Zinc Aerosol Spray protects metals underwater.

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Offering protection above and below waterline, Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier forms optimal bond to bare metals, inhibiting corrosion and preserving surface integrity. Coating is suitable for use on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, and lead. Applied with 2-3 spray coats, product provides smooth, hard surface that self-cleans. It is available in flat gray finish and will cover 10 sq ft per 16 oz can.

Original Press Release:

Pettit Marine Introduces Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier

High-Quality Zinc Aerosol Spray Delivers Superior Underwater Protection for Metals and Running Gear

Rockaway, N.J. — Pettit Marine Paint, leading manufacturer of high performance marine coatings, announced today its newest protective coating, Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier. The easy-to-use aerosol spray shields bare metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel and lead. Offering superior protection above and below the waterline, Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier’s exclusive high quality formula forms an excellent bond to underwater metals and running gear, inhibiting corrosion and preserving surface integrity.

Designed to provide exceptional adhesion to clean metals, Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier’s fast drying formula is seamlessly applied with two-to-three spray coats. Offering the ultimate in protection and convenience, the innovative coating contains the highest level of zinc available and its smooth, hard surface self-cleans. The Prop Coat formula is available in a flat gray finish and will cover 10 square feet per 16-ounce can.

Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier, from Pettit Marine Paint, is available from fine marine supply stores and boatyards throughout the United States, and is priced at approximately $34.99 per 16-ounce can. For complete preparation and usage instructions visit www.pettitpaint.com.

About Pettit Marine Paint:

Pettit Marine Paint manufactures and markets a complete line of high performance, marine coatings. Pettit's name is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the marine industry, and our reputation is based on results; our products outperform all other major brands in the industry time and time again. We're committed to keeping your boat protected and beautiful by providing long lasting, quality products that let you spend less time maintaining your boat and more time enjoying it. From topside paints to antifoulant bottom paints and everything in-between, Pettit's products have you covered. Pettit's plant is located in Rockaway, New Jersey, and our products are available throughout the world.

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