover flow rates to 200 gpm and pressure boost ranges from 30-80 psi, and nominal hardware includes Baldor high efficiency drip proof motor controlled by Baldor VS1MD... Read More

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High Flow Booster enhances valve and positioner systems.

Oct 14, 2010

With flow capacity of 500 scfm and Cv of 9 in forward and exhaust modes, Model M4800 pneumatic volume booster enables valve positioners and other valve actuation mechanisms to deliver rapid response in conjunction with sensitive control devices. Integral bypass valve lets user adjust output gain and damping during actual operation, accelerating commissioning and optimizing system performance.... Read More

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Specially Formulated Octane Booster from Justice Brothers

Dec 01, 2009

Duarte, CA: Formulated in the USA by the Justice Brothers laboratory team of chemical engineers, Octane Booster has been proven to stop knocking, pinging and overheating due to today's low octane fuels. This handy additive is compatible with both unleaded and leaded gasoline, and Octane Booster also will help prevent hard starting or detonation when a hot engine is shut off. Each year, new... Read More

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Waterjet Intensifier Pump supports orifices up to 0.021 in.

Aug 12, 2009

Suited for precision waterjet cutting, water blasting, cleaning, and surface preparation applications, 100 hp 60,000 psi, iP60-100S single intensifier waterjet pump produces 2.0 gpm of ultra-high pressure water. It features tie-rod design with no threaded cylinder, end caps, or hydraulic cylinder, and matched-metal components for preventing galling of hydraulic system components. Rugged hydraulic... Read More

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Jet Edge Exhibiting Cutting-Edge Waterjet Technology at IMTS Booth #B-6252, September 8-13

Jun 30, 2008

See Jet Edge's New 90,000psi Intensifier Pump and Michael Waltrip's Napa 55 Car! (ST. MICHAEL, Minn. - June 25, 2008) -- Jet Edge, Inc. will demonstrate its latest waterjet cutting technologies at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), Sept. 8-13 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill. During IMTS, Jet Edge will showcase its versatile High Rail Gantry precision waterjet cutting... Read More

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Jet Edge Exhibiting Cutting-Edge Waterjet Technology at EASTEC 2007 Booth #1065, May 22-24

Apr 26, 2007

(ST. MICHAEL, Minn. - March 23, 2007) - Jet Edge, Inc. will demonstrate its latest waterjet cutting technologies at the EASTEC 2007 Advanced Productivity Exposition, May 22-24 at the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, Mass. During this global manufacturing event, Jet Edge will showcase its versatile High Rail Gantry precision waterjet system, its iP60-50 ultra-high pressure... Read More

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Intensifier Pump features extended-life hydraulic system.

Mar 10, 2006

Rated for 60,000 psi, 50 hp Model iP60-50 includes non-contact wet electronic stroke sensor that replaces contact actuator/proximity sensor combination. Piston/plunger design requires only one tool for maintenance, and intensifier assembly can be assembled with standard tools. Pump provides access for all service and maintenance and can be serviced in-house. Read More

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High Flow Volume Booster delivers throttling control.

Oct 10, 2005

Offered in aluminum or 316 SS, Type 6000 provides 1-to-1 signal-to-output relay, that when used with positioner/actuator, increases stroking speed of control valves. Integral bypass valve provides system stability while allowing normal positioner airflow and normal valve actuation with small input changes. Max signal pressure of 150 psig to volume booster provides output pressure up to 150 psig... Read More

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Pumping System suits pressure booster applications.

May 18, 2004

Controlled by Technologic 500X pump controller, 70X system combines variable speed lead pump with 1 or 2 constant speed lag pumps. It allows operation of multiple pumps in parallel, discharging into common header, and variable speed pumping allows pump discharge pressure to match actual system requirement. Typical package also includes up to 3 vertically mounted Series 1531 pumps with check valve... Read More

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Hydraulic Intensifier operates below sea level.

Sep 04, 2003

Hydraulically-Powered Intensifier can pump seawater 10,000 ft below sea level. It operates at discharge pressures of 30,000 psi and at environmental pressure up to 2,100 psi. Manufactured with seawater-resistant materials, unit withstands both external and internal pressure to eliminate intrusion of seawater. Intensifier is powered by hydraulic oil, uses no electrical components, and can be used... Read More

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Pressure Booster provides steady pressure and temperature.

Apr 03, 2003

MiniSpeed pressure booster system combines 500 Pump Logic Controller technology and MiniBooster pumping package with variable speed ability to provide water supply with steady pressure and temperature at building fixtures. System enhances existing pump performance in light commercial installations. System is available in 1 and 2 pump configurations, with simplex capacities from 20 to 110 gpm at... Read More