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CryptoSeals features NFC chip having unique identity information.

Nov 18, 2016

Providing secure movement of physical assets, tamper-evident CryptoSeals contain Near Field Communication chip programmed with unique identity information. CryptoSeals are able to verify sender identity and timestamp shipment deliveries and provides safe custody in supply chain. Customizable size allows CryptoSeals to be applied in envelopes, pharmaceutical tracking, shipping containers and... Read More

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Stainless Steel Bands, Buckles offer all-weather binding/clamping.

Jan 26, 2016

IDEAL-TRIDON® Band and Buckle system includes TruFlex .020 gauge thick banding, available in 100 and 200 ft lengths, and wing seal TruFlex clip/buckle. Latter can be used with all available banding. Bands are constructed of 201 corrosive resistant stainless steel and form to any diameter. Also constructed of 201 stainless steel, ear and wing seal style buckles come in various sizes.... Read More

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Induction Seals offer low peel force for convenience.

Mar 20, 2015

With tamper-evident design, EdgePull™ Induction Seals provide food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health/beauty aids, and personal care products with protection and easy-opening functionality. Seals peel cleanly so no adhesive residue/strings contaminate contents after opening. Typically used with closures ranging from 28–63 mm, seals have pull tab designed to resist delamination... Read More

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Polyester Cord Strapping suits building trade applications.

Feb 16, 2015

Manufactured from polyester fibers, polyester cord strapping is available in bonded and woven forms as well as in regular- and heavy-duty versions. This non-metallic strapping material, applied using hand tensioner and heavy-duty wire buckle, comes in standard size and specialty products. While P40T medium-duty strap is used in marine and agricultural industry, 65W-HD and 125WX-HD can be... Read More

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Tamper Evident Security Tape adheres to difficult surfaces.

Jul 29, 2014

Applicable to such difficult surfaces as stretch wrap, shrink film, and recycled corrugated cartons in temperatures down to +20°F, PVT and EVT Series indicate tampering within 1 min of application. Service temperature ranges from -40 to +200°F, and 2 mil polyester film construction promotes strength during shipping/handling. Offered in 1, 2, and 3 in. widths, TSA-CCSP compliant tapes also... Read More

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Adjustable Plastic Fire Extinguisher Seal carries UL approval.

Apr 03, 2014

Adjustable plastic One Piece Seal (OPS) is UL-Compliant (UL 299 and CAN/ULC-5504) and approved for use as plastic security seal for fire extinguishers. To indicate prior fire extinguisher usage and need for inspection/potential refill, this single-use, tamper-evident seal is designed to be easily and irreversibly broken. Standard fire extinguisher seal is 9 in., and OPS is available in 4... Read More

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Ratcheting Chain Binder makes tightening simple and safe.

Dec 03, 2013

Featuring 7,000–12,000 lb working load limit rating depending on model, QuikBinder Heavy Duty Ratchet Binder features integrated ratchet system and quick switch lever that help facilitate process of tightening chain in order to secure objects. Operator can ratchet down chain on any object to be secured with flip out handle. When unloading, accessible switch can be flipped to release; binder... Read More

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Savings at the Sawmill with Samuel Strapping Systems

Nov 15, 2013

Samuel Strapping Systems, one of North America's leading suppliers and manufacturers of strapping equipment and machinery, is partnering with various sawmills around the country to pursue the perfect method of securing lumber for either the dry kiln or storage: Polyester strapping. Deformation of stacked green lumber during kiln drying costs sawmills significant amounts of money in degraded... Read More

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Saint-Gobain Seals Group's OmniSeal® Spring-Energized Seals and Rulon® Bearings Significantly Lower the Cost of Ownership for Chemical Analyzer Users

Sep 30, 2013

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA – The Saint-Gobain Seals Group was recently selected to supply OmniSeal® spring-energized seals and Rulon® bearings for use in high-performance clinical chemical analyzer systems.  Chemical analyzers are used in a variety of professions such as medicine and forensics and in such industries as environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agricultural,... Read More

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Cambridge Security Seals Awarded U.S. Patent for New Tote Seal

May 15, 2013

POMONA, New York – Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), the quality leader in tamper-resistant and loss prevention seals, was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office for the revolutionary design of its Strapless Tote Seal. The patented seal (product # CSS-STS) is unique in that it accomplishes the sealing of a tote without a strap, eliminating the most common source of... Read More

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Locking RFID Seals offer single-use tagging solution.

