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Exegy Ticker Plant Brings Ultra-Low Latency to European Level II Market Data

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 19 - Focused on delivering competitive market data solutions, Exegy, Inc. announced today that its high throughput, low latency Exegy Ticker Plant is now available with the LSE Level II data feed. We are now able to process every European Level I and Level II exchange feed on a single, compact 3u appliance - the Exegy Ticker Plant - with a mean end-to-end latency of better than 80...

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Software aids data assessment, validation, and compliance.

Built on DataRush(TM) engine, which is capable of using multi-core processors to crunch massive data volumes, scalable PervasiveÂ-® Data Profiler(TM) 4 provides hyper-parallel data processing. With proactive auditing of data before, during, or after loading processes, program delivers succinct, objective, and actionable results on entire stack of data in every field. It is suited for...

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Data Compression Board accelerates VTL back-up.

Designed for use in Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs), half-height VTL Express Mini protects information at rest while providing 600 MBps compression and decompression on PCIe half-height card. It utilizes LZS compression and can be deployed in 1U and 2U appliances. Features for backup include record CRC and decompress-after-compress verification as well as I/O bus CRC between components. Other...

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Data Processing Engine rapidly analyzes trade data.

Suited for financial services industry, Real-Time Data Processing Engine takes in trade data and enables flexible real-time filtering, querying, and pattern matching for business analytics. Engine is scalable across query type and data size and format. It achieves querying rates of over 50 million messages/sec and compression ratio of over 4:1.

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Application Processing Module delivers up to 8 Gbps IPS.

Used with X-Series security services switches, APM-8400 features dual IntelÂ-® Xeon(TM) processors designed for security, telecommunications, and other communications applications. Combined with carrier-class switching fabric and proprietary flow acceleration technology, module delivers wire-speed security processing and general-purpose processing environment. It delivers up to 4 Gbps of...

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