May 13, 2013

Offering alternative to conventional padlocks, Lock & EnCode™ Locking RFID Seals provide tamper evident seal for plastic distribution totes, containers, and high-value items such as handmade carpets. Units feature Alien Higgs 3 silicon and are designed for global operation between 860–960 MHz. Manufactured of high grade polypropylene, seals have advanced metal locking mechanism with chromed... Read More

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Pac Strapping Products Adds New Products in 2013

Mar 14, 2013

Pac Strapping Products, Inc, in Exton Pa, is pleased to expand its offers in 2013.  Along with expanding our reach into some exciting new markets, we've just introduced some new high strength polyester products that can benefit our shipping clients in a wide variety of applications. First, we are now offering 1" x .050" Polyester strapping. This heavy-duty plastic strapping carries maximum... Read More

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PAC Strapping Provides American Association of Railroads (AAR) Approved Strapping for the Rail Industry

Feb 07, 2013

Once thought to be a dying industry, railroads are making a comeback. Each year, America's freight railroads generate $265 billion in total economic activity and support 1.2 million vital jobs across the country. These same railroads have invested $480 billion of their own money on our country's infrastructure and they plan on adding 15,000 more jobs this year alone. Planes and trucks might get... Read More

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Oversized Security Labels have tamper-evident design.

May 31, 2012

Available in red and sequentially numbered, 3 X 9 in. TT self-voiding stocked security labels cannot be resealed. Removal provides physical visual evidence of tampering by revealing VOID OPENED message on surface. Product conforms to irregular surfaces of many materials, including plastic, metal, wood (treated), cardboard, and more, to accommodate various security applications, such as boxes,... Read More

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Bolt Lock Seal meets C-TPAT and Customs requirements.

May 11, 2012

Designed with connected match-numbered pieces that twist apart, Model IPBLT-3H features steel inner core that is completely encapsulated in tamper-evident and numbered polymer shell. To use, 3/8 in. diameter shaft is inserted through hasp of locking mechanism affixed to door or access point. Locking cap is then hand-applied, positively clicking in place to lock bolt. Keyless, single-use bolt lock... Read More

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Tamper-Evident Seals protect trailer doors and cargo containers.

Mar 01, 2012

When removed, Cargo Door Security Labels will self destruct to indicate tampering, leaving OPENED VOID message in film and corresponding message in adhesive residue on door surface. Typical application is to apply adhesive seal across center gap of 2 hinged doors. For high security applications, thieves will remove hinged doors at hinges without removing security seals on shackle or on keeper... Read More

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Reusable Pallet Strap eliminates waste in supply chain.

Aug 31, 2011

Available in 5 and 7 m lengths, LOGISTRAP™ secures pallet boxes, sleeve packs, and collapsible containers in distribution centers, warehouses, and closed loop logistics. Strap secures and releases quickly without tools or equipment. Made with VELCRO® brand woven nylon hook and loop, LOGISTRAP™ will not damage packaging, and does not hide bar codes and other identifying labels. Reusable... Read More

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Inspection Seals are used for tagging marine equipment.

May 24, 2011

Made with styrene or acetal plastic with stainless steel locking plunger, invasive species PSW-97 wire plunger style model seals with audible click. Self-locking and tamper-evident products, suited for boats, trailers, and equipment inspections and tagging, feature plastic seal supplied with lettering and numbering. Cut wires or spools of wire - 12 in., 3-ply galvanized (pre-inserted or loose) -... Read More

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Enhanced Free Printing for Custom Seal

May 17, 2011

American Castings Corp. is a manufacturer of security seals for nearly 100 years. Since our inception metal strap, cup and twist seals as well as lead and wire seals have been our standard. Plastic padlock seals and bolt locks have been another high performance security product developed over the years. Security labels, envelopes and tapes are among the newer product features we offer for... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Safety & Security Equipment

High-Security Bolt Lock is C-TPAT - ISO/PAS 17712 compliant.

Apr 19, 2011

Made of plastic-coated steel, Model PBLT-2-H is classified as high-security container seal that meets U.S. Custom and Border container seal requirements. Keyless, single-use bolt provides tamper evidence and tool-free application. Typically, 5/16 in. diameter shaft is inserted through hasp of locking mechanism affixed to door or access point. Locking cap is then hand-applied, positively clicking... Read